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Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country Problem

Author by Helen

Updated on Mar 7, 2023

How to watch YouTube videos that are not available in your country? It keeps displaying this message like “This video is unavailable in your country” when watching some videos. Is there any way to fix this? Of course you can fix this issue, and downloading video not available in your country is one effective way with the freeware that can save the restricted YouTube videos handily:

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Possible Reasons of This Video is Not Available in Your Country

This Video is Not Available in Your CountryThe Uploader Has Made This Video Not Available in Your Country

As the largest video sharing platform, YouTube has an unshakeable dominance in the competition with other similar sites. Everyone can upload and share their videos here. That's why YouTube is favored and popular among billions of users all over the world. Of course, there are some annoying YouTube playback problems. For instance, the common and carking YouTube errors "This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds", “This video is not available in your country" or "The uploader has not made this video available in your country".

Why? This is mainly because the video uploader has restricted the video for particular or geographical location. And sometimes YouTube blocks specific videos for some countries due to government legal privacy, licensing rights and some other issues. Put simply, if you access these YouTube videos from the restricted countries IP, you can’t watch them.

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4 Methods on the Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available in Your Country Fix

You may get frustrated when YouTube pops up the message that YouTube not available in your country, especially when you are addicted to specific blocked YouTube videos. So how to watch this video is not available in your country on your computer or other devices? Luckily, here are a few simple methods that help you bypass this restriction to watch restricted YouTube videos freely.

Method One – Install the Free Browser Extension to Watch Blocked Videos

Browser extensions like Hola are capable of helping you access blocked sites. Put simply, you can view YouTube videos with this one even the uploader has not made it available in your country.

Watch Blocked Video with Hola ExtensionWatch Blocked Video with Hola Extension

Here I will show you how to use it on Chrome in details:

Step 1. Go to:

Step 2. Install it to your browser.

Step 3. After that, click on the Hola logo on the menu bar. Here you can select the country you want to unblock.

When all finished, refresh the video page that you cannot watch. Now you are able to view the blocked videos since you have successfully fixed “the uploader of this available in your country” problem.

More similar extensions: Browsec, ZenMate, TunnelBear, friGate, etc. These remarkable add-ons are welcomed by many users.

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Method Two - Download Video Not Available in Your Country

Downloading YouTube videos blocked in your country is the best and simplest way to resolve video is not available in your country permanently. Once you get them downloaded, you can conveniently play them on your devices. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a perfect and reliable YouTube video downloader that can download blocked YouTube videos without a hitch. Let's do it now.

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WonderFox does not advocate downloading copyright content for commercial purpose and other illegal intentions. Before you download YouTube videos, you’d better check whether it’s legal to download YouTube videos.

Download YouTube Videos Blocked in Your Country with a Few Clicks

Download Restricted YouTube Videos

Before start, please free downloadfree download this freeware to your Windows computer then launch it. It works on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7...

Step 1: Go the Blocked Video Page

Find the video that is not available in your country. Then copy the video URL link from the browser address bar.

Step 2: Analyze the Blocked YouTube Video URL

Open Downloader and click on New Download button to create your first download task. Press "Paste and Analyze" button on the new pop-up window. You'll find different resolutions and file sizes here after analyzing. Now you can choose the desired video format and resolution.

Step 3: Begin to Download the Unavailable Video

Click OK to add it to the download list, then set an output folder and hit the "Download All" button. This software supports a batch processing for downloading multiple YouTube videos in fast speed. That's the whole process on how to watch videos that are not available in your country. So simple, isn't it?

Besides, you are allowed to convert downloaded videos to a wide range of formats and portable devices, such as converting YouTube to MP4, AVI, iPhone, Android smartphone and more.

Hot Search: Download 4K Videos l Download 1080P Videos l 360-Degree Video l VR Movies Download

And if you just want to download country restricted YouTube videos online and here are the best sites to download video/audio resources.

Method Three - Bypass YouTube Restriction with Various Proxy Means

YouTube detects the country of its users by the network location that was used to connect to YouTube, namely by IP in most cases. To resolve the problem that YouTube not available in your country, you can change or hide your IP address.

Proxy and VPN can solve how to watch blocked YouTube videos easily since they can switch your networks to different IPs for bypassing the regional filter. We'll introduce two common proxy means below.

Bypass YouTube Restriction by Changing IP AddressBypass YouTube Restriction by Changing IP Address

1. Web Proxy

Web proxy services like ProxySite, FilterBypass,, etc are great choices which allow you to bypass internet filters and enjoy unrestricted browsing. They are easy to use, just visit their official site then follow the instruction to unblock YouTube.

2. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Desktop Client

I’ve talked about the browser extension of some VPNs on method one. And here’s about the desktop version. Some VPNs like Zenmate, Hola, ProxMate, CyberGhostVPN, TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield, Shadowsocks, etc. can help change IPs among lots of different countries and servers. Then the issue “this video is unavailable in your country” is gone.

Method Four - A Simple YouTube Trick Let You Watch Videos Not Available in Your Country

Change the Blocked Video URLChange the Blocked Video URL

Actually, here is a simple trick for you to fix YouTube video not available in your country error.

Step 1. Visit the YouTube restricted video

(For instance,

Step 2. Replace "/watch?v=" with "/v/".

(The final link is

Step 3. Visit the new link and you’ll find it playable without displaying “this video is not available in your country”, right? However, this method is unstable sometimes and we have reasons to believe that YouTube will fix it anytime.

To sum up, all the 4 ways above can help you out of the issue that “this video is unavailable in your country”.

Method one and two are totally free yet the second one is more stable. You can also download the video to your iPhone, Android phone and TV for playback. Come on, download Free HD Video Converter Factorydownload Free HD Video Converter Factory to start fixing the problem.

And if you’d like to use some VPNs, pay attention that most of them are payware, you need to pay monthly bill