Best 4 MOV Screen Recorders for Windows and Mac in 2024

MOV is a popular video file format that is widely used for its high quality and wide compatibility. If you want to record a screen in high resolution and bitrate video recording quality without compression, MOV is the recommended output format. To save you time and energy in searching for MOV recorders, this post offers the top 4 best MOV screen recorders.
Want to record MOV videos on Windows? Give this HD screen recorder a try.

Carina Carina | Updated on Jan 09, 2024

Top 4 MOV Video Recorders for PC

1. HD Video Converter Factory Pro

2. OBS Studio

3. Debut Video Capture Software

4. Acethinker (Online)

FAQs about MOV Recording

1. HD Video Converter Factory Pro (Windows)

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-in-one video & audio processing tool designed for Windows that provides a built-in HD screen recorder. With it, users can easily record onscreen activities in MOV and other popular video formats. Before starting recording, you can freely modify the recording mode, region, format, quality, frame rate, etc. It can be the easiest screen recorder to help users at all levels complete the screen recording process with a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it also supports recording the audio. Besides screen recording, it provides further video editing, compression, etc. tools.

Besides screen recording, it provides further video editing, compression, etc. tools.

HD Video Converter

Now, download and install it on your PCs, and follow the steps to start screen recording PC screens in MOV format.

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Step 1. Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro after the installation and open its “Recorder” module.

Step 2. At the top of the Screen Recorder interface, select a recording mode according to your actual needs. You can choose Custom mode and then specify the desired recording region. Or, you can record gameplay and other activities with the full-screen mode.

Capture MOV

Step 3. Move down to the recording settings part. Choose MOV from the Format drop-down list, then customize the recording quality and frame rate, and turn the GPU acceleration on or off. Choose the audio sources (system and microphone) you want to record. Finally, set an output path for the recordings.

Adjust Recording Settings

Step 4. Hit the red “REC” button, and it will start recording after a five-second countdown. When you finish recording, just press the hotkey “Ctrl + F1” or click the square icon on the recording bar to stop recording.

Start Recording

Best MOV Recorder for Windows

As a feature-rich video processing tool, HD Video Converter Factory Pro helps users record all desktop activities in MOV format with customizable recording regions and quality. video editing and format conversion are also available. Download it to take a shot now!

Suppose you are on other operating systems or want to know about other MOV capturing tools. In that case, you can continue reading to go through other MOV screen recorders that are compatible with most operating systems.

2. OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software is a free, open-source, and cross-platform screen recorder that can help users screen record PC activities in MOV format. (It is also popular for its live-streaming feature.)

You can use it to record onscreen activities even with the webcam video. It allows you to add external devices and start recording with various audio sources simultaneously or separately. But for beginners, there may be a learning curve to get started with. So here is a tutorial on how to record MOV with OBS.

OBS Studio

Step 1. Download and install OBS Studio from its official website.

Step 2. Open it and go to “File” > “Settings” on the top menu bar, then navigate to the “Output” section, and scroll down to select the Recording Format as MOV. (OBS default recording format is MKV, you can also start recording in MKV format and then remux OBS MKV to MOV and other formats by clicking “File” > “Remux Recordings”.)

Step 3. Return to the main interface and click on the “+” button under the “Sources” tab. Then, select one recording source. Generally, “Display Capture” allows you to record the whole screen, and “Window Capture” enables you to record the active window. You can also choose other sources.

Step 4. When a new window appears, press “OK” and then select the Capture Method or leave it as default. Then click “OK” to confirm the recording settings.

Step 5. Hit “Start Recording” under the “Control” panel to start recording. When finishing, click “Stop Recording”. The recorded video will be saved in your default video folder. You can also change the output path by going to “File” > “Settings” > “Output” > “Recording” while setting the recording format in Step 1.

3. Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software is also a free video-capturing program that can capture a webcam, recording device, browser window, etc. in MOV format. It has a relatively old-fashioned interface but provides many advanced recording functions. You can use it to record part of the screen or the whole screen as you like. Most popular video recording formats are provided like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MPG, WebM, and more. It also allows you to edit recordings by adding filters, watermarks, etc.

Debut Video Capture Software

Start capturing MOV with the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the Debut Video Capture Software website in your browser. Click to download the recorder.

Step 2. Select the recording window under the “Home” > “Screen” tab, Click the first icon, and then drag the rectangle to the desired place. Press “OK” to save the change.

Step 3. Choose the recording format as MOV from the “Record Screen as:” drop-down list.

Step 4. Press the red button at the bottom left corner of the software to start recording. It will pop up a window to tell you how to stop recording. Click “Start Recording” and choose the recording type according to your condition. It will then start recording after a three-second countdown.

Step 5. Press “Ctrl + F10” to stop recording. And the recording will be saved in the recording folder, you can choose to open the recording folder or play the recording instantly. Then select the recording and click “Save as” to save the recording to your desired folder.

4. Acethinker

Acethinker is a web-based screen recorder that you can take to record screen with audio in MOV format. As an online screen recorder, it can be accessed from most operating devices once you are connected to the network. This screen recorder also enables users to customize the recording settings and choose audio sources. It provides a built-in editor that allows you to add text, notes, shapes, etc. while recording. The simple user interface allows users of all levels to easily start MOV recording. (It also offers desktop software for you to download and start recording.)


Here is a brief guide on how to screen record MOV with Acethinker.

Step 1. Launch your browser and enter the Acethinker official website. Click on “Start Recording” to record or download the desktop software. (Acethinker online screen recorder asks you to install the Launcher and then start recording.)

Step 2. Modify the recording region and audio sources. Then click the gear icon to customize the output path, recording format, video bitrate, frame rate, etc. Click “OK” to save the settings.

Step 3. Press the “REC” button to start recording after a three-second countdown. While recording, you’re able to add annotations and other things.

Step 4. When you want to stop recording, just click the playback icon and then choose “” to view the recording. Now you can choose to save the recording to your local devices or upload them online.


You are now aware of four screen recorders that can capture MOV videos. Although the four listed screen recorders can record MOV files, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is highly recommended for Windows users to start recording as it provides the simplest screen recording workflow, an intuitive interface, and a practical video processing toolkit. Download it here to start recording MOV now!

Free Download

Compatible with Windows

100% Clean & Safe

Free Download

FAQs about MOV Recording

1. Should I record in MOV or MP4?

You should choose based on your requirements. MOV and MP4 are both container formats. Generally, MP4 is typically more widely used and smaller in size, while MOV files are often higher in quality and larger in size. However, most streaming platforms advocate using MP4 files rather than MOV files because MP4 files support more streaming protocols.

2. What is MOV recording format?

MOV is a video format created by Apple. It can store a wide range of video and multimedia forms, including audio, video, and text. If you are using an iPhone or other iOS device to record screens or videos, then the recorded videos will be saved in MOV format.

3. How to Playback Recorded MOV Files on Windows?

When you need to playback the recorded MOV files on a Windows PC, you can use the default Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, or even the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro's built-in media player. If you fail to play recorded MOV files, you can also use HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert MOV files for playback without hassle.

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