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Best Tutorial of How to Clip YouTube Video with Three Methods

Author by Hales

June. 14, 2019

Are you looking for a versatile YouTube video editor? Here introduce three easy tools for you to fix how to clip YouTube videos in a few clicks. Just Read on! Moreover, for easily downloading videos from YouTube and more sites, editing YouTube videos as well as converting between file formats, I strongly recommend the powerful video converter:

When it comes to YouTube clip maker, people will immediately come up with some common and popular video editing software. For example, PC user's free video editing software - VSDC, and one of the most popular editing software - Premiere Pro. However, the above two editors are too professional and complex for users who just want to trim YouTube video and achieve other simple editing needs. For this purpose, this article provides users three simple methods to edit YouTube video, including a senior YouTube video maker and two easy ways of editing videos online, for those who want to simply edit YouTube video.

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The Best Solution to Resolve How to Clip a YouTube Video

There are many tutorials on YouTube video editing and downloading. Although you can choose from a wide range of options, not all of these methods are easy to operate. YouTube Video clipping is such a case. You may find a very interesting video on YouTube and want to download it to your devices and cut part of the YouTube for collection and other usages. However, you take much time to search for an easy solution yet have no luck.  Fortunately, the most recommended option - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you to download & clip videos from YouTube fast and easily.

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How to Download YouTube Videos?

Download YouTube Videos

Before clipping, let’s learn the detailed tutorial of downloading YouTube videos.

Step 1. Paste and Analyze the URL of Video

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, click the “Downloader” on the main window. Add YouTube video files by clicking “+New Download” box on the top. Paste the URL by clicking the “Paste and Analyze” button. Then choose the video format and hit OK.

Step 2. Save and Download Video

Go to the new download page, select the output path by clicking inverted triangle symbol, then click the Download All button to batch download YouTube videos.

Method – 1: How to Take a Clip from a YouTube Video

Launch and Add Video File

Before start, please free download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Add YouTube Video File

Click Converter in the video option, then find +Add Files in the new interface to add the YouTube video you want to clip.

YouTube Video Maker to Trim Video

Step 2. Clip YouTube Video

Find the scissors-shaped button under the added video file and start clipping video interface. Slide the two sliders in the middle to select the wonderful part of the video you want to keep. After selecting it, click the Trim button to confirm the video clip, then press OK. If you need to trim multiple video clips from a YouTube video, repeat the step to clip multiple parts.

How to Save a New Video Clip

Step 3. Save a New Video Clip

Returning to the main interface, the number of video clips you have clipped will be displayed at the top right of the already added file. Then select the output file path below to save the new video clip, and finally press Run button and you will get the new clip in a few minutes.

For the people who want to convert the video clip to other formats or devices like MP4 or iPhone, etc., click “Click to change output format” in the right. Then choose the format or device you want and hit “Run” button to begin.

Part – 2: Simple Way to Edit Video Using YouTube Video Clipper

YouTube Video Manager to Clip VideoYouTube Video Manager to Clip Video

You can also clip YouTube videos using YouTube Video Manager which can make it easy. The premise is that you need to upload your own video to YouTube, then you can clip video.

Step 1. please visit:
select Videos in the left menu, click the title of the video and select Editor from the left menu.

Step 2. You need to carefully confirm the video you want to clip and click “TRIM” button to clip video.

Step 3. Click and drag the blue boxes on either side to select the video clip you want to keep and select Preview to confirm your action.

Step 4. Finally, click the "Save" button to save your new clipped video part.

Part – 3: How to Easily Clip YouTube Video Online

Clipping YouTube Video OnlineClipping YouTube Video Online

There are also many online ways to clip YouTube video available on the web, which support clipping and downloading YouTube videos. Here is an easy to use YouTube editor, please visit:

Step 1. Copy and paste the video URL you want to cut and click the Start button.

Step 2. On the left, select the start and end time of the video you want to clip. The duration of the clipped new video and the start and end time are displayed on the screen.

Step 3. Once set all the things, click Preview to play the video clip you need, and finally click download button to download the new video.

All in all

The three recommended YouTube clippers above are the useful tools to cut YouTube videos after testing. There are also other articles related to YouTube editors, please pay attention to our site and check out the following related articles:
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