Simplest Solution to Fix YouTube Video Unavailable in Your Country.
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Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country Problem

How to watch YouTube videos not available in your country? It keeps displaying this message when watching some videos. Is there any way to fix this? Of course you can fix this issue, please download the free software and learn this steps:


YouTube Video is Not Available in Your Country

Recommended solution - Free HD Video Converter Factory

1. This is a total free video software, that helps you watch YouTube video if it's unavailable in your country.

2. The software can help you fix common YouTube play issues which include "blocked videos", "copyright-protected music", "not available in your country", etc.

3. Also, you can downlaod any YouTube video to the local with this software.

Possible Reasons of This Video is Not Available in Your Country

This Video is Not Available in Your Country

This Video is Not Available in Your Country

As the largest video sharing platform, YouTube has an unshakeable dominance in the competition with other similar sites, which provides total control of the video to the uploaders, and everyone can upload and share their videos here. That's why YouTube is favored and popular among billions of users all over the world.

If you are YouTube loyal fans, you get a great chance to suffer the carking YouTube errors, for instance, "This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds" or “This video is not available in your country" or "The uploader has not made this video available in your country".

You don’t know what’s going on since they upload videos to YouTube – the largest video sharing platform, but you are unable to watch them. Why? This is mainly because the video uploader has restricted the video for particular or geographical location. And sometimes YouTube blocks specific videos for some countries due to government legal privacy, licensing rights and some other issues.

3 Methods to Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country Error

In the face of this frequent problem, you may get frustrated if you are addicted to specific blocked YouTube videos. So how to watch this video is not available in your country on your computer or other devices? Or in other words, how to solve the problem – this video is unavailable in your country? Luckily, here are a few simple methods that help you bypass this restriction to watch restricted YouTube videos freely.

The first thing, please free downlaod the software (for Windows user) by clicking button below. And then, install it to your PC.

Method One - Download Blocked YouTube Videos

The simplest method is download country restricted YouTube videos to your computers or other playable devices for offline playback. Although there are many free online video downloaders, you are required to have a faster internet connection and low quality requirements. Instead of suffering from some limited functions or unknown troubles, a stable and reliable YouTube video downloader is highly recommended. Free HD Video Converter Factory is such a free good helper for your need. Let's get started.

Step 1

Before start, don't forget download, install and launch this free HD video converter on your Windows PC.

It works for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/...

Step 2

Click "Download Video" on the menu bar. Copy and paste the blocked YouTube video URL. Then press "Analyze". You'll find different resolution and file sizes here after analyzing. Choose an option and click "Download" button. This software supports a batch processing for downloading multiple YouTube videos, and even download 4K videos, download 1080P videos, 360-degree video or VR movies download. That's the whole process on how to watch videos not available in your country. So simple, isn't it?

Tips: Re-analyze the URL if you don't see your wanted resolution in the list that the original YouTube video should have.

Restricted YouTube Videos

Restricted YouTube Videos

Step 3

Optional (Not Required) - You are allowed to convert downloaded videos to a wide range of formats and portable devices, for example, convert YouTube to AVI, YouTube to FLAC, convert videos to android and more. Meanwhile, you can adjust video parameters freely by clicking Settings button, such as change resolution, aspect ratio, encoder, bitrate, adjust frame rate, increase or mute video volume, etc. Set your output folder and click Run to start video conversion.

Note: just select your device and don't worry the output video is not compatible with it, as the program has preset the complicated specs for you.

Select Various Formats and Devices

Select Various Formats and Devices

If you are also encountered with some other YouTube errors, for example, on Windows 10 YouTube not working or YouTube not responding, YouTube not works on other browsers, Free HD Video Converter Factory will be helpful as well. Now, please downlaod the free software to start your job.

Method Two - Bypass YouTube Restriction with Various Proxy Means

Make full use of various proxy means, you are able to watch country blocked YouTube videos no matter where you are in consideration that they can switch your networks to different IPs for bypassing the regional filter. We'll introduce two common proxy means below.

1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Browser Extension or Desktop Client

Take advantages of some VPNs like Zenmate, Hola, ProxMate, CyberGhostVPN, TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield, Shadowsocks, etc to solve "how to watch youtube videos not available in your country" issue by switching IPs among lots of different countries and servers.

2. Web Proxy

Web proxy like ProxySite, FilterBypass is your another choice which allows you to bypass internet filters and enjoy unrestricted browsing.

Method Three - A Simple YouTube Trick

How to watch blocked videos without those annoying settings and software? Well, here is a simple trick for you to fix YouTube video not available in your country error.

1.Visit the YouTube restricted video

(, for instance).

2. Replace "/watch?v=" with "/v/".

(The final link is

3. Visit the new link and you’ll find it playable without displaying “this video is not available in your country”, right? However, this method is unstable sometimes and we have reason to believe that YouTube will fix it at any time.

To sum up

The Method Two is not bad, the only problem is most of the VPNs is a monthly fee, so you need to pay a lot of money for this.

The Method Three... Hmm... If you are a computer/internet veteran, you can try it. But is not a recommended way.

The Method One is recommended way to solve problem "Video is Not Available in Your Country", you can also download the video to your iPhone, Android phone and TV for playback. The better, it's totally free. Come on, downlaod Free HD Video Converter Factory to start.

More Special Features on Free HD Video Converter Factory

  • Download video from YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, Liveleak, and More
  • Convert various media formats, optimized profiles for 220+ hot devices
  • Extract soundtracks from film/video
  • Provided with an built-in video editor
  • Fastest conversion speed, 30X speed up supported
  • Can compress video with best quality but smallest size
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Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country Problem

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