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How to Speed up a Video? 5 Practical yet Free Methods Are Provided!

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Feb 5, 2024

Due to different purposes, we may occasionally have the need to speed up a video to save some time while not missing or overlooking any important information. In view of this case, I have sorted out 5 entry-level methods in the following content to accelerate the playback of the video to improve our efficiency at no cost. Just keep reading.

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Video acceleration seems to be sort of my routine work, which enables me to take a quick tour through a bunch of video files. Some guys may suggest a common way to manually drag the progress bar in the media player and go straight to a certain scene. Based on my experience, I promise, that will miss some crucial details and content in a split second. Actually, it's fairly simple to speed up video files to save time. Below I'll share with you five verified methods.

Part 1 - How to Speed up Videos Temporarily?

Method 1 - Simple Speed up Video on Video Sharing Websites

A lot of people haven't noticed that some mainstream online video sharing websites provide the feature to accelerate videos directly, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch, etc. You can generally find the "Speed" option in a reasonable position of the playback window, for the most part, in the settings menu, which generally allows you to speed up the playback. And some mobile apps also allow instant video speed control. However, these websites and apps generally can only increase the playback speed up to 2 times faster.

YouTube Speed up Video

Twitch Video Speed up

Method 2 - How to Speed up a Video with Browser Extension?

What if there is no "Speed" option in the player? You know what, most main video sharing sites have switched to using HTML5 video instead of Flash by default. And HTML5 videos natively provides APIs to accelerate playback of any video, but many websites either hide or limit this feature. Nevertheless, you can fix this issue by installing a browser extension - Video Speed Controller.

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

After adding the extension to your browser, refresh the video page and you'll see a speed indicator in top left corner of the video player. Click on "+" to speed up the video playback or simply press the hotkey "D" on the keyboard. You can also hit the extension icon > Settings > customize the shortcuts and other settings as you wish. It is worth mentioning that this extension only supports HTML5 video.

Video Speed Controller Extension

Method 3 - Make Videos Fast with Desktop Media Player and Mobile APP

For the downloaded or recorded videos on your local drive or mobile devices, most popular media players can help you take a quick overview of them. I'll take VLC Media Player as the example because it can be installed on different platforms.

On Computer: When you play a video in VLC, simply press the hotkeys "+" or "]" to accelerate the video, and press "=" to make it normal. You are also able to configure the hotkeys by going to "Tools" on top menu bar > "Preferences" > "Hotkeys" tab.

Speed up Video in VLC

On Mobile: When you play a video with VLC app, tap "three dots" in the bottom right corner and select "Playback speed" option. Just drag the slider to the right, towards 4.00 at most.

Increase Video Playback Speed on Mobile

Part 2 - How to Speed up Videos Permanently?

The aforementioned methods just temporarily speed up the video, the original videos are still in a normal playback speed. If you want to accelerate a video permanently, try the following two methods.

Method 4 - Using Some Online Application for Video Speed-up

Some online services offer an easy-to-use tool to speed up videos without any program or plugin installed. What you need to do is just upload your video > change the speed > wait for the upload and conversion > download to your local drive. The upload and download process may vary based on your network speed and website server. After the download, it will be a fast motion video permanently.




Make a Video Go Faster Online

Method 5 - How to Speed up a Video in Free Video Editor?

Compared with the online application, video editing is a solid method for video speed-up as it can either speed up the entire video or apply the fast-motion effect to a particular part. No need to purchase the pricy programs, some free video editors can work like a charm. The following content is demonstrated with VSDC Free Video Editor, I believe other freeware like Shotcut, VideoPad, etc. adopt the similar operation.

Step 1. Run VSDC Free Video Editor and import the video you want to increase the playback speed.

Step 2. Select the video on the timeline, scroll down the "Properties window" on the right side. Enter a value behind "Speed (%)". For example, if you input 300 instead of the original 100%, the video will play four times as fast as the original video and so on.

Step 3. Finally, press "Export project" tab on the top menu bar. Select a desired video format and export the speed-up video. DO NOT press “Save” or “Save as” button, otherwise you’ll get a .vproj project file.

Accelerate Video in VSDC Video Editor

Tips: You're allowed to split the video into fragments for acceleration separately. Here is an official video tutorial for your reference.

Wrap up...

That's all I want to share with you, sincerely hope it's useful to help you run through a few videos quickly and save precious time. If there is any much simpler solution, you're welcomed to reach out to me. I will update the post for my readers who need the help.

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