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How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube Easily
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Top 5 YouTube Thumbnail Creators – How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube Easily

Author by Rocabella

Updated on July 11, 2022

A wonderful YouTube Thumbnail Maker can help you solve the problem of how to make a thumbnail for YouTube, and help your channel gain more views and subscribers. Follow this article to learn how to custom thumbnail YouTube easily.

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails?

The importance of an appealing thumbnail for YouTube video is no longer a rumor, and the first impression of the viewer has already won the starting line. So, how to make a YouTube thumbnail, after all, not everyone has mastered the skills of making pictures, expensive photo editing software and complicated operations are not friendly to us. Don't worry, this article recommends several easy-to-use YouTube thumbnail creators, built-in rich templates and materials also allow you to create creative and delicate YouTube video thumbnails to make your videos stand out.

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5 Recommended Thumbnail Makers for YouTube with Free Plan

The following recommended YouTube thumbnail generator tools can help you create YouTube thumbnails for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, the templates and elements royalty-free. If you are a light YouTube user, then the free plan is sufficient. If you are a heavy YouTuber, and are happy with the function and operation of a certain tool, then you may subscribe to premium plan.

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1. How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube with Snappa

YouTube Custom Thumbnail MakerYouTube Custom Thumbnail Maker

Snappa is a cloud-based graphics editor that offers free and advanced options, with a variety of social media templates, including a template for making YouTube thumbnails. This makes it easy to create YouTube thumbnail dimensions without the need for complex tools in Photoshop and other similar image editing applications.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account, then browse through some pre-made YouTube thumbnail layouts, or create a one from scratch using a blank template. Use Snappa's built-in visual icon library or upload your own images for use in thumbnails. In addition, as shown, you can also customize the background, add effects, place custom text anywhere, create shapes, and do more to make the thumbnails look perfect to match your needs.

2. How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube with Adobe Spark

How to Make Your Own Thumbnails for YouTube VideosHow to Make Your Own Thumbnails for YouTube Videos

Adobe has a range of project tools, we have also solved the AEGP Plugin AEDynamaicLinkServer Error with Adobe tool. And today we will recommend Adobe Spark, it is a free graphic design platform that makes it fast and easy to create social graphics, web pages, and video stories anywhere. Adobe Spark is ideal for projects that don’t require more than a single page to get your message across. When creating graphics with Adobe Spark, you simply select the photo, add text, and then choose a design filter so that the final image will appeal to the visitor's eye. Adobe Spark doesn't have any special shapes, but you can customize your layout using palettes, background components, text, and a few other basic options.

3. How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube with Canva

YouTube Thumbnail CreatorYouTube Thumbnail Creator

How to change thumbnail on YouTube? Canva is a very simple design platform that enables people to create amazing and professional quality graphic designs. This online design solution offers a throng of powerful features including making a thumbnail for YouTube.

The simple to use drag and drop type functions are really wonderful and the effects available for your Thumbnail Creation include illustrations, lines, shapes, frames, meshes, backgrounds and text. Apart from that, you can also use the tool to upload your own images, add them to your layout, add text, select icons to add from the Canva built-in library, and more.

4. How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube with FotoJet

How to Make a YouTube ThumbnailHow to Make a YouTube Thumbnail

FotoJet is an all-in-one free graphics solution online that will help you make YouTube video thumbnails easily and quickly, requiring no professional skill. FotoJet is a quick and simple photo editor that gives us all the basic tools for editing, such as eliminate haze, selective filter, resize, rotate, improve color, add bullet, make radial focus, change inclination, splash of color, etc. Besides, the platform has a simple interface that allows us to create stunning thumbnails without any complexity. We don't even need to sign up to use the tool. Just go to the site and start designing thumbnails right away.

5. How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube with Visme

How to Change YouTube Video ThumbnailHow to Change YouTube Video Thumbnail

This is a YouTube thumbnail maker that allows creating banners, infographics, animations, professional presentations, and graphics. Users can customize social media graphics from Visme's professional templates. Or use your own photos or choose from millions of free images. Based on Visme’s templates, you can go for presentations, social media posts, brochures or charts and even more.

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I believe that with the above five powerful YouTube Thumbnail Creators, the question about how to make a thumbnail for YouTube becomes very easy. If you have a better way, please feel free to contact us. We will continue to update the content to provide the best solutions. Finally, you can share this article with more people.

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