When uploading videos to online-sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., people tend to add a watermark to the uploaded video. Watermarking videos is an efficient way to promote your brand or company while also preventing unauthorized use and duplication. Many video editing software supports adding logos or watermarks to videos, and this post will share the top 10 free video watermark software for you to add video watermarks for free. Go on reading to pick your desired one for adding watermarks now!
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Part 1. Top 10 Free Video Watermark Apps

Here are 10 free video watermarking software that can help users add watermarks to videos totally free. Just read on to learn each of them and pick your favorite one!

1. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory [Recommend]

To add logo, text/image watermark on videos free and effortlessly, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is your best choice. It is an all-in-one free video processing tool that is capable of adding text or image watermarks to videos as you like. During the process, you can easily add a watermark to any place of the video in any rotation and adjust the opacity, size, font style, and color of image/text watermarks.

Other than its watermarking function, it offers other basic editing tools including cropping, trimming, rotating, filtering, merging videos, etc. Moreover, as its name suggests, it is an excellent video/audio converter that can change video formats as well as audio formats for solving format incompatibility issues or other needs. A video downloader is also provided for users to download YouTube videos and other online video/music files.

Just downloaddownload and try this free video watermark app here if you’re interested.

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

Free and easy to add watermark
A wide range of editing/converting features
Powerful format support and 500+ export profiles
No file size/length limits, high-quality output

Only available for Windows
No templates for usage

Best Free Video Watermark Software

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter offers a user-friendly interface to help beginners easily start various video processing tasks including adding watermark. The powerful format support also helps users convert unsupported videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It can even remove the video watermark by blurring, cropping, etc.

Totally free, easy to get started, feature-packed, and without any limitations! Download and give it a try now!

For detailed information about how to add a watermark to a video, check this article: How to Watermark Videos on PC?

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player can always surprise its users. Apart from its video/DVD/music playback feature, maybe most people have known some additional practical features of this media player, like converting videos, capturing screens, editing videos by trimming, cropping, rotating, etc. Moreover, as a powerful video processing tool, it is also available for adding logos and text to videos. The position and opacity of the logo/text can also be adjusted. You can find the logo/text adding tool in the “Tool” > “Effects and Filters” > “Video Effects” > “Overlay” section.

But note that after applying the watermark effect, you can only play the video with watermarked in VLC. If you hope to upload or view the watermarked video in other programs, you need to go for the “Convert/Save” step to save the watermarked video.

VLC Media Player

Totally free and open-source
Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile devices
Full-featured and powerful format support

Troublesome watermark adding process
Not straightforward for beginners to start
Slow exporting speed

Get VLC Media Player here

3. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is one of the free video editing software for Windows which comes with a lot of advanced features to be a free and powerful watermark video editor. It can help users perform various edits to the video while retaining the video’s quality. You can use its logo filter to add watermarks to your videos for free and then adjust the related settings for the watermark. Apart from adding video watermarks, VirtualDub is mainly used for video capturing and processing. And you can adjust the video resolution, audio bitrate, etc. to get a high-quality video recording. You can also replace the audio tracks, cut, and extract fragments of a video file, make GIFs from videos, etc.

However, it is mainly used to process AVI files, though it can read (not write) MPEG1 files.


Free and open-source
Able to record screen and edit videos (adding watermark and more)
High quality for recording and editing videos

Only available for Windows
Outdated interface and complex workflow
Limited format support
Not suitable for 4K editing

Get VirtualDub here

4. Format Factory

Format Factory is also a free app to watermark videos. Actually, most users may know Format Factory since it is a popular video converter app that can be used to convert video, audio, and image files between various formats. But besides its format conversion feature, it can also help users do some simple edits like splitting, cropping, trimming videos, etc. You can also add watermarks and other effects/filters to the video in the “Option” window. As a free video watermarking app, Format Factory allows you to add pictures and text as the watermark to a video. The size, rotation, position, and other settings can also be adjusted manually.

This watermark video software can also be used as a screen recorder, media player, and video downloader.

Format Factory

Free and easy to use
Able to customize the watermark parameters
Full-featured and multi-languages supported

Available for Windows only
Limited features for the free version
Additional software may occur during the installation

Get Format Factory here

5. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a video editor app that allows users to create and edit videos of various types. With its free version (VSDC Free Video Editor), you can easily add your text or image watermark to videos for free. You can add the text watermark by clicking the “T” icon and then adjust the font, size, thickness, and other parameters of the text. To add an image watermark to videos, you can press the “Add object” icon. You can then adjust the settings of the added image. Moreover, it also provides many practical video editing tools and wonderful video filters for you to apply.

