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VLC Screen Capture – How Can VLC Record Screen Easily
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VLC Screen Capture – How Can VLC Record Screen Easily

Author by Rocabella

Jan 22, 2019

How do you record video of your desktop? Do you know VLC can be a nice screen recorder? Follow this tutorial to get how can VLC record screen free and easily:

Can VLC Record Screen?

VLC is full of powerful features, we’ve already covered streaming with VLC, merge videos in VLC, and play DVD in VLC, etc., apart from that, VLC has the ability to record your desktop. Is it amazing? After all, we routinely use VLC to play video or convert audio and video formats. Hence, for people who are not knowing how to make screen recording with VLC, here’s how VLC screen recorder works. Read on for more information.

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Step-by-step Guide on Screen Recording with VLC

How to Record Desktop with VLCHow to Record Desktop with VLC

Step 1. For VLC record screen, firstly, download and install the latest version of VLC screen capture tool from

Step 2. Run VLC, click on the menu bar Media, and select Open Capture Device or press the shortcut Ctrl + C.

Step 3. Switch to the Capture Device tab. Here, changing the Capture mode dropdown box to Desktop. Set a number of frames per second in the Desired frame rate box. For basic screen recordings, 10-15FPS should work fine. If you need a high-quality recording, try 30FPS. A higher frame rate means a smoother recording but larger file size.

You may need: 60fps Converter | Reduce Video Size | Video Size Compressor

Capture Video with VLCCapture Video with VLC

Step 4. Click on the Convert button. Set a destination file in the Destination section. You can enable the Display the output checkbox to display the contents of your desktop in the VLC window while recording, but this isn’t necessary. Then, to adjust the resolution and video codec, click the edit button to the right of the Profile box. Change the resolution by clicking over to the Video codec tab and using the options in the Resolution section. After specifying your options, click the Save button and click the Start button to record screen with VLC.

Step 5. During the recording process, you can freely manipulate the content you want to display. When you’re done, click the Stop button to end the recording, and the video you recorded will be automatically saved in your customized output directory.

Add Music Add Music

There are a few points to note:

1. There is no sound during the recording process. If you want to add background music, after customizing the frame rate in the third step above, you need to check Show more options and check Play another media synchronously (extra audio file,...), and add the required music, then click Convert to repeat the steps below.

2. Only the entire screen can be recorded. Some partial recordings cannot be selected. The final video size may be large. You can use other tools to compress the video if needed.

The above is the entire process of how can VLC record screen, do you get it? When you are done, open your saved file to view the video of your desktop. You can send this file to others, upload it to YouTube, or do whatever else you like with it.

Change the Format of the Recorded Video, Compress the Video Size…

Change the Format of the Recorded Video

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