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How to Convert Video to MP3

Do you want to be the master of any music? Do you want to listen what you want? Do you want to listen to the episodes of TV shows easily and freely? I think a lot of people will say yes. OK, don't worry; let me show you how to convert video to MP3 step by step.

Convert Video to Audio

Why We Need to Convert Video to MP3


Now MP3 is the most popular audio format, and it is so wildly popular around the world that it must have outstanding advantages over other audio format. MP3 compresses files to a tractable file, and it lets you take your music pretty anywhere. At the same time, it has easy to handle and store, file is small and good audio quality features. This is the other music format can not be compared. Due to small size, it is very easy for you to transfer MP3 files to any players. This is the reason why we need convert video to MP3, like converting MP4 video to MP3. Sometimes you might want to just listen to the audio without the video, in fact, convert video to MP3 is extract audio from video and convert this audio to MP3. How to convert video to MP3? You just need a proper video to audio converter.

How to Choose a Good Free Video to Audio Converting Software

According to my experience in choosing the converters, I summed up the three points:

1. Security. This is the key point. Why? If the converter contains virus or trojan, your computer will be attack even suffer a destructive attack, it is too late for you to regret.

2. Really free or not. Some programs are free on the surface, in fact, there are many hidden fees waiting for you. Not only cheated, you will feel you like an idiot.

3. Functions and features. Before you choose a converter, you'd better test it carefully. As soon as you follow the above 3 tips, you will get good video to audio converting software.

Make You Become the Master of Any Music

Free Video to Audio Converter Factory can make you become the master of any music. Why? It is a renowned free video to audio converting software for converting video files to MP3, with fast converting speed and excellent audio quality. It is totally meet above 3 requirements. Not only can it convert video to MP3, but also can convert video to other audio formats, such as OGG, M4A, AAC, WMV etc. It supports all the populare video/audio formats conversion. What's more, you can adjust all the parameters, including (Resolution, Video Bit Rate, and Audio Bit Rate etc.) At the same time, it is also easy to use for everyone, how to convert video MP3 is not a problem any more.


The Steps to Convert Video to MP3: Step 1, Download the Video to Audio Converter Factory. Install and run it. Step 2, Load any video/audio files in this video to audio converter. Step 3, Output Settings. Click "Profile" drop-down list to select MP3 as your output audio format. Step 4, Click "Start" button, everything is OK; all you need to do is waiting. So don't hesitate to download it, you will like it, because it is worth owning.

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