MixDrop is a cloud hosting provider that offers an online storage platform for personal video uploading, sharing and streaming. However, the uploaded video will be deleted after 60 days of inactivity or for violating Terms of Service. Before they get removed, it's a wise choice to download and save the content for offline watching. That's the crucial reason I gather 3 sure-fire MixDrop downloaders in this post.

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Mind your download behavior. The downloading methods in the following paragraphs are compiled for instructional purpose and personal fair use ONLY. WonderFox will NEVER endorse any illegal download action concerning copyright infringement. End users should be responsible for your own actions.

Free Desktop Online Video Downloader

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How to Download from MixDrop Directly?

A download button has been provided for catching favorite content saved on MixDrop, but it's not visible in the iframe viewing. For example, there is no download button when you open this video https://mixdrop.co/e/en7ejvljhql6pkz as shown in the screenshot below.

MixDrop Downloader

To your surprise, the download button can be exposed using a simple trick, that is, replace "e" with "f" next to "mixdrop.co" in the URL. So the final link is https://mixdrop.co/f/en7ejvljhql6pkz. Open this link, and you'll see the "DOWNLOAD" button below the video player. Click it and download from MixDrop after a three-second countdown.

MixDrop Movie Download

However, you have to be hit by loads of pop-ups and ADs each time when you press the button. And this method doesn't always work because the uploader has the right to enable "Allow embed Only" option in the dashboard, so that the video can only be viewed in an iframe. Not to worry, yet for all that, the following 3 MixDrop downloaders can readily fit the bill.

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MixDrop Video Downloader

MixDrop Downloader 1 - Video DownloadHelper (Browser Extension)

As an acclaimed browser extension video downloader available for Chrome, Firefox or Edge, Video DownloadHelper specializes in online video/audio download. Although it went freemium for some features like video conversion, HLS video download, etc., it's still FREE for MixDrop movies download.

Install Video DownloadHelper from https://www.downloadhelper.net/install. And you'll see a "colorless 3-balls" icon on browser extension bar. Play a video hosted on MixDrop, the extension will be highlighted as a "colored 3-balls" icon when the video loads and buffers. Click on the icon and select one option to download video from MixDrop. For first-time use, you're required to confirm the download method, just click "Use browser" button.

Download MixDrop Movies

MixDrop Downloader 2 - Internet Download Manager (Desktop Software)

Apart from being the fastest download accelerator, Internet Download Manager, well-known as IDM, is also capable of online video downloads with an extension/addon installed. Despite a paid program, it offers a 30-day free trial for your evaluation.

Download and install IDM from official website http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/download.html, you'll be prompted to install "IDM Integration Module" extension to browser for monitoring downloads from any video streaming webpage. Then a download pane will show up around the video player while playing a MixDrop video. Then click the pane to customize video name and save path. At last, press "Start Download" button to download movies from MixDrop.

MixDrop Movie Downloader

MixDrop Downloader 3 - 9XBUDDY (Online Solution)

9XBUDDY is an easy-to-use online video URL downloader that has been saved in my bookmark list for years. It offers two simple methods to download MixDrop videos.

Method 1: Download from MixDrop Using URL

Step 1. Visit https://9xbuddy.in/.

Step 2. Copy and paste one MixDrop video URL into the input field, click "DOWNLOAD" button.

Step 3. 9XBUDDY will analyze the URL and display the available download options.

Step 4. Hit "DOWNLOAD NOW" button for simple MixDrop video download.

Online MixDrop Downloader

Method 2: Download from MixDrop with a Handy Trick

Step 1. Open a MixDrop video on any browser.

Step 2. In address bar, add "9xbud.com/" (without quotes) before the URL, e.g., "9xbud.com/https://mixdrop.to/e/rz53byntqfog4".

Step 3. Get available download options and click "DOWNLOAD NOW" button.

Download from MixDrop Online

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Final Words...

All solutions have been verified as of publishing this article. Hope this post is helpful to you all. By the way, you know what, the uploader will get paid every time someone watches or downloads his/her uploaded video content after joining MixDrop affiliate. To this end, you have to be attacked by various pop-ups and ADs, which is definitely a heck of a nuisance from the standpoint of an Internet user. So check out how to stop pop-ups and ads on streaming sites and keep safe if you get interested. Cheers!

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