Samsung Smart TVs can play back a variety of media files. But the Samsung TV HEVC support has long been a problem. You might’ve encountered Samsung TV not playing HEVC files before, and now, you can find two solutions here to fix the playback issue. Just read on for more details.

Tips. For beginners, the Samsung TV converter is recommended to help you convert HEVC to play on Samsung TV without effort:
Michelle | Oct 14, 2022

Does Samsung TV Support HEVC/X265?

Whether Samsung TV plays HEVC/X265 depends on the TV model. According to the media specifications offered by Samsung Developers, old Samsung TVs do not provide capabilities for HEVC playback. Samsung Smart TVs produced in 2015 and later have been updated with an HEVC decoder, yet with limitations - it can only decode 4K/8K HEVC videos with acceptable bitrate in MKV/MP4/TS container. You can check the User Manuals for the relevant information on your TV media requirements.

If you find no HEVC support on your Samsung TV, you must convert the HEVC file to a Samsung TV-compatible format to make it playable again. Check out the two conversion tips to convert HEVC to play on Samsung TV in the next part.

Note. Installing the HEVC codec for Samsung TV is not an option as it is not allowed on Samsung TV.

How to Play HEVC on Samsung TV?

As mentioned, you need to convert HEVC/H265 to a format supported by your Samsung TV to ensure smooth video playback. Now you can change the video encoding before or during the playback. Typically, if you play media mainly via USB, you have to convert HEVC beforehand. For Plex users, you can enable the Plex transcoding option to transcode the HEVC files while streaming. Here are the details.

1. Convert HEVC to Play on Samsung TV via USB

This is a reliable solution to get your HEVC files to play on Samsung TV without error. And we will need a video conversion program to help with the conversion. Here we recommend a dedicated Samsung video converter - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which can help you easily convert HEVC to a Samsung TV profile or other formats that can be recognized by your Samsung TV. See how to convert HEVC to Samsung TV with the following steps.

Step 1. Install WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. [Quick Download Quick Download]

Step 2. Open the HD Video Converter and enter the “Converter” module.

Step 3. Drag your HEVC files into the program (bulk support).

Step 4. Open the output format page on the right side of the converter. Navigate to the “Samsung” device category and find the target Samsung TV profile. Alternatively, you can go to the “Video” section and select “H264” to convert HEVC to H264 or choose any other format supported by your Samsung TV.

Step 5. Finally, set an output folder below and click “Run” to start the conversion.

After the conversion, transfer the converted files to your USB and insert the USB into your TV. You should be able to watch the video without any trouble now.

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2. Stream HEVC to Samsung TV via Plex

If you use Plex to stream HEVC files to Samsung TV, make sure that the transcoding option is enabled so that the HEVC file will be automatically transcoded to a format supported by your Samsung TV.

By default, the transcoder is activated. But if you have disabled it before, you can enable it by going to your Plex server > Settings > Transcoder > uncheck the “Disable video stream transcoding option” > Save Changes. But note that the transcoder may not function well if the video has too high of a quality. You can continue to enable the hardware acceleration (to which you can have access after getting a Plex Pass) in the “Show Advanced” settings and then save the changes.


Of the two solutions to play HEVC on Samsung TV, the first one is beginner-friendly in general. You can easily convert HEVC to the needed format and play the file without error (download download the HD video converter). The second method is most suitable for Plex users, but it can perform unsteadily as transcoding while streaming will need a lot of CPU power. And your video may look choppy or laggy on your TV. However, if all went well, these two methods could help you solve the Samsung TV HEVC playback problem.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a nice day!

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