Best Video Cutter and Compressor—How to Cut and Compress Videos in One Tool?

July 26th, 2022
  • Free downloadFree download the efficient video cutter and compressor for PC. Then follow the steps to edit and compress video with ease:
  • Step 1. Add video files into the program;
  • Step 2. Click Trim to create multiple segments;
  • Step 3. Select an output format;
  • Step 4. Modify encoder/resolution/FPS/bitrate to compress video;
  • Step 5. Click Run to initiate the whole process.

Tips.This versatile toolkit runs perfectly on Windows 11/10/8/7 and lower.

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In this article, we are going to recommend a handy desktop video cutter and compressor and demonstrate the detailed tutorial on how to cut and compress video with the top software. First of all, let’s get some details about this efficient toolkit below.

A Versatile Video Trimmer and Compressor on Windows PC

To cut and compress videos effortlessly, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can be a decent option. It supports all popular video formats, like MP4, MPG, AVI, MKV and others. Apart from batch cutting and compressing videos, this feature-rich software also allows you to do more editing, such as cropping, rotating, adding watermark and special effects, merging videos, or making a split screen video. It can also function as a V/A converter, online video downloader, ringtone maker, GIF maker, etc. Moreover, the operation is simple and direct, even novices can master the video cutter & compressor quickly.

Now, downloaddownload the best video cutter and compressor for Windows and go through the steps to compress and cut video easily.

Top-notch Video Cutter and Compressor for PC

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers you the best and fastest way to cut and compress video files effortlessly. In simple clicks, you cut videos into multiple segments and have your video reduced to half size and even smaller with decent quality. Get it now.

Download for Free
Download for Free

Steps on How to Edit and Compress Videos

Step 1. Run the Program and Add Video Files

Launch the program on your PC. Navigate to the Converter Module. Then add local files by clicking on + Add Files button or simply doing a drag-and-drop action. Multiple files can be added at a time for batch processing.

Step 2. Cut Added Video in the Trim Window

Hit the scissors-shaped Trim button on the tool bar. Move the blue slider bar or input Start and End time to select the part you need. Then click Trim to get the clip. Repeat the steps to get more segments. After all settings are done, click OK to save all changes.

For further editing, you can hit the corresponding icon on the tool bar.

Step 3. Choose a Target Format

Expand the output format list on the right side. Under the Video category, choose one format based on your need.

Step 4. Compress Videos for Smaller File Size

To further reduce your video file size, you can compress the video clips by changing the parameters in Parameter Settings section. Generally, there are five options for you to shrink file size.

Option 1# Select a More Advanced Encoder

The efficiency of advanced encoder compression standard, like H265, VP9, etc., outperforms the H.264/AVC compression standard. Therefore, you can select a more advanced encoder from the drop-down list of Encoder.

Option 2# Downscale Video Resolution

Go to the Quick setting under the Output Format image icon and drag the bar to your preferred resolution. Or customize a lower resolution in the Parameter settings to for your video.

Option 3# Lower the Video Bitrate

Select a lower bitrate or switch the CBR (Constant Bitrate) mode to VBR (Variable Bitrate) mode and then move the slider to low quality. Because VBR can achieve a reasonably small file capacity while maintaining decent quality.

Option 4# Reduce Frame Rates

You can either select an optimized frame rate from the drop-down list or customize another frame rate.

Option 5# Adjust Compression Ratio

The Batch Compression mode is just right for batch processing. Click the bottom Batch Compression button and drag the sliders to the right to increase the compression ratio. The slider goes more right; the video is compressed smaller.

Step 5. Click Run to Start Cutting and Compressing

Press the inverted triangle icon to specify the output path. Finally, click on the Run button to start to initiate the process.

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The Bottom Line

How do I compress and cut a video? After reading this post, I hope this question won’t bother you anymore. Of course, you can also cut and compress video online. These online video editors seem to offer more convenience, yet most have limits on maximum file size and can’t batch process files. While the all-in-one V/A processing tool recommended in this post provides better results with high efficiency and have no limits on file size or input format. The intuitive interface makes it accessible to users in all level.

DownloadDownload and install this effective video compressor and cutter. Thanks for reading.

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Download for Free
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