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3 Simple Solutions on How to Play .ogm Files

Author by Charlotte

Updated on Oct 27, 2023

Do you want to know how to play .ogm? This article shares 3 simple solutions to help you play OGM files. Follow it to get the specific steps! Want to play OGM files on various devices without issue? converting your OGM files to other popular formats now! Click the below link to download the recommended converter software to help you.

Common Problems About Playing an OGM File

Q: I have some video files with the .ogm extension. But I have no idea what .ogm player I should use to play them as Windows Media Player doesn't recognize it at all.

Q: The OGM files I downloaded have great quality, and they are dual audio. How do I go in and choose which audio and video to pick? For example, like English dubbed or something. Do I need a converter to do that?

Just like the above problems people commonly encountered, if you have some .ogm files and have no clue how to play them. Take it easy, here provides three simple and efficient solutions to help you play OGM files.

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3 Simple Solutions on How to Play an OGM File

Solution 1: Install a Third-party Video Decoder

Like common video formats such as MP4, AVI, and MKV, OGM is also a multimedia container file which is used for one of the OGG Vorbis formats. Usually, it contains OGG Vorbis audio and a video stream that may be encoded using DivX, XviD, Theora, or other codecs. If the player cannot recognize the audio and video codecs of the .ogm file, it will fail to play. Generally speaking, installing a 3rd party codec package will be able to solve the playback issue.

Here recommends two 3rd party codec packages to you, you can download them via the the URLs below.

1. K-Lite Codec Pack:

2. The Combined Community Codec Pack:

After the installation, the .ogm can be played normally.

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Solution 2: Play .ogm Files with OGM Players

play ogm files with ogm playerplay ogm files with ogm player

Many free media players can also play OGM files directly, such as VLC, MPC-HC, MPlayer and so on. Earlier, we already mentioned how to use VLC to play ISO files, and today, we are willing to use VLC as an example for playing .ogm files. You can download VLC player from

After installation, VLC can play OGM videos directly. OGM video supports multiple audio and subtitle tracks. Therefore, when you play an OGM file by using VLC, click Audio > Audio Track and Subtitle > Sub Track on the menu bar to select the audio track and subtitle you need.

Solution 3: Convert .ogm File to Other Formats

Although OGM players can play OGM files on PC, OGM format is not very friendly to many other video-sharing websites, editing software and devices in terms of device compatibility. In order to solve this problem fundamentally, you’d better to convert OGM to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, or other common video formats.

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Online ogm converterOnline ogm converter

1. Online conversion

Copy and paste the URL to your browser, click the “Browse” button to upload files, then click “Convert” button. Or you can choose to convert OGM to MKV, AVI, etc. on the left side of the web page.

Pay attention to online security and advertisements, uploading and downloading files are influenced by network speed, file size, etc.

2. Offline Conversion

If your .ogm file is too large which exceeds the upload limitation or slows down the download speed, here HD Video Converter Factory Pro is recommended to convert your .ogm videos.

Offline Conversion to Play .ogm Files

ogm to mp4 converter

Step1: Add File to Prepare for OGM Conversion

DownloadDownload and run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, open Converter and click “Add Files” button, or you can drag and drop your OGM video into this program directly.

Step 2: Set the Output Formats

Click “Output Format” list on the right side, choose MP4 format or any other format you need under the video tab.

Step3: Start your Conversion Work

Set the output destination and click “Run” button to begin the conversion.

You can select the audio and subtitle track you need before conversion.

At last...

Fortunately, now we know how to play an OGM file with three simple and easy methods. As for me, the most useful and fundamental solution to play OGM file is to convert it by HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which is more secure, convenient and provide more functions than other solutions. You can have a try!

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Product Recommended - HD Video Converter Factory Pro

ogm vedio converter

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one video and audio conversion tool, which supports 500+ video & audio formats, batch converting, add subtitles, 50X speed conversion, etc. With it, you can convert your unpopular video format to any other common format so as to play it successfully! You can download it to have a try!

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