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Jan 18, 2023
  • Download Download the Best MP3 to WAV Converter and
  • 1. Add MP3 files to the converter.
  • 2. Choose WAV as the output format.
  • Optional. Change the WAV encoder, sample rate, bitrate, etc.
  • 3. Convert MP3 to WAV files at once.
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Bottom Line

Though MP3 is universally adapted, WAV is the preferred format for audio editing or audio mastering. If you have some MP3 files to edit or work on WAV-compatible software or device, it’s best for you to change MP3 into WAV first. An MP3 converter to WAV is going to help you create WAV files out of your MP3s. Moreover, with a good MP3 to WAV converter, you can achieve more than mere format conversion. In this article, we have prepared the best MP3 to WAV converter apps to help you handle MP3 to WAV conversion effectively and easily. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Best MP3 to WAV Converter Download (Windows)

If you want something simple but excellent, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best answer. As a versatile video and audio converter that works on Windows, the program can conveniently change MP3 into WAV and other pop audio formats with no fuss. And the whole conversion takes only a few easy clicks. Featuring a bulk conversion mode, it can batch convert MP3 to WAV, hence saving you time and effort. The speed is great and the audio quality is kept as the original.

Apart from converting audio to WAV, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a powerful program to fulfill multiple other a/v-related purposes. It can deal with various video conversions, audio/video editing and compression, quality scaling, and so much more. Check out the main features of this tool below:

Main Features:

  • Quickly convert MP3 to WAV and other formats.
  • Extract WAV from video files.
  • Download audio and video from URLs.
  • Change audio codec, channel, bitrate, sample rate, and volume.
  • Cut lengthy audio and join short audio clips.
  • Compress large videos and audio files.
  • Record sound from computer as WAV and MP3.
  • Make ringtones for iPhone or Android.
Download the Best MP3 to WAV Converter

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best software to convert MP3 to WAV in only simple steps. Through the same software, you can convert, edit, compress audio and video, download online music, record computer audio, and achieve more.

Download for Free
Download for Free

How to Convert MP3 to WAV in Bulk?

* Please free download free download the recommended MP3 to WAV converter app to your PC first.

Step 1. Import MP3 Audio Files

Open HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your Windows PC and select the Converter program. Next, click Add Files to import your .mp3 files into the conversion list. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the audio files into the interface directly.

At the bottom of the converter program, click the triangle button and choose an output folder in advance.

Step 2. Choose WAV as the Output Format

Press the format image on the right side of the program to unfold the output format page. Then, open the Audio format tab and choose WAV as the export profile.

For advanced users who want to modify the output settings, go to the Parameter settings and configure the audio encoder, channel, sample rate, bitrate, and volume flexibly.

Step 3. Convert MP3 to WAV in Bulk

Finally, click Run to start converting MP3 to WAV and enjoy the fastest conversion speed.

More Features of HD Video Converter
  • Convert video/audio to 500+ hot profiles;
  • Save movies and music from YouTube;
  • Add/remove subtitles or audio tracks;
  • Screen record video, gameplay, and audio.
  • Trim, merge, crop, rotate, and add special effects to videos.
Download for Free
Download for Free

Other Best Free MP3 to WAV Converters

The professional MP3 to WAVE software introduced before should help you convert MP3 files into WAV most efficiently and easily. But how to convert MP3 to WAV for free? No worries. If you want a free program to convert MP3 to WAV files, look no further than the following best free MP3 to WAV converters. But keep in mind that the free tools may have some limitations compared with the professional software.

1. Free HD Video Converter Factory

Though the free version of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, Free HD Video Converter Factory is an impressive audio converter tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It can help you easily change MP3 to WAV and lots of other formats. No length or size is limited, and you can convert hour-long audio to WAV hassle-free. It also provides customizable settings to let you change the audio parameters, like channel, bitrate, sample, and so forth. Yet, this free tool does not support batch file conversion, which you shouldn’t be worrying about too much because the conversion speed is still quite fast for audio.

Free HD Video Converter Factory does not have many fancy features like the Pro version. But it indeed makes one of the best free MP3 to WAV converters that can handle your conversion in a simple and efficient way.

