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How to Download Newgrounds Videos with Three Simple Methods?

Author by Kevincy

Updated on Apr 28, 2024

Newgrounds, the ancestor of all flash game sites, has been around for more than two decades. Besides its well-known flash game category, tons of fantastic and funny animated movies also keep emerging over the years and are welcomed and pleased with the public. In the following content, I'll introduce 3 feasible methods to download Newgrounds videos.

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Do You Have Any Wonderful Memory of Newgrounds?

Download Newgrounds VideosDownload Newgrounds Videos

For those millennials, Newgrounds may be a stranger, but for most 80s and 90s generations, Newgrounds is definitely an old pal, which is well-known for hosting various breathtaking Flash games. Before the boom of mobile games and video games, I'm pretty sure many people would be very familiar with flash games. Dad 'n Me, Alien Hominid, Newgrounds Rumble, Xiao Xiao stick-figure series, etc. are the original pleasure and happiness in the memory.

Newgrounds is a community of game developers, artists, musicians, voice actors and writers who create and share the best stuff on the web. In addition to the famous game, audio, art portals, zillions of marvelous user-generated animation movies are also showcased for the general public. Since there is no download option on the website, next, I'll show you 3 practical methods to download Newgrounds videos so as to enjoy and play these creative and amazing movies in different devices offline.

Disclaimer: WonderFox will never endorse any illegal activity that violates copyrighted content. This guide is provided for personal fair use ONLY. DO NOT download copy-righted Newgrounds videos for any other commercial purpose, you should be solely responsible for your own actions. If you really like the movie, contact the creator and Author directly to apply for the authorization.

Method 1 - How to Download Videos from Newgrounds with Free Desktop Newgrounds Downloader

In a casual forum discussion, I found Free HD Video Converter Factory in an inconspicuous post. It's a bit low-key and you may not hear much about it. At first glance, it seems only a free video converter. Beyond that, it's also a URL downloader and works like a charm to download from Newgrounds as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. Now I'll explain how it works. Before we go any further, just free downloadfree download and install this freeware.

More Highlights of the Free Newgrounds Downloader
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Download Free Download
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Step 1. Visit to find the movie you want to download. On the playback page, select the entire URL and right-click your mouse, then choose Copy.

Copy URL of Newgrounds Video

Step 2. Run Free HD Video Converter Factory, a self-explanatory GUI will show up. To download Newgrounds videos, click "Downloader" module to open it.

HD Video Converter Factory GUI

Step 3. Click "New Download" button to create a download task, then press "Paste and Analyze" button to parse Newgrounds video link. In a short while, the program will list all available resolutions in MP4 format, select one and click OK to add it to download list. Specify a destination folder where you expect to save the downloaded Newgrounds movies on the buttom. Finally, hit "Download All" button for Newgrounds video download.

Analyze and Download Video

Step 4. Now you'll see the downloading process in the program. Repeat the same steps above, you're allowed to batch download videos from Newgrounds in original quality. Amazing, isn't it?

Batch Download Videos from Newgrounds

Method 2 - Download Newgrounds Videos with Browser Extension/Add-on Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a great browser extension for extracting videos from websites and saving them to your hard drive. In spite of some occasional not working issues, undoubtedly, with this extension installed on your browser, it's fairly easy to save your preferred videos.

Step 1. Install Video DownloadHelper on your Chrome, FireFox and Edge via the official link below.

Install Video DownloadHelper

Step 2. Go to and play your desired video. Switch to the highest resolution in the right bottom corner. Then you'll find the Video DownloadHelper turns colorful (normally, it's colorless).

Sniffing and Grabbing Video

Step 3. Click on the extension icon, hit the available option to save the video file.

Download Video using Video DownloadHelper

Method 3 - Extract and Save Videos with Online Newgrounds Downloader

If you don't mind some tiresome pop-up ads, misleading and direct links, some online Newgrounds downloaders are also recommended because no software or plugin installation are required. Since they always share the same operation steps, I'll take 9XBUDDY as an example below.

Step 1. Open Copy & paste the URL of specific Newgrounds video into the box, then press the blue DOWNLOAD button.

Step 2. The online service will analyze and list all available download options after a short while. Hit the corresponding DOWNLOAD NOW button to download Newgrounds videos.

Online Newgrounds Downloader

At last...

Have you saved Newgrounds movies successfully? Now, just transfer the movie files to your portable devices so as to smoothly enjoy them without any troublesome commercials and buffering. Don't be a niggard with your thumb-ups and recommendations, share this post via social media and bring benefit to your friends.

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