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Simple Desktop Video Editor to Add Pictures to a Video
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How to Add a Picture to a Video

Author by Vita

Updated on June 24, 2022

In this post, we will provide two simple methods of how to add a picture to a video. If you want to add a picture watermark to a video or cover the unnecessary section in a video using images, read the details. Moreover, you can use HD Video Converter Factory Pro to simplify the process. This tool works like a charm:

Purposes of Putting Pictures to a Video

After creating a video, many people will choose to add watermarks to the video for copyright protection. In addition to texts, patterns, or special logos, adding pictures to videos is also a popular option, especially those unique pictures made or taken by oneself. Furthermore, one can hide the unnecessary or private part of a video by overlaying an image on it. How to add a picture to a video? Here are two simple methods for you.

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Method 1: How to Insert a Picture into a Video with Desktop Software

Sophisticated video editing software is too much for users, especially for beginners, because of its obscure terms and complex interface. Given this, we recommend that you use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. The program provides users with a zero-difficulty solution to add one’s own pictures and preset images from its library to videos and ensures high-quality outputs. You can also utilize its built-in video editor to accomplish more video editing purposes, for instance, crop a video, merge multiple videos, rotate videos to the correct directions, add post effects, etc. The following part gives the specific steps of how to add a photo in video.

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How to Add a Picture to a Video

Import Videos into the Software

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Add Videos into the Program  

Click on Converter on the main window, then click on Add Files on the new window, select video files and import them into the software. Additionally, the software supports drag and drop import mode.

Add Images on the Video

Step 2 Add a Picture to a Video

Hit the Watermark icon under the imported video, then a new dialog will pop up. Head to Image type, choose load Image to select pictures from your computer. You can also choose a preset image here and HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers plenty of preset icons and images for your selection. After you add a picture to the video, drag the image to the desired position and also rotate the image and adjust its size by dragging. As marked in the right image, you can move the corresponding sliders to adjust the opacity of the image. If you like, you can add a text, as well. After all changes, click on OK to save the settings.

Export Videos

Step 3. Choose an Output Format

Navigate to the Output Format profile on the right side, click on it and then choose your needed format.

Step 4. Start Exporting Videos

After you edit all videos, click on the inverted triangle on the bottom, then select Run to start exporting the videos to your computer.

Method 2: How to Add Photo in Video Online is a completely free online service offering a simple way to add photos and pictures to a video. If you just need to edit a small video by accident, you can try It doesn’t have any installation requirements. We have also figured out how to put a picture on a video on this website.

Add Picture to Video OnlineAdd Picture to Video Online

Step 1. Visit this link:

Step 2. Drag a video into its page, click the Add an Image button and select the image you want to embed into the video from your computer. You can drag the video to any place on the video, resize and rotate the image, adjust the image transparency, and add a border to the image.

Step 3. Click the Download Video button to process and save the video with pictures to your devices.

Due to different computer configurations, it will take a few or much time to finish the rendering and download process. Besides, there are other good online editors for adding pictures to a video, such as and Kapwing. However, since the processes on online tools are mainly affected by the network, you have to be patient for the uploading and exporting, which would take so long in most cases.


Now you can try to add a picture to a video by following the methods above. Plus, adding watermarks to videos is just a small part of editing videos and people always need more editing features to polish their videos. So a full-featured video editing tool like HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the more recommended option. Besides having the rapid import and export speed, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also has a wide range of video editing tools.

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