How to Trim Video without Increasing File Size?

Are you bothered by the increased video file size after trimming? This article can explain why and give an effective solution to help you trim video without increasing file size (and make it smaller).

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Michelle | Aug 4, 2020

Why Does Trimming a Video Increase File Size?

How to Trim Video without Increasing File Size?

Why Does Trimming a Video Increase File Size?

“I've got an MP4 video file that's around 1.5GB. I want to trim it down and I don't have a problem using the editing tools to get it to about half its length, but when I go to save the project it ends up being just as large, or larger. How can I just trim it down without increasing its file size?”

There is a general misunderstanding about video trimming that if we cut out some parts from a video, we get a file with a smaller size naturally. But you may experience times that the file gets even larger than the original video after cutting. The main reason is that the video has been re-encoded/transcoded differently. Many video editors will use a different compression method (encoder) or increase the video bit rate, etc. to get the output video quality close to the original, thus increasing the file size. That said, to trim video and reduce the size, you should avoid re-encoding or keep the output settings the same as the input.

In the next part, we provide a reliable video editing program to help you cut video properly without increasing file size. Just read and follow.

Trim Video and Reduce Size

How to trim video without increasing file size? HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the right tool to help you quickly cut a video to make the file smaller and preserve the quality simultaneously. No size limit and no watermark. Try the video editor now!

How to Trim Video without Increasing File Size?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the good video editing software that can trim video length while not increasing the file size. It can cut video with little or no re-encoding and trim video without losing quality. It also lets users render the export settings flexibly to get output video with an even smaller size. All video formats are supported and it is easy and fast to shorten a video length in this software. The tutorial below shows an example of how to trim an MP4 video without increasing the file size. Free download Free download the video trimming software and follow the steps.

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Step 1. Add Video to the Program

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC and open the “Converter.” Next, drag your source video into the blank workspace. You can also use the add buttons to import file to the program.

At the bottom of the interface, you can hit the triangle button to set an output path in advance or leave it as default.

Step 2. Trim Video as You Want

Click the scissor icon below the video task to open the Trim window. Next, drag the sliders to select the part you want to keep, then click “Trim” to create “Clip 1.” You can also type in the start time and end time to trim your video more accurately. Repeat this step and you can create multiple clips if you want. When you are done with the trimming, click “OK” to save the changes.

Step 3. Set Output Settings

Now, go to the right-side output format list and select an output profile under the “Video” category. It is recommended to keep the same format or choose a format that supports the original video encoder. By default, the software will smart-fit the output settings the same as the input, meaning the same codec, resolution, frame rate, etc. This will help you export video without re-encoding. But you can go to the “Parameter settings” and choose a more advanced video encoder (H265) or lower the bitrate to compress videos to even smaller size.

Step 4. Finish Process

Finally, click “Run” to finish the whole process. If the hardware acceleration is enabled, it will boost the conversion speed greatly.

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We’ve shown you that the video re-encoding is to blame for file size increases after trimming. And to get rid of this annoyance, you should avoid re-encoding or keep the same video settings as original when rendering your video. With the software introduced here, you can trim video easily and get your wanted result.

That’s all for now. I hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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