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MP4 to DivX - Best Converter for MP4 to DivX Conversion

Why do we need the best MP4 to DivX converter? If you have no idea about why to convert MP4 file to DivX or how to do it. Just keep reading, and you can find the answer in the following article.


HD Video Converter
Best MP4 to DivX Video Converter
This MP4 to DivX converter is the best and professional program for any type of video and audio formats conversion requirements. Besides, you can even use it as a video downloader for major video sharing websites.
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Free MP4 to DivX Converter VS Online Converters

Safer for Users:

Many online converters appeared on the market, and all of them claim to convert formats without installing any type of plug-ins by using the web version and require users to upload files directly onto the internet. But as we live in this highly developed world, some of bad guys are trying to steal our private information through the internet. Besides, we are not sure about whether the online converter is safe or not, it is much safer to choose the downloadable MP4 to DivX application to deal with formats conversion issues. This is even more important for people who are crazy about homemade videos. Therefore, choosing the offline MP4 file to DivX program is becoming an urgent task.

More Available Formats:

If you have tried the online converter, and you would find it provides users with a limited number of video and audio formats, which is not enough for you to freely convert from one format to another uncommon one. But this MP4 to DivX converter free to use and equipped with all popular formats you might encounter in your daily life.

Therefore, you are provided with this excellent program to enable you to convert MP4 to DivX free and fast. In the meantime, it offers you basic video edit functions, which allows you to cut video clips, add special effects, and crop a video, etc. For more specific features of it, you can first download this MP4 to DivX converter freeware and install it on your computer.

Converting MP4 Video to DivX Within Three Steps

This application is designed to solve all of your video and audio related demands, so whatever trouble you met in this field, and you can turn to it. And it is also devised in a very brief way so as to offer users an easy-to-use free software. And I will share with more details about it in the following part with a step by step guide. So just keep reading until you find the solution to your problem.

Step 1: Launch this Powerful Program

In the first step, you need to add your MP4 files into this powerful program, and you can either click "Add Files" button to select your files or drag them into it directly from your personal computer desktop.

Note: Make sure the files you added into is playable since this will determine whether you can get the desired good output files.

Add MP4 Files

Add MP4 Files

Step 2: Set DivX as the Output Format

Now, you need to choose the DivX among the provided formats by clicking the format icon on your right side, then you will face with another interface. And you need to select AVI first, then you need to click "Settings" at the lower right corner. And next, you can choose the "DivX" in the video encoder tab. If you feel this is too complex to comprehend, then you can follow the screenshot below.

MPEG4 to DivX

MPEG4 to DivX

Tips: You are able to convert other types of video and audio formats, such as convert 3GPP to MP3 , convert MOV to MP3 , convert WMA to MP3 , etc. And you can use it as a video downloader. My friend has used it to free download Christmas videos , download horror movies and download Yoga videos , etc. And you can also try this function out on your own.

Step 3: Begin to convert

Once you get all preparations done, then you can just click the blue "Run" button to start to convert MP4 file to DivX. It only takes a few minutes to accomplish the whole process, so you will get your work done as fast as you need.

Note: If you have several video or audio files which you want to combine together, then you can use the "Merge" function to achieve your demand.

Start Convert MP4 to DivX

Start Convert MP4 to DivX

Now, please download the Free HD Video Converter Factory to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on Free HD Video Converter Factory

  • Extract soundtracks from film/video
  • Various media formats, optimized profiles for 220+ hot devices
  • Download video from YouTube. Freely select output video size before downloading
  • Provided with an built-in video editor
  • Can compress video with best quality but smallest size
  • Fastest conversion speed, 30X speed up supported
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MP4 to DivX - Best Converter for MP4 to DivX Conversion