6 Websites to Watch Chinese Anime Online [Updated]

Chinese animation series and films have risen greatly in popularity. Apart from Chinese video streaming platforms, more and more foreign anime streaming platforms have also begun to provide Chinese animation Donghua section. In this post, we will gather 6 of the best places where you can watch latest and popular Chinese anime online.  

Vita Vita | Updated on Jan 22, 2024

1. Bilibili

2. Tencent Video

3. iQIYI

4. YouKu

5. Gogoanime (Now Anitaku)

6. 9Anime (Now AniWave)

Chinese animation series, such as Mo Dao Zhu Shi, Soul Land, Full Time Magister, and The King's Avatar, are leading to a hot discussion among anime communities. However, anime websites that deliver Chinese animation content are still scarce for foreign fans when compared with omnipresent Japanese anime streaming websites. Want to watch Chinese anime online yet can’t find a place to start on? You may try the following 6 websites. Let’s get into each website!

Because of region restriction, some of the websites in the list may not be accessible in your area. A proper VPN can help you get around geo-blocking and access these services anywhere.

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Watch Chinese Anime Online on the 6 Websites

1. Bilibili

Website: https://www.bilibili.com/


Bilibili is the most popular and largest ACG (Anime, Comic and Games) focused video sharing platform in China. Meanwhile, it has expanded into more categories such as music, dance, technology, life, fashion, and entertainment and gradually transformed itself into an inclusive video sharing website. Bilibili previously centered on Japanese anime but in recent years, it also puts a lot of focus on Chinese animation works and has announced and produced a huge catalog of original anime series, for instance, Fog Hill of Five Elements and Uncharted Walker. Over 680 Chinese animation series and films are available on Bilibili so far, among which, most popular and latest titles on the field are covered.

A distinguishing feature makes Bilibili different from counterparts is its real-time captioning system called danmu or danmaku, through which user comments will be displayed on a video as streams of scrolling subtitles, which leads to an interactive viewing experience. Although this comment function has been adopted by most main video streaming websites in China, the “Danmu” culture has only got great reflection on Bilibili, along with many classic danmu comments going viral on the Internet.

2. Tencent Video

Website: https://v.qq.com/

Tencent Video

Tencent Video is a leading Chinese video streaming service focusing on massive exclusive original content and superior viewing experience. On Tencent Video, users are able to enjoy various types of popular and latest Chinese TV series, anime, shows, movies, documentaries, etc. Moreover, there are also a large number of imported media content from other countries.
Like Bilibili, Tecent has increased the devotion to Chinse Donghua. Many excellent series and films are available on Tencent Video. As of our writing, Tencent Video has beyond 1000 Chinese animation series and films in its library, ranging from extremely classic titles, such as Soul Land, The King's Avatar, Under One Person, and Mo Dao Zhu Shi, to many latest hot ongoing series.  

Tecent also brings an international version of Tencent Video called WeTV that has some English dubbed Chinese anime series.

3. iQIYI

Website: https://www.iqiyi.com/


iQIYI is the other top Chinese video streaming platform on par with Tecent Video on market share and massive resources. If you like to watch Chinese animated manga and comics, this is a good place with different genres of series in its database. Although iQIYI doesn’t feature many prominent examples of original anime series as the two platforms above do, there is a good number of Donghua for anime fans to binge with. You can also find some excellent niche titles there.

Addtionally, iQIYI Video comes with an international version, on which, users are able to watch Chinese anime with English subtitles.
Website: https://www.iq.com/anime

4. YouKu

Website: https://youku.com/


YouKu is amongst the most popular comprehensive video streaming platforms in China for a long time. On YouKu, you can browse a lot of free and paid anime series, such as Rakshasa Street, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, Ace Censorate, and Killer Seven. Animated comics on Youku also gain lots of fans. A large number of popular and trending TV shows and programs that set off wide-ranging discussions on Chinese social media also come from YouKu.

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The options above are all top licenced and reliable video hosting websites where you are able to watch plenty of popular and latest anime. But just as we have mentioned, many people may be encountered with region restriction during the usages. What’s more, most anime series don’t go with English subbed or dubbed, which will be a great barrier for viewers who have no knowledge of Chinese language, to enjoy the series fully. Therefore, we round up 2 English websites loaded with Chinese anime with English subtitles for you, as well.

5. Anitaku (Formerly Gogoanime)

Website: https://anitaku.to/


Most anime fans should be familiar with Gogoanime. It is a prevailing free anime streaming and download website that mostly offers English subbed and dubbed anime from Japanese. And now it also provides a dedicated Chinese anime section, under which a large collection of full Chinese anime series with English subtitles are listed. New episode updates are also added regularly. In addition to watching Chinese anime online, users are also able to download Chinese anime from Gogoanime for offline playback.

6. AniWave (Formerly 9Anime)

Website: https://aniwave.to/


9anime is regarded as one of the best free anime streaming websites like Kissanime, once the forerunner and wonderland in this filed. The huge anime collection of 9anime includes over 400 subbed/dubbed Chinese anime series and movies in HD quality. By making use of the well-organized navigation tools on 9anime, it is a cinch to browse and find needed anime titles. Meanwhile, 9anime loads streams fast and is free from annoying pop-ups.

By comparison with Gogoanime, 9anime has fewer new Chinese anime titles. However, dubbed versions of anime and handy search tools make it still a nice option.  

In Summary

Besides the 6 websites above to watch Chinese anime online, another good way to enjoy Chinese anime online with needed subtitles is to download anime from torrents on some well-known torrent websites like Nyaa, 1337x, and Anime Tosho.

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