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Reveal The Secret of CDMA Version of iPhone4 Five Changes

Verizon iPhone 4

Although the CDMA version of the iPhone4 official release had not that sensation compared with iPhone4, many people still full of curious about it. Next, let us contrast CDMA version of iPhone4 and GSM version of iPhone4 and take a look at this Apple's first CDMA mobile phone features.

The Secret of CDMA Version of iPhone4 Five Changes

Let's Have a Look at Some Changes of CDMA Version of iPhone4

1. Little change in appearance. Through the CDMA version of iPhone4 and GSM version of iPhone4 comparison, we found very little difference between the two phones. Just to correct the past iPhone4 the existence of signal problems, and modified the mobile phone's antenna.

2. Support CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev. A network. As Apple's first CDMA mobile phone, the biggest difference compared to the past mobile phone is to support CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev. A network, it can bring high-speed network download speeds. But the drawback is it can not support voice and data simultaneous transmission. When you are online with the mobile phone, the data will be interrupted if a call comes in.

3. There is no SIM card slot. Due to the CDMA version of iPhone4 is customized for the U.S. operator Verizon models, so the cell phone also uses a "machine cards in one” design, and there is no specific SIM card slot at the right side of the phone.

4. Added Wi-Fi hotspot feature. CDMA version of iPhone 4 also provides Wi-Fi hotspot feature, this can connect up to five devices to share network. When users are using this feature, there will be a blue notice bar on the screen showing the number of client connections, and support password settings.

In addition, although the current CDMA network does not provide 3G network video call feature, the iPhone4 Facetime function was achieved by WiFi networks, so the user has no effect on the use of the 3G network video call.

5. The model is A1349. According to information released by FCC, CDMA version of iPhone 4

Model is A1349, which is not same as the GSM version of iPhone4 A1332. In support of the network band, the CDMA version of iPhone 4 can run on CDMA850-2100MHz band, supports EV-DO Rev. A version.

Features And Specifications Are Complete Same

There are no any differences in hardware configuration and software platform the two version of iPhone4. The CDMA version of iPhone 4 and GSM version of iPhone4 also have a 3.5-inch Retinal Display touch screen and built-in 500 million pixel camera, A4 processor and provide 16GB and 32GB capacity to choice and so on...

From the IOS system platform to the iTunes App Store and other program applications, CDMA version of iPhone4 perfect continuation of the previous iPhone4 all features.

IPhone4 CDMA version will begin pre-order in February 3, Verizon's existing registered users will have the opportunity to pre-empt scheduled to CDMA version of iPhone 4, after February 10, all customers can book online or go to Verizon, and Apple's physical stores to buy CDMA version of the iPhone 4.

The CDMA version of iPhone 4 16GB price is about $199.99, 32GB is $299.99.

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