Where to Download Free Lossless Anime in FLAC

Free download FLAC anime OPs, EDs, and OSTs on the following 7 websites and listen to anime music in the best sound quality. Just keep reading!

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 30, 2024

1. Nyaa Torrents

2. Hikarinoakari

3. Sitting on Clouds

4. Sukidesuost

5. BakaBT

6. AnimeBytes

7. Jpopsuki

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Have you ever invested intense efforts in looking for free uncompressed anime music but finally only found very limited options or run into inferior sound quality? If so, now you come to the right destination. In the previous post, we have showed you 7 wonderful places to download MP3 anime music. And considering the demands of music fanatics who are finicky about audio quality, this time we carefully pick 7 anime music download platforms based upon users’ reviews and our tests. On these websites, you will be able to download sorts of anime songs and soundtracks in flawless FLAC format.

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The 7 Places Where You Can Download Audio Music Anime FLAC

1. Nyaa Torrents

Website: https://nyaa.si/  

Nyaa Torrents

Nyaa Torrents is one of the largest anime-dedicated torrent websites in the world since it came into being in 2005. This platform has every sort of torrent that anime fans might desire, including series, movies, AMVs, soundtracks, manga, light novels, live actions, pictures, games, etc. Meanwhile, Nyaa Torrents is armed with an easy-to-navigate interface and well-organized design, going with effective filters and categories. When you want to find FLAC anime music on this website, head to the Audio -Lossless category and click the Search button. Then, it will display all lossless anime audio torrents based on update time by default. Lossless anime audio torrents on Nyaa Torrents are usually in FLAC format. You can click the name of the anime audio you want to download to open its detailed information page to learn more about the torrent file. There are many torrents of anime soundtrack lists. You can batch download multiple anime FLAC tracks via a torrent file effortlessly. New updates are added in a regular and fast way.

Currently, Nyaa allows users to download anime content using both torrents and magnet links. In case of that you have no idea on the download process, here is How to Download Torrents>>.

At large, downloading needed anime FLAC audio on Nyaa Torrents is an easy task. This website is packed with a massive number of reliable downloads and there is no any ad or sign-up necessary.

2. Hikarinoakari

Website: https://hikarinoakari.com/

Hikari No Akari

Hikarinoakari specializes in MP3 and FLAC anime soundtrack downloads. It provides download access to tons of anime OSTs, Jmusic/Jrock singles and albums, Utaite tracks, Doujin audio, anime music based on seasons, etc. It is also a place where you can easily find CD quality soundtracks of many big works in this field and from some well-known Japanese animation studios like Studio Ghibli, with the help of its navigation menus. If you want to quickly find out an audio track, there is a quick search tool. If you want to discover anime music content, head to the Anime OST List section where all available OSTs are displayed in the A-Z order.
However, not all anime soundtracks on Hikarinoakari are available in flawless FLAC. You may need to click into the detailed page to see the contained track list, file size, format, and download links. What’s more, Hikarinoakari provides downloads from different servers, some of which may not be working anymore or need additional procedures. You may also be directed to an ad or other irrelevant pages when clicking on Hikarinoakari.

Hikarinoakari is not one of the best options to save anime FLAC online, yet due to the narrow range of choice of platforms for this task, Hikarinoakari could be your plan B.

3. Sitting on Clouds

Website: https://www.sittingonclouds.net/

Sitting on Clouds

Sitting on Clouds comes with a self-explanatory and simple interface. During browsing on the website, you will be rarely bothered by pops or redirects. This website focuses on games and anime soundtracks, and allows you to select tracks by releases, series, studios, publishers, etc. You will be able to handle this website at ease even if it is the first you use it. Sitting on Clouds offers both MP3 and FLAC for downloading track lists from selectable multiple servers. At the same time, it gives access to buy original soundtracks to support the artists. Despite the small soundtrack library, 689 tracks in total, Sitting on Clouds gets good traffic thanks to its simplicity and easy downloads.

4. Sukidesuost

Website: https://sukidesuost.info/


Sukidesuost has a similar top navigation menu to Hikarinoakari and further adds more classifications and corresponding content. For example, you can not only download Jpop, anime OSTs, game music, and Doujin music, but also save K-pop songs, VTuber songs, and Western music from this website. Another good part of this option is most downloads there are available in both MP3 320kbps and FLAC. You can easily find whether a soundtrack or collection can be downloaded in uncompressed FLAC without clicking into its detailed info page.

This website also runs along with relatively fast updates. You can give it a go.

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5. BakaBT

Website: https://bakabt.me/


BakaBT is an invited user only website serving as a trustworthy torrent index. It has a dedicated lossless audio section and promises safe and high-quality downloads. In order to access its torrent library, you must pass a small interview on its IRC channel and create an account through the link the BakaBT staff member gives you. Compared with many other private trackers, it is really easy to get into BakaBT.

Here is the how-to in details:

6. AnimeBytes

Website: https://animebytes.tv/


Many anime fans love AnimeBytes because of its superior-quality torrents and comprehensive library of anime content. When it comes to lossless anime FLAC soundtracks, AnimeBytes is also a highly recommended option by many users. It’s said that users can find 99% of desired anime content from this website. However, the premise is, you’re a member of this private torrent platform. AnimeBytes is well-known as a private tracker with strict registration requirements. It seldom opens for application.

Here is the official application page but as of this writing, it is closed:

7. Jpopsuki

Website: https://jpopsuki.eu/


Jpopsuki is a private torrent index site for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Thai music in all sorts of genres. Open registrations on this tracker are closed and won’t be most likely opened in future. The only way to get into this platform is get an invite from a Jpopsuki member so you may go to an anime forum like Reddit anime community to ask for help.

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In the End

For the purpose of downloading anime FLAC music, the best way is to use a torrent website like Nyaa Torrents because they usually are active in updating and have a larger library. Of course, other websites mentioned in this post are also optional sources. You can try them to discover anime music.

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Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. WonderFox does not advocate or endorse any copy infringement behavior.

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