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M4A to WAV - Convert Audio with the Best Quality
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M4A to WAV - Convert Audio with the Best Quality

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Oct 24, 2022

This article presents you with 3 simple tools to help convert M4A to WAV. Both desktop tool and online service are included. Read on to learn how to convert M4A to WAV online and offline.
The best M4A to WAV converter for Windows 10/11 free download here:

M4A Files to WAVM4A Files to WAV

Because of the high sound quality, M4A is popular with Apple users. However, more and more people would like to convert M4A to other audio formats for smoother playback on various devices. Converting M4A audio to WAV is a wise idea because on one hand, WAV is compatible with most devices, and on the other hand, WAV is a lossless format which will retain the original quality of M4A audio. But how to convert .m4a to .wav? Here are three free ways to your option. Read on to learn how to convert M4A to WAV on Windows in detail.

3 Free but Practical Ways to Convert M4A File to WAV

Method 1 – How to Change M4A to WAV with Recommended M4A to WAV Converter

Free HD Video Converter Factory is a trusted program to convert M4A to WAV on Windows. And featured with a straightforward interface, it will help you transfer M4A audio to WAV in simple clicks. Of course, it also supports other audio formats including MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, AC3, and more. Moreover, it comes with a built-in editor allowing trimming and merging the audio files easily.

Now, just free downloadfree download this program and follow the tutorial below to convert from M4A to WAV.

Free Download Free Download

How to Convert M4A to WAV within 3 Steps in Windows 10/11

convert m4a to wav windows 10

Step 1 Load Your M4A Files into the Program

Before converting M4A to WAV, free downloadfree download and launch the video converter. Open Converter option, and then click the Add Files button. Find the M4A file you want to convert and add it to program.

how to change m4a to wav

Step 2 Choose WAV as the Output Audio Format

Open the output format list on the right side. Go head to the Audio tab, select WAV profile as the output format or you are allowed to convert M4A to other formats, such as M4A to MP3, M4A to WMA, or M4A to FLAC.

Finish M4A to WAV Conversion

Step 3 Finish M4A to WAV Conversion

After everything is done, select your output path and hit Run, wait a few seconds – and there you go!

If you prefer to edit your M4A file before conversion, just select your audio, click “Trim” button and you can trim the audio by dragging the sliders. And you can see Start time, End time and Cutted time in detail.

When you want to convert a WAV file to M4A, you only need to repeat the above steps and select M4A as output format. Equally simple to convert WAV to M4A, right? Of course, if you like any other audio formats, you are free to change them, such as convert FLAC to M4A, WAV to M4R, etc. Free HD Video Converter Factory is not only a program that converts formats but also enables you to download songs from YouTube, Vimeo, and another 500 sites.

Method 2 - Change Format from M4A audio to WAV with Free Online Converter

Of course, you can convert M4A to WAV online with an online audio converter, such as, zamzar, coolutils-audio-converter, etc. Here we take zamzar as an example to finish M4A to WAV conversion.

Converting M4A Files to WAV OnlineConverting M4A Files to WAV Online

Step 1: Visit and Choose the M4A file that you want to convert.

Step 2: Select WAV in the drop-down list as the output format.

Step 3: Enter your email address to receive converted files.

Step 4: Click "Convert" to convert your M4A file.

Some free online programs may have many annoying ads, and some need you to install plug-ins, worse, some online services may have the potential risk of exposing your private files. So, if you really want to try these online converters, please choose the reliable platform that enjoys wide reputation.

Method 3 - Convert M4A to WAV with iTunes Itself

Convert M4A to WAV with iTunesConvert M4A to WAV with iTunes

If your PC has already installed iTunes, it can also be an M4A file to WAV converter. Then follow the steps that you need for the conversion.

Step 1: Open iTunes. For Windows, go to Edit, and select Preferences. For Mac, go to iTunes, and select Preferences. Click General, and select Importing Settings.

Step 2: On "Import Using" window, choose "WAV Encoder" and press the OK button.

Step 3: Select M4A file you want to convert. Go to File, and select Create New Version. Choose Create WAV version. Then just wait for the conversion.

I have compared three methods of M4A to WAV conversion and also guided you through which one suits you the best. At last, if this article does help you, please share it with more people!

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