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How to Convert MTS to AVI Easily and Quickly

Author by Vita

Update on April 26, 2020

MTS is the standard video format used by many Sony and Panasonic HD camcorders for high-definition video. Due to its poor compatibility and large file size, MTS isn’t supported by many devices and MTS files always take up much storage space. So you might as well convert MTS to AVI. Here introduces the best MKV to AVI converter:

Nowadays most HD digital cameras and tapeless camcorders in the market store high-definition videos in. mts format which is also known as AVCHD video format. Although the recorded videos can be played on camera with high image quality, there are some common problems when using such videos:

1. MTS has poor compatibility with different kinds of hardware and software.

2. MTS files are often large and can occupy massive storage space. What’s more, it will be a big job to cut or merge MTS video clips.

3. Sometimes, the captured MTS videos are interlaced, which will display misaligned horizontal lines while playing.

By comparison, AVI is a good alternative. AVI is not only well compatible with most programs and devices, but can also reduce video file size with good quality. For the easy and effective MTS to AVI conversion, the article introduces an all-in-one program and also help you to solve all the problems mentioned above with no efforts.

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The Versatile MTS Converter – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a functional software that enables you to convert, edit and even download videos. It supports over 300 video & audio formats as well as popular devices. Follow the step by step tutorial to convert MTS file to AVI with the powerful software.

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Simple and Comprehensive Tutorial on How to Convert MTS to AVI

Add MTS files

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it on PC.

Step 1. Import MTS Files into the MTS to AVI Converter

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Click on “Add Files” to load the MTS files. Or directly drag and drop the target files into the screen.

Tips. The software supports batch conversion mode, and you can convert up to 10 files simultaneously.

Choose AVI as the output format

Step 2. Choose AVI from the Output Format Menu

Click on Output Format button on the right and extend the output format menu. Select “AVI” profile under “Video” tab.  As the screenshot on the right shows, apart from enabling you to convert MTS to AVI, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also supports many other formats. For example, you can convert MTS to MP4, convert MTS to MOV, convert M2TS to MP4, etc.

Choose the output folder and start the conversion

Step 3. Start the Conversion from MTS Files to AVI

Press the “Folder” icon at the bottom to specify the output path. Finally, click on “Run” to start the conversion. Based on the NVIDIA® NVENC, CUDA, and Intel® HD Graphics hardware acceleration tech, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can speed up the conversion and let you to get the converted AVI files at an instant.

Convert .mts to .avi

More Features: How to Use the All-purpose Software to Power Up Your MTS Files

1. Compress MTS Videos: Check the “Compress Setting” box at the bottom. Then drag the slider to the right to compress videos. Please note that you’re supposed to make a balance between the size and video quality. Another way to compress the videos is downgrading 1080 FHD video to 720 HD. Just drag the slider under Output Format section to change the video resolution.

2. Cut/Merge the MTS videos: Click on the scissors icon on the video to cut video. Press the “Merge” button in the lower right part of the screen to merge videos.

3. Fix interlaced MTS video: Just check the Deinterlace box in the Settings window.

Compared with other video converter software and websites that can convert MTS to AVI online, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro stands out for its functionality, intuitive & user-friendly interface as well as fast conversion speed. It’s surely a good helper for video conversion and editing.

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