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YouTube Private VS Unlisted: What Is the Difference Between Unlisted and Private on YouTube

Author by Vita

Updated on Sep 27, 2023

Public is the default setting for videos you upload to YouTube and everybody can view the uploaded public videos. But sometimes people also need to change the privacy settings to Unlisted or Private for security or other purposes. What's the difference between Unlisted and Private? This article will show you the overall information on YouTube Private VS Unlisted.

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When you open the YouTube upload page for uploading videos to YouTube, you can find that there is a drop-down list where you can change the privacy settings as Public, Unlisted or Private. As its name implies, Public means anyone can browse and share the video and the video will appear in the search results on Google, YouTube and related video playlists. Public is the default option for uploading videos. But in some cases, we also choose YouTube Private or Unlisted. So what does unlisted mean on YouTube and what is the difference between Private and Unlisted? Here is the overall explanation of YouTube Unlisted VS Private.

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YouTube Unlisted VS Private

Change the Privacy SettingsChange the Privacy Settings

An Unlisted YouTube video will not appear in any search results like related videos, recommendations or Subscriber feed. Besides, it's invisible on your channel. It will generate a URL link after you upload the video to YouTube and change the setting as Unlisted. Only the ones with the link can access and watch the unlisted video even if they don't have a Google account. Therefore, if you want to share the video with someone, you only need to send the link to them. In other words, anyone who has the link can share the video with more people easily. If the video contains sensitive information and you don't want the video to be seen by others apart from the people you share it with, in YouTube Private VS Unlisted comparison, making a YouTube video Private is a better option for you.

A private YouTube video is the most secure video type. Just like unlisted YouTube videos, private videos will not show up in search results, channel,s related videos, recommendations or Subscriber feed. The difference between Unlike and Private is that a private video can only be viewed by those who are invited to view it by the uploader. If you want to a private video, you need to have an active Google account and get the invitation from the video uploader or you can't watch the YouTube video. However, a private YouTube video can be shared only with up to 50 users.

Chart: Unlisted VS Private YouTube Videos

To help you get an intuitive understanding of YouTube Private VS Unlisted, the following chart presents the differences in several important aspects. Let's have a look at it! 

Feature Unlisted Private
View the video via URL Yes No
The video can be found in searches, related videos, and recommendations No No
The video shows up on your YouTube Channel No No
See the video when it is embedded in a landing page Yes No
The video appears in subscriber feeds No No
A YouTube account is a must-have to view the video No Yes
Add the video to a channel section Yes No

YouTube Unlisted VS Private – Which One Should You Choose

Obviously, Private is the most secure type. However, if you want to share the video with more than 50 people, Unlisted is a better option. Apart from the differences mentioned in the YouTube Private VS Unlisted chart, you can download an unlisted video using URL but there is no way to download a private video. Want to download a public or unlisted YouTube video? You can try WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro for the download task. Install it here:

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