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Gentle Way to Lose Serious Weight

As fitness getting popular around the world, people keen on taking high intensive exercise expect weight loss in a short time. To be honest, few people are suitable for high intensive exercise. Hence, another exercise way recommended to you: Yoga!

by Caliasia

Updated on July 27, 2022

With this free downloader, you can easily free download Yoga videos on YouTube and other sites right now in a few clicks. Furthermore, it also supports converting video formats to be compatible with the most pop devices including mobile phone, tablet and TV. Learn more >

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As keeping fit becomes increasingly popular during recent years, you must be familiar with these hot fitness videos: INSANITY, Focus T25, P90X Works Out schedule, etc. To be honest, the high intensity exercises like INSANITY have absolute effect on weight-loss, which require good physical quality. As for me, a foodie with poor physical quality once took the high intensity exercise to lose weight but the reality was that I just insisted on two days since its too high speed and intensity. Later on, I consulted some fitness instructors who advised me to take Yoga exercise which is gentle but also can lose weight for those people in poor physical condition. What is more, there are a vast of Yoga download free resources on YouTube.

Gentle Yoga Exercise

Gentle Yoga Exercise

Combined with my exercise, some Yoga videos with obvious effect will be listed.

1.Yoga With Adriene – Inspiring people to lose weight with happy and relaxing Yoga.

2.Fightmaster Yoga – People can download Yoga for different requirements.

3.Yoga With Tim —Yoga for male.

Yoga Download Tutorial

Download and install HD Video converter Factory. It has many fantastic functions though it is a free version, such as, formats conversion, videos editing, merge files , etc.

Step 1 Launch the Software

Launch the YouTube downloader. You will see that its main interface is clean and user-friendly. Enter "Downloader", then you will see a new window called Video Downloader.

Free HD video converter Factory Interface

Free HD video converter Factory Interface

Step 2 Log in YouTube, Copy and Paste the URL

Visit YouTube and copy the URL of the video that you want to download. Then click the "+ New Download" button, paste the URL copied from YouTube, next click the "Analyze" button, or direclty click "Paste and Analyze", which can automatically analyze all of the related resources in a few seconds.

Copy and Paste URL

Copy and Paste URL

Step 3 Select the Output format and quality

There are many results after analyzing. You can select the video format and quality according to your need. Sometimes, you can reanalyze if you want more resources. Click "OK" to save the download task.

Select Format and Quality

Select Format and Quality

Step 4 Yoga Free Download Starting

Specify the output folder. Finally, click “Download All” button. How simple it is for free Yoga videos download!

Note: You could download the HD Video ConverterFactory Pro if you are experienced and have more requirements on customerized settings such as changing the resolution and resetting the aspect ratios.

Find the Type of Yoga for You

With so many types of Yoga, it can be tough to find the practice that works best for you. There are all kinds of Yoga video download resources on the YouTube and you can try them and practice the most proper one. Some popular Yoga types are recommended.

Kundalini Yoga – To build physical vitality and increase consciousness, which is suitable for people with anxiety.

Hot Yoga – Practice in a heated room which helps you sweat out the toxins and increase the strength and flexibility when working, which is helpful to people working a long time in office.

Prenatal Yoga—A practice uniquely designed for pregnancy, which helps pregnant women become more resilient during and after pregnancy.

Of course, more Yoga types are not referred, but YouTube supports most free Yoga videos download. You can find the best proper one and download it. Let’s practice Yoga and make changes!

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Yoga Download for Free Gentle Way to Lose Serious Weight

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