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Top 8 Safe Sites to Free Download Japanese Music/J-Pop/Album...

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Feb 19, 2021

Though you can find an awful lot of Japanese music on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Line Music, and Spotify today, these platforms yet leave something to be desired as finding some not-that-famous Japanese artists and songs on them is still difficult, especially when you live outside Japan. However, there do exist some secret websites where you can find the latest and popular Japanese music as well as the classic and niche ones that weren’t offered on these platforms. And this article has picked out the best 8 sites for you to download Japanese music/J-Pop/album safe and free. Hope you’ll like it!

Disclaimer: WonderFox does not advocate downloading copyrighted content for commercial purposes and other illegal intentions, please ensure your action is legal in your country before downloading.

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Where to Download Japanese Music/J-Pop/Album…:

JPop Singles - Download JPop MP3 & FLAC

1. JPop Singles

JPop Singles offers you a huge library of Japanese songs downloads in both lossy and lossless quality. It has an up-to-date music database where you can find the latest trending Japanese songs. You can also self-search your desired music by single, album, or artist. All the files are zipped and stored in cloud services. Yet there is no worry if you don’t know how to download and/or extract the zipped file ‘cause all the information you need, including the tutorial of downloading and extracting, and the password to the zipped file, are placed in the homepage where you can easily spot. You’ll feel comfortable using this site to download Japanese music to your like.

Jp-Rock - Download Rock & Pop Band Music

2. Jp-Rock

This is the place where you can find absolute classic albums of different Japanese pop & rock bands from the 80s, 90s, 00s, and some recent ones. Yet it has a relatively smaller music database, and you can straightly check the archive blog on the lower right side of its home page to view all the albums updated. Moreover, it offers Japanese songs MP3 downloads at different bitrates and you can download full Japanese music album directly from here.

JPopsuki - Japanese Songs Download

3. JPopsuki

JPopsuki is in essence a music tracker for Asian music releases and should have the largest and exclusive music resources among all these sites listed here. But you probably couldn’t get in this site unless you are invited by the members. Yet on the other side, once you joined JPopsuki, you might get the best collection of Japanese music, along with other types of music like Korean, Chinese, Thai, and many more. Also, this site is said to have a good navigation and search system and provide fast speed. That’s why I kept JPopsuki here on the list. If you are an Asian music enthusiast and know how the torrent stuff works, then JPopsuki is the right place for you (try to get invites in - Download JPop MP3 & FLAC


Similar site: features J-Pop albums, music videos, movies, TV shows, and magazines for J-Pop culture lovers. It keeps up with the latest J-Pop trend with a regular updating frequency of 27 (average) posts per day. One downside about Jpopblog is that it has no search button and you have to go through the posts to find your wanted files. But you can free download JPop music as many as you want from this site in high quality. Ads-free as well!

J-pop Music Download - Download JPop Music

5. J-pop Music Download

As its name suggests, J-pop Music Download provides you with J-pop music mainly, yet K-pop and C-pop are also available here, all in Hi-Res, Lossless, and MP3 quality. Compared with other sites, this site does not have many specified categories and the best way to find your music is through directly searching. Its content is also zipped in RAR format and stored on cloud services. You can download the files free but with slow speed. Another thing worth mentioning is that a group of collection-level live concert recordings are also available on this site with high resolution. A can’t-miss site for J-Pop lovers.

JPDDL - Download Anime Music


JPDDL is a must-go-to site for anime lovers, and it is also an ideal place for Japanese music addicts. In addition to supplying with you anime-raw and -subbed, manga, drama, TV-shows, it hosts massive Japanese music data under its Music library. You are to find and free download many anime music as well as popular and less-popular Japanese songs here effortlessly. By the way, JPDDL offers users a concise and neat web-page with zero ads and pop-up windows, you will like it here!

Nyaa - Download Anime and Pop Music

7. Nyaa or

Probably best known for its anime-dedicated content, Nyaa is actually a comprehensive media site that focuses on anime, manga, and music of East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) culture. It has a clean and intuitive webpage where you can know immediately the necessary information (type, name, size, etc.) of each file. To find your wanted Japanese music, search directly the name of the music or the artist in the search bar or use the filter next to the search box to narrow the result to a certain category. Everything on Nyaa is offered in torrent form and you can download Japanese music torrent through a torrent client. No registration needed! - All Kinds of Japanese Songs

8. (Not Working)

A Related site: (Still Working), this site archives the whole Japanese files of You can take advantage of the search engine and the navigation system to quickly find your wanted content.

This is a site that offers all Japanese-related media like anime, music (include some Korean music), movies, manga, novels, and magazines. To find good Japanese music, open “MUSIC 音楽” on the right navigation bar or simply use the search bar to bring up a more accurate list of music results. The Japanese music provided here is in MP3, FLAC, and Hi-Res FLAC formats and they are all available for download in zipped form.

More Sites for Japanese Songs Download:



JP Learner

A Backup Plan

If the music you want is just so old and not well-known that you can't find it on the above-mentioned websites, you could try YouTube. You can always find what you desired on YouTube if you dig deeper. For example, you can unblock some region-locked Japanese videos under a Japanese VPN, and then use a YouTube downloader to to download Japanese songs from YouTube.

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