VSDC Free Video Editor

Text and image watermarks are supported
Adjust the options for watermarks
Abundant video effects and filters

Only works for Windows
Sometimes fail to launch
Limited functions with the free version

Get VSDC Free Video Editor here

6. iMovie

Mac and iOS users may get familiar with iMovie since it is pre-installed on most Apple devices. Users can do basic and advanced video editing with iMovie. And it supports video merging, splitting, adding/changing background music, adding watermarks, and so forth. As the video watermarking software, iMovie also allows users to add logos (photos) and text watermarks to videos. And you can adjust the duration, opacity, size, position, and other parameters of the photo watermark. You can also select “Titles” to choose a title from the various available templates as your watermark and later customize the text watermark.

iMovie even supports 4K video editing and allows you to quickly save and upload edited video to popular social media sites in 4K resolution.


Completely free and easy to use
Support directly uploading projects to YouTube, Facebook, etc.
Various title templates provided
Able to deal with 4K video

Only available on iOS devices
Limited input and output file formats
Slow speed when working with large files

Get iMovie here

7. Visual Watermark

Visual Watermark is also a powerful video watermark app for both Windows and Mac. It allows you to add text and image watermarks to your photos and videos. Moreover, it supports batch processing that can work with dozens of videos or photos at the same time. You can also adjust the font size, color, transparency, position, and other options. It offers 926 font options and supports many image formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc. You can also apply effects to the added watermarks. The multiple format support helps you work with various videos and photos without format incompatibility issues.

Visual Watermark

User-friendly interface and simple workflow
Offer customization for text and image watermarks
Able to adjust output video format, encoder priority, bitrate, etc.

Limited available watermark templates
The Visual Watermark logo will be added to your watermarked videos with the free version.

Get Visual Watermark here

8. YouTube Studio

If you will share videos on YouTube and hope to add a watermark for protecting your files, you can directly use the YouTube built-in watermark-adding feature. No need to download an application and you can quickly add a watermark to uploaded videos for free. But here are some limitations. It only supports the image watermark and limits the position of the watermark to the bottom-right corner of the video. And only PNG, GIF (no animation), BMP, and JPEG files that are less than 1MB are supported. But you can customize the display time of the watermark.

You can find the watermark option in the “Customization” > “Branding” section.

YouTube Studio

No installation required
Free and easy to start
Quickly watermarking and uploading to YouTube

Only supports image watermark
Cannot customize the options for watermark
Restrict the position of the watermark

Quickly watermark video with YouTube Studio

9. VEED.IO (Online)

If you want to add a watermark to a video without downloading software like YouTube Studio but can customize the video watermark, you can try some online video watermark tools. And VEED.IO is one of the online video watermark-adding programs. With it, users can easily add text and image watermarks to videos and then customize the size, position, opacity, rotation, and duration of the watermark. You can even apply animations and effects to the added text or image watermarks. Besides being a video watermark-adding tool, users can also use it to do other edits.


Easy to access online
Text and image watermarks are supported
Offer the customization for the options of watermark
Other editing features are also provided

Only standard quality is available for the free version
The VEED.IO watermark will also be added to the video in the free version
Sign-up is needed for downloading, sharing, and saving the edited vide

Quickly watermark video with VEED.IO

10. KAPWING (Online)

KAPWING is also an online video watermark-adding tool that can help you add watermark free on your iPhone, Android, PC, or tablet. You can add a text or logo as the watermark. It offers many text templates for you to choose from. And you can then adjust the text options, apply transitions and effects, and set the start and end times for the text watermark. You can also upload your logo or image and drag it to the timeline as the watermark. You are also allowed to adjust the watermark settings, like size, position, opacity, etc.

KAPWING also offers many other editing tools for users to create videos.


Easy to access anytime and anywhere
Many text templates are provided
Abundant editing features are free to access
Support collaborative editing

Only output videos in MP4 format
The free version supports 720p as the highest output quality
The KAPWING logo will be added to the video

Quickly watermark video with KAPWING

Part 2. FAQs about Watermark Video Software

1. How can I watermark my videos for free?

With the above-introduced video watermark apps (desktop and online), you can watermark your videos for free. If you just want to keep your own watermark on the video for free, you can use Free HD Video Converter Factory to watermark videos on Windows with a few simple clicks or use other programs according to your needs.

2. Can you watermark videos on your iPhone?

To put a watermark on your iPhone videos, you can directly use iMovie or choose a trustworthy video watermark application from your iPhone App Store to help you out. Some online video watermark tools like KAPWING can also do you a favor.

3. How can I add a watermark to a video on Android?

Like adding watermarks to video on iPhone, you can also just select a video watermark editor from the Google Play Store and start watermarking or use an online video watermark-adding tool.

4. Can I use free watermark software for commercial purposes?

It is dependent on the specific software and its terms of use. Some free video watermark software may allow you to use it for commercial purposes while others may have some restrictions on commercial usage.

Bottom Line

Adding a watermark is important for content creators who want to protect their works. And this post mainly introduces several free apps to add logos to videos. Each tool has its own pros and cons. You can freely choose your suitable one from above and start watermarking your videos. But out of all watermark apps, Free HD Video Converter Factory is the most recommended one since it is totally free, easy to use, without limitations, and won’t leave its logo on your video.

That’s all for this post. Thank you for reading till the end. Have a nice day!

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