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[Solved] How to Fix VLC Subtitle Delay Issue Without Any Hassle

Author by Charlotte

Updated on Mar 8, 2023

VLC is a powerful media player which is favored many people. However, sometimes, we may be plagued by VLC subtitles delay issue. We have to admit that watching movie with delayed subtitle will bring relatively worse watching experience. Therefore, follow this article to learn 3 simple and workable solutions to fix VLC subtitle delay issue. Want to permanently fix subtitle delay issue? Download the recommended software to help you.

VLC, as a popular media player globally, is not only famous for its ability to convert video to MP4, AVI, and various formats, but also for its powerful function of downloading subtitles and online videos. That’s why people love it! However, have you ever met such a situation where VLC video lagging or the subtitles of the video are either ahead of or behind the scene? I have such an experience! One time, when I playing a foreign movie on VLC, the subtitle is nearly 3 seconds delayed than the video. Therefore, this article shares with you 3 simple solutions of how to sync subtitles in VLC.

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Three Simple and Available Solutions to Fix VLC Subtitles Delay

Solution 1 - How to Sync Subtitles in VLC through Shortcut Keys on Keyboard

Adjusting subtitles in VLC through shortcut keys is the easiest way to fix delay subtitles VLC problem.

If the subtitles are delayed when you watch a movie on VLC, press “H” shortcut key on your keyboard directly to sync subtitles with the scene.

If the subtitles are faster than the dialogue, press “G” shortcut key on your keyboard to slow down the subtitle so as to synchronize subtitles with movie.

Synchronize subtitles through shortcut keys is the easiest solution but may be not so accurate every time. If you prefer to adjust subtitle timing in VLC more accurately. Follow the second solution below!

Solution 2 - How to Sync Subtitles in VLC with Several Clicks

how to adjust subtitle timing in vlchow to adjust subtitle timing in vlc

You may wonder how to adjust subtitles in VLC through a more accurate way. Keep reading, I will show you how to sync subtitles with video in VLC with a precision of a second!

Step1: Run VLC Media Player. Directly open your movie through drag and drop the movie to VLC, or click “Ctrl+O” shortcut key to import your movie. Click “Media” > “Open file” on the top of VLC player to import your movie is also available.

Step2: Click “Tools” > “Track Synchronization” on the menu bar of VLC. And then it will pop up a dialog box directly. You can find “Subtitle track synchronization” under “Subtitle/Video”.

If the subtitle of your movie is 2 seconds faster than the scene, you should input 2.000s on “Subtitle track synchronization” box to sync the subtitles with video. Vice versa. If the subtitle of your movie is 2 seconds slower than the movie, you should input a negative figure -2.000s instead.

Step3: You can see a Refresh icon on the upper right side of the dialog, click it to finish subtitle timing adjustment in VLC.

Solution 3 - How to Sync Subtitles Permanently Through Free HD Video Converter Factory

Here provides another free and efficient way to help you permanently fix the VLC subtitle delay issue so that you will never be bothered by the problem of how to adjust subtitles in VLC. Free HD Video Converter Factory is able to add subtitles to your movie which helps sync subtitles with movie permanently. What’s more, you are also able to cut and trim videos, or convert it to many other formats, such as convert MP4 to AVI, etc. for better playing on various devices and players. Download this free software to fix subtitles delay permanently. And follow the instruction of how to add subtitles to video for solving subtitle delay in VLC permanently.

Notes: Free HD Video Converter Factory supports both ASS and SRT subtitle formats.

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