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How to Make a Tutorial Video Via 4 Different Video Tutorial Makers

Author by Cooper

Updated on July 11, 2022

In the past, people used to learn skills from books or through teachers' words and deeds. Nowadays, with the rise of the Internet, online video has made teaching much easier. People like to share their experiences with detailed text and screenshots to help people who have the same difficulties to sort them out. However, no matter how rich the content of the image displays, it is not comparable to a vivid and demonstrated video tutorial. So how to make a tutorial video? Follow this article, you’ll find a satisfactory answer.

Nowadays, teaching or how-to videos are more and more popular. Unlike traditional texts and ambiguous graphical representation, video tutorial is more intuitive and can cover the entire operation process and all the details. In normal life, you may see a lot of video tutorials or software operation teaching videos. If you have similar skills and expertise and want to share them with others, you should not miss the following tutorial in this article, which details how to make an instructional video with screen recording.

The Best Tutorial for Beginner - How to Make a Tutorial Video with HD Video Tutorial Maker

As a better choice for a novice than advanced screen recorders with a high price, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you figure out how to make tutorial videos with ease. In addition to the simple operation, thanks to the effect of GPU acceleration, the quality of the recorded video is not worth worrying about. It supports Full Screen, Custom Window mode that automatically snaps recording windows or manually customizes a capture area. In addition, it is a video & audio converter, which helps you convert the recorded video to mainstream formats . Before starting the tutorial, let’s free downloadfree download the tutorial video maker first.

A Simple Guide about How to Make a Tutorial Video

How to Create Video Tutorials

Step 1: Enter the Tutorial Video Maker

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and then click Recorder to open the window of the tutorial video maker.

Step 2: Prepare for Recording Video

Click Custom to customize the window you want to record or click Full Screen to record the full screen directly, click the big OK button, and appoint an output path at the bottom. Please don’t forget to enable the speaker so as to record audio too.

Step 3: Record and Edit the Video

Finally, click the REC button, after 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown, it will automatically start recording. After you have finished the demo, click the Stop button or press the shortcut keys Ctrl + F1. The recorded video will be automatically generated in the output directory you just set. Close the Recorder window, and click Converter module to enter the editing window. Import the recorded video and then you can see some basic video editing options, which help trim video, add effects, add watermarks and so forth.

For Advanced User - 3 Recommended All-in-one High-end Video Tutorial Makers

If you want higher recording conditions and integrated post-editing needs, you should try the following 3 powerful and highly acclaimed tutorial video makers, which assist you to solve how to make a tutorial video.

1. Camtasia


In one hand, Camtasia is a recorder that supports Full screen, Custom, Widescreen, Standard and Lock to application recording modes. It also supports recording from camera, and voice recording in different audio modes. In another hand, Camtasia is a powerful video editing software. It supports multiple media formats and offers a complete effect control over the video you create, while it is also easy to use. Many people purchase it because of its professional features, 4K video support, and excellent tutorial support.

Once you’re finished recording and editing, you can render and share your video files to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc. within the program.

2. Bandicam


Bandicam is a lightweight desktop screen recorder for Windows that allows you to record your screen activities.For example, you can record everything on your computer screen, record games videos with 4K, record streaming video & music, etc. What's more, when you record screen, you can add mouse effects and animation. Supposed that you want to merge more than 2 videos into one video, this tool can also help you cut the unnecessary parts of videos. And you can also upload the videos to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook directly. Come on and try it!

3. FlashBack Pro 5 Recorder


Flashback's recording function allows you to record Full-screen, capture window and customize a certain area and even to record webcam. Before start recording, the tutorial video maker allows you to alter the parameters, set Hotkeys, Performance, File Size Limiting and so forth. Additionally, you can set a scheduled recording. After you record the tutorial video, save it and click Play it to enter the editing window of the software. The most notable feature of this software is that it can split the recorded video into frames so that you can edit each frame directly and individually. In addition, you can add a separate subtitle file and add some transition effects for the tutorial video you recorded.

At last...

Now, you have learned how to make a tutorial video via HD Video Convert Factory Pro, and known 3 advanced and powerful video tutorial makers, download the most suitable one according to you own needs now.

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Rip Tutorial Video from DVD Discs

The Best DVD Ripper

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Do you have some DVD tutorial videos and want to rip them into your PC? WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro will be your best assistant to capture these tutorial videos. It supports capturing videos from various copy protected DVD discs and homemade DVD discs. By the way, it also helps you convert the videos to hundreds of formats for convenient playback on various devices.

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