Operating Systems: Windows

Download Free HD Video Converter Factory Download Free HD Video Converter Factory

2. Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake Audio Converter has been around for many years and earned a reputation as one of the best free audio converters to convert music files from one format to another. It supports over 50 audio file formats, and it can convert MP3 to WAV format straightforwardly. It can also extract WAV from video and keep the original audio quality. Apart from the simple audio conversion, Freemake gives advanced users the freedom to tailor the audio with the right channel, bitrate, and sample rate.

Freemake Audio Converter is available for free, yet with restrictions. Only three minutes of each file is allowed to be converted unless you purchase the full product.

Operating Systems: Windows

Download Freemake Audio Converter

3. Audacity

If you want some editing to the audio file before conversion, Audacity can help you realize that. While being an audio editing and recording program, Audacity is capable of audio file conversion as well. It lets you import different audio files, such as MP3, into the program, and you can combine the audio, split the audio track, normalize the audio, or apply the audio effects to refine the audio as you see fit. Then, it allows you to export the audio to WAV, MP3, and other preset profiles. One strength Audacity has over other free programs is that it can be used as an MP3 to WAV batch converter to create WAV files from multiple MP3s at one time.

Audacity is an open-source program, so it is completely safe and free for use.

Operating Systems: Windows, macOS

Download Audacity

4. iTunes

The Apple music player iTunes does more than play your audio files. It converts audio formats as well. This added feature comes in handy when you want to convert MP3 to WAV for free. And through its WAV encoder, it can help you quickly create a WAV file from MP3. Moreover, it enables you to tinker with the sample rate, bitrate, and channel. Yet, first-timers need to pay attention to the export settings. It may not have the WAV export option and you have to enable it in the Preferences settings. Then, simply select the MP3 file you need to convert and create a WAV version of it.

Operating Systems: Windows, macOS

Download iTunes

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is renowned for not just its ability to play back all sorts of video and audio files but also its convenient multimedia toolbox. It comes with a simple file converter that can convert both video and audio files. And it can work as a free MP3 to WAV converter program to convert MP3 files to WAV. Apart from the preset profiles it provides, you are allowed to create new profiles and adjust the audio parameters for a more personalized output result. What’s more, VLC can also help you extract audio file from video and save it in WAV format.

VLC is not like a usual audio converter. You need to access the convert feature through File > Convert/Save, and then follow the onscreen tips. For more info, you can refer to this article How to Convert MP3 to WAV with VLC Media Player?

Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Linux

Download VLC Media Player

6. FFmpeg

FFmpeg comes as the last MP3 to WAV converter software on the list for a reason. It is a CLI, which means it does not have a user interface, and it processes file conversion through command lines. In other words, FFmpeg is not for beginners. But if you are familiar with command codes, you’ll find FFmpeg the most powerful tool ever. With FFmpeg, you are truly free to encode single or multiple MP3 files to WAV and perform other similar audio or video conversions. Moreover, you get to decide the sample rate, encoding, variable bitrate or constant bitrate, and other audio parameters without limitations.

While FFmpeg is difficult to use for most people, there are some good free GUIs for FFmpeg worth trying, such as QWinFF and ffmpeg-gui.

Operating Systems: Windows, macOS, Linux

Download FFmpeg

FAQs of MP3 WAV Conversion

1. Does Converting MP3 to WAV Lose Quality?

Since WAV is a lossless format, converting from MP3 to WAV will not cause a loss of quality, but it won’t improve audio quality either. What you will get from this conversion is a WAV file with the original MP3 quality.

2. What is the Best Way to Convert MP3 to WAV?

The best way to convert MP3 to WAV should be something easy and fast and does the job perfectly. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers one of the best ways to transform MP3 into WAV through simple, quick clicks. Beyond that, it lets you convert multiple files at one time and supports more video and audio formats for export. Download Download the audio converter and give it a shot.

3. What is the Best Free MP3 to WAV Converter?

There are multiple good free programs to change MP3 to WAV format. If you want the simplest conversion tool, Free HD Video Converter Factory and Freemake Audio Converter are both good options to deal with the conversion. For something more advanced and feature-rich, Audacity and FFmpeg are the software of choice.

Bottom Line

MP3 to WAV conversion won’t be a problem with the many MP3 to WAV converter software here. I hope you’ve already found the best MP3 converter to WAV for you. If you want more help, please check out our other software reviews

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