7 Good Places Where You Can Download Raw Anime Episodes

Most anime series and films we can stream and download from the Internet are subbed or dubbed but sometimes people are looking forward to some raw content without any alteration. Therefore, this post rounds up 7 websites to search for and download raw anime videos.

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 26, 2024

1. Nyaa

2. Anime-raws.tumblr (Down)

3. Tokyotosho

4. Anirena (Down)

5. Anidex.info (Down)

6. Erai-raws

7. 1337x

Broadly speaking, raw anime refers to originals aired on television in Japan. A raw version always comes with high-quality and larger file size with more details preserved and without any addition or deletion, which is beneficial to editing. But in most cases, when talking about raw anime, we mean an anime that has not been subbed or dubbed.

All mainstream anime streaming platforms these days provide dubbed or subbed anime to cater to audiences in different countries and regions. Although services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, and Hulu give options to turn on/off subtitles on some anime, it is still impossible to download a raw one from them, which partly applies to these popular free streaming websites like 9anime, as well.

To download raw anime, the best solution is using torrents. A few torrents websites have raw anime and MKV anime episodes with soft subtitles that can be disabled easily. So the following introduces such 7 torrent websites for you.
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Raw Anime Download from the 7 Websites

1. Nyaa

Anime raws download

Nyaa is a promised land for anime lovers to download anime ranging from big names to niche titles and old series to the latest releases of 2024. Featured as one of the largest anime torrent indexes in the world, Nyaa gets over one million traffics per day. Update of new torrents is also exceptionally frequent. You will always find what you want on this website.

More importantly, Nyaa goes with a user-friendly classification of torrents, including the dedicated Anime–Raw category under which all available torrents are listed based on the update date by default.

Apart from the prevailing nyaa.si, there is also another fork - nyaa.net, which you can use as a backup.

Nyaa is a BitTorrent website. You can take advantage of a BitTorrent client to download RAW anime through a Nyaa torrent file. We have also prepared a detailed tutorial: how to download torrent>>

2. Anime-raws.tumblr (Down)

Raw anime downloads

If you have ever searched for raw anime on your browser, you should see the anime-raws.tumblr website. This is a Tumblr blog for dedicated anime source and it offers a long list of direct raw anime downloads. Although this blog seems to be less known to anime fans, it indeed includes good raw resources and gets timely updates.  

To find a specific anime from the list, you need to use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F or ⌘+F and enter the title you need in the Finder box. Try English name if you have no luck with the Japanese Romaji of an anime.

Raw anime website

Tokyo Toshokan is a Nyaa alternative for Japanese media. It has a small text based navigation design accompanying with a section for Raw media files. Meanwhile, you can fill in an anime title to get more accurate search results. The amount of raw anime on Tokyo Toshokan is not comparable to Nyaa, but when you fail to find out a title on other places, you can try your luck therein.

4. Anirena (Down)

Raw anime torrent

Anirena is a re-brand torrent tracker of Shockerz.net, one of the earliest public anime-dedicated torrent indexes. After being shut down in 2009, it has been dormant for a period of time and returned in 2012 as a totally new domain: Anirena. Whilst being embedded with more new features, Anirena still focuses on anime torrents.

It adopts a fresh interface integrated with easy navigation and fast response. Anirena sorts torrents into multiple classifications. As for raw anime, you can click into the Raw section to choose from thousands of episodes. It is a pretty good resource for raw anime.

5. Anidex (Down)

Raw anime online

Anidex is another devoted Japanese media tracker for anime, live action, manga, music, application, games, etc. Different from the websites introduced above, Anidex has a large catalog of subbed anime series and films in MKV format, instead of raw anime torrents. So if you only want to watch anime without subtitles, there are plenty of anime episodes for selection on Anidex.  

Download raw anime from Erai-raws

Erai-raws initially focused on Raw anime and later it has expanded to provide anime with multiple subtitles. Currently, the library of Erai-raws is a mixture of raw and multiple subbed anime. Erai-raws comes with a well-organized and explicit interface and also features fast updates. You can find a large number of high-quality content on this platform. The raw downloads are labelled with “raw”, which are usually available in 720P and 1080P resolution. Erai-raws allows users to download raw releases from it via torrents, magnet links as well as the (Direct Download) DDL method.

7. 1337x

Raw anime download on 1337x

1337x is a well-known torrent website that includes various types of media content, such as movies, TV shows, documentaries, applications, games, music, etc. Now it also has a devoted anime section with dual audio, subbed, and raw anime covered. You can take advantage of its search tools to find out a large number of raw anime.

Additionally, we have rounded up more anime torrents sites like 1337x.  

In Summary

Although there are many ways to watch anime online, torrent is the best solution you can get raw anime downloads. Now you can try the 7 torrent websites to watch raw anime offline or create stunning AMVs.

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