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VLC Audio Sync – How to Fix Audio Sync Problems in VLC

Author by Vita

August 8, 2018

VLC is a versatile media player, which can not only play kinds of media files, but fix audio sync problems. So this VLC Audio Sync tutorial shows you how to fix out-of-sync audio in VLC media player. Want to fix audio video sync permanently? You might as well try WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to make video and audio synchronization for good:

Imagine that when you have spent a lot of time downloading a good movie from Internet, and you can’t wait to play the movie, but suddenly, you meet the unpleasant problem that the audio and video are not synchronized. Indeed, it’s so irritating when you watch a video but the audio delays or gets ahead. Don't worry! Before you tear your hair out, you can might as well hit the Traffic Cone icon – VLC media player on your computer to fix the audio sync problem. And here introduces the detailed VLC audio sync solution.

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How to Sync Audio and Video in VLC

As a multimedia player, VLC isn’t only for media files playback. You can also use it to achieve more. For example, you can rip DVD with VLC, use VLC to convert video to MP4 and even use it as a VLC YouTube downloader. Of courses, VLC media player works like a charm if you want to fix audio sync issue. Let’s see how it does to fix VLC audio delay or audio is ahead of the video.

audio delay VLCaudio delay VLC

Step 1. Run VLC media player.

Step 2. Hit the Tools button on the toolbar and select Preferences. Or press the shortcut key “Ctrl+P”.

Step 3. Click on the Audio tab, then mark “All” in the lower-left corner to extend all options.

Step 4. Press Audio, and enter a value in milliseconds which can be either positive or negative, e.g. "1000" or "-1000" in the Audio desynchronisation compensation box to make VLC adjust audio sync accurately.

Step 5. Finally press Save button. Now you can reopen the video that has the lip-sync issue. If the issue still exists, repeat the steps above until you make the audio and video match up perfectly.

The method is for VLC global settings. Namely, the customized parameter will affect all videos you play in VLC later. Therefore, if you only need to fix VLC audio delay temporarily, you can follow the part of how to sync audio and video in VLC using hotkeys:

VLC delay audioVLC delay audio

Step 1. Run VLC media player and play the video that is out of sync with audio.

Step 2. For VLC audio sync on Windows, press “J” hotkey on your keyboard to make the sound go ahead of image. Or if you need to slow down the audio, press “K” hotkey. To fix VLC audio delay on MAC, “F” is for moving the audio forward; “G” can move the audio backward.

Tips. Each time you press the related hotkey, the audio will be speeded up or slowed down by 50 milliseconds. If you press the hotkey continuously, the number of milliseconds will be incremented accordingly.

The Permanent Method to Fix Out-of-sync Audio

VLC can only fix the problem that audio and video are out of sync from beginning to end yet some videos and audio work well in the beginning, and it comes to the time axis damage halfway. Moreover, the VLC audio delay solution only works when we play the video on VLC media player. But we always want to play a movie or video on other devices that may not support VLC media player. So here comes the once-and-for-all alternative solution to fix audio sync VLC – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. The program can intelligently detect any out-of-sync audio and make the audio and video match up for good. Let’s see how it goes.

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Fix Audio Sync Problem with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Alternative to VLC sound sync solution

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it on PC.

Step 1. Import the target video files

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Press Add Files button to import the videos that have audio syncing problems. Or directly drag and drop the files.

Step 2. Choose an output format

Click on Output Format button on the right and choose an output format from the list. If the file extension is MP4 originally and you don’t want to change the video format, choose MP4 profile under Video tab. Of course, you can convert the video to AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, etc.

Step 3. Click Run to fix audio sync problem

Click on Run button on the lower right corner to convert the videos. During the conversion, HD Video Converter Factory Pro will repair time axis damage and fix audio and video out of sync. Unlike VLC audio sync solution that can only fix the problem temporarily, this smart program enables to play the video on any devices rightly.  

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