Top 10 Best Torrent Sites That are Safer to Use
(Still Working!)

Are you searching for unblocked torrent sites that are still working? Have a look at the ultimate list of the best torrent sites we’ve gathered for you. These sites are all verified to be much faster and safer than most other similar sites. Let’s waste no time and dive in!

Michelle Michelle | Updated on Mar 15, 2024
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  • How Do We Choose the Best Torrent Sites?
  • Top 10 Torrent Sites That Are Still Working
  • 1. The Pirate Bay
  • 2. RARBG
  • 3. 1337X
  • 4. YTS
  • 5. EZTV
  • 6. KickassTorrents
  • 7. LimeTorrents
  • 8. TorLock (Down)
  • 9. Zooqle
  • 10. TorrentDownload
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    Torrenting has granted us an easy path to the fast downloading world of all sorts of free and paid content, varying from games and software to music, TV show, movies and more. You just need to know some torrent sites and learn how to download torrents, and you are good to go. But first you have to make sure you’ve chosen the right torrent site, for a reliable torrent site is to host more safe seeds that are less likely to inject malware or to hijack your computer. This could be tremendous work to do considering there are lots of torrent sites out there, and it’s difficult for you to directly search them up. But don’t you fret. We are here to help. We’ve been working on this for days and finally came up with the ultimate list of the best torrent sites that are stable and safe to use. Hope you’ll like it!

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    How Do We Choose the Best Torrent Sites?

    We consider the following factors when evaluating a torrent site:

    Founding Year: The founding year shows you how long the website has been around. If a site has survived five years, ten years, or more and still keeps robust today, it is most likely a reliable site.

    Monthly Traffic: The traffic is also an indicator of a good site. With more people visiting the site, you should know it is largely a trusted site, and people like what it offers.

    Torrent Type: Not every torrent site offers the same type of torrent. Some focus on movies and TVs, while some others center on software and games, and some serve all categories of digital content. A site offering a wide diversity of torrents will have more edges over others that provide fewer types. And to know their different library types, you’ll see instantly which website is your better option to get your wanted content.

    Ad Intrusion: Most torrent sites place ads and redirects on their sites. The one with fewer or zero ads will promise you a comfortable user experience.

    Top 10 Torrent Sites That Are Still Working

    Tips: Torrenting is always accompanied by risks. If you are a fresh beginner, check this article Is Torrent Safe? Everything You Need to Know about Torrent to get a deeper insight into the torrent and learn how to protect yourself from now on.

    If you don’t know how to download torrents, here is an article that can help you: [Instruction] How to Download Torrents?

    1. The Pirate Bay

    The Pirate Bay – Top Torrent Sites

    The Pirate Bay is the legend. As one of the oldest torrent sites, The Pirate Bay has gone through a lot of ups and downs. But it is still standing strong today as the most popular torrent site in the world, spreading out millions of torrents each day. It has a well-established web layout for you to access torrents in different categories and, even better, the torrents are tagged as VIP (green skull icon) and/or Trusted (pink skull icon), which makes it simple for you to identify clean and safe torrents. Besides the torrent file, magnet links are also available.

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    2. RARBG

    RARBG – Best Torrent Websites

    If you are looking for 4K movie torrents, HD TV episodes torrents, or other high-quality torrents, RARBG is your top destination. And you will not concern the risk of downloading torrents here because they are all uploaded by verified users, which, in turn, means it will have a smaller library size compared to other similar sites. But you are allowed to download them all free of charge. This site is simple to use as well. With more refined categories to choose from, it’s fast and easy to target the wanted torrents.

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    3. 1337X

    1337X – Top Torrent Sites

    In the contest to be the best torrent site, 1337X is a competitive candidate. Providing also a massive library of torrents of all categories, 1337X does not put you at a loss as to where to start, rather, it inspires you in the specially-curated sections like Christmas Movies, Bollywood, Trending Torrents, etc. And the torrents, on a large scale, are of excellent quality. Moreover, we like the streamlined display of the detailed information of the torrent file (the real-time number of seeders and leechers, encode information, etc.) on the downloading page.

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    4. YTS

    YTS – Top Torrent Sites

    Though only a torrent website for movies, YTS is no less popular than The Pirate Bay or RARBG, and you can see why when you start to use this site. With the most-visual web design, the sleek user interface, etc., you would doubt whether this is a torrent site or a movie streaming site if it is your first time visiting. YTS also differs from the traditional torrent site by providing only vetted torrents for HD, FHD, 4K, 3D movies of the smallest file size. It is a good thing as it saves you time to identify and compare torrents one by one yourself. And since you would download the smallest file, you will lay less pressure on your device space.

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    5. EZTV

    EZTV – Best Torrent Websites

    Just finished our best pick for movie torrent sites, here is one of our top choices for TV torrent sites, EZTV. It provides a wide selection of TV-related shows, from TV series to talk shows to reality TVs. And it covers both the old and new televisions. For newly aired ones, EZTV is one of the fastest places to find the relevant TV torrents. The best part is that it has a countdown list showing all the upcoming TVs of the year so that you can keep up with your favorite shows timely. All the torrents are added by the EZTV team and hence are all verified. Apart from the torrents, magnet links are also available.

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    6. KickassTorrents

    KickassTorrents – Top Torrent Sites

    KickassTorrents has the same destiny as many other torrent sites – being shut down and banned many times but kept emerging under new domains. And this is one of those domains that KisckassTorrents claimed. It continues to provide a huge amount of torrents in various categories and attracts millions of visits per month. Though didn’t rank as high as the former sites, it performs a surprisingly high seeder to leecher ratio of the popular content, and you will enjoy a fast torrenting speed for that benefit. Plus, the whole site is extremely easy to use, and it also gives the most-clear information of the torrent file on the download page.

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    7. LimeTorrents

    LimeTorrents – Best Movie Torrent Sites

    LimeTorrents makes another good and reliable torrent site. It has over ten million torrents indexed in its database, covering all types of content. It is also one of the best torrent sites to download the latest released movies, TV shows, and whatnot since the new and recent materials generally have a number of good seeds. However, for some old and rare content, there could be no seeds at all.

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    8. TorLock

    TorLock – Best Torrent Websites

    TorLock is a torrent search engine and directory. It scrapes torrents from other sites like YTS, EZTV, RARBG, etc., and puts only verified torrents on this site. So you are less likely to meet bad torrents here (not 100%, though). That said, TorLock is still one of the top torrent sites for movies, televisions, and especially anime that is difficult to find on other torrent sites. This site is designed in a single-page form, and it is no hard to use at all.

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    9. Zooqle (Down)

    Zooqle – Best Torrent Download Site

    Zooqle is a pretty new site on the list, but the young age won’t stop it from being one of the best torrent sites. It has already indexed a vast library of over five million active torrents and focuses mostly on movies, TV shows, and games. And most of the torrents have a good seeder to leecher ratio even they are uploaded a long time ago. You can access all these torrents effortlessly, for the overall layout of Zooqle has made the site really smooth to navigate.

    10. TorrentDownload

    TorrentDownload – Best Torrent Download Sites

    Speaking of torrent sites that have the biggest torrent library, we may think of The Pirate Bay. But it is honestly the TorrentDownload that has the biggest library of torrents, an approx. 16 million torrents available. And it is the best torrent site for games and software, as well as the old and rare movies and TV episodes. TorrentDownload is a classic torrent site, and you can tell it by its theme. It has only the basic functions but it is enough to get you to your wanted torrents quickly.

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    That’s all for the top torrent sites you can rely on to get your wanted content safely. We will continue to add new working torrent sites and delete invalid information. So don’t forget to bookmark this article for later updates. Thanks for reading!

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