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VLC Subtitles Download Easily and Automatically in VLC Media Player

Author by Charlotte

August 22, 2018

I like watching movies and TV series from various regions all over the world. However, I always have to spend a lot of time on searching and downloading the suitable subtitles for watching foreign movies. One day, I found that adding a plugin – VLSub extension to VLC can easily fix subtitle download problems. I want to share this method with all of you that VLC subtitles download is easily available to everyone. The below software is also recommended to add subtitles easily.

However, watching overseas movies always needs to add appropriate subtitles for better understanding and watching. While finding and downloading subtitles is a time-consuming and energy-consuming work. Firstly, you have to search online to find the appropriate subtitles. Secondly, you need to download the subtitle to your hard drive. Thirdly, add the subtitles to your movie.

If you are a loyal user of VLC media player, you may neglect a fact that VLC supports to download subtitles automatically from with the help of a VLC extension – VLSub. Amazing! Keep reading, this article will show you this unbelievable magic trick - how to download subtitles in VLC media player automatically!

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Haven’t downloaded and installed VLC yet? Download the newest version through visiting for making preparation for VLC subtitles download.

How to Download Subtitles in VLC Media Player Automatically

how to download subtitles from vlchow to download subtitles from vlc

Step1: VLSub Extension Download

Download VLSub (a VLC subtitle downloader) from, click “Files” option, then right-click vlsub.lua, choose “Save link as” for VLSub download.

Notes: Want a simpler way for VLSub downloading? Copy and Paste the URL to your browser to download VLSub directly.

Step2: Move the Downloaded vlsub.lua File to Target Folder

Open the download folder, you can see the downloaded vlsub.lua file right there. Move the downloaded vlsub.lua file to the “extensions” folder under the root directory of VLC. The extension folder for different operating systems are as follows:

Windows: %ProgramFiles%\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions\

Linux: /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions/

Mac OS X: /Applications/

how to add subtitles in vlchow to add subtitles in vlc

Step3: Run VLC Subtitle Downloader

Launch VLC media player, import your favorite movie or TV episode by clicking “Media” > “Open file” as well as pressing shortcut key “Ctrl + O”, or directly drag the file to VLC media player. Then, click “VLsub” under the drop-down list of “View”.

Step4: Search the Matched Subtitle

After clicking “VLsub”, VLC will pop up a dialogue box. Choose the target subtitles language, input the specific information of movie/TV series title, season, episode(series) on the dialog box. Click the “Search by hash” or “Search by name” option to search and fetch all the related subtitles from for VLC media player subtitles download.

Step5: VLC Subtitle File Download

Select the suitable and matched subtitles file, click “Download Section” button for VLC subtitles download.

Step6: Watch Movies/TV Episode with the Downloaded Subtitles

The subtitle file will be downloaded to the default location of the video and be added to your currently playing video automatically! Amazing, right?

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As you can see, VLC Media Player is not only a basic media player, which also supports to download subtitles for VLC, convert video formats, download YouTube videos, etc. However, you may meet VLC lagging problems occasionally which may not lead you to add subtitles smoothly. In case of the happening of such situations, here recommends a free software which supports to simply and permanently embed subtitles to video.

Free Download Free Download

Easily Add Subtitles to Video & DVD

add subtitles to video

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Apart from adding subtitles to video easily and efficiently, HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports to batch convert videos and movies to 300+ formats and devices, compress video size, edit and trim videos, etc.

add subtitles to movie

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Want to find an efficient tool to rip video from DVD discs to digital? Here is one. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro enables to quickly rip DVDs, ISO image to MP4, AVI, iTunes, etc. with GPU acceleration.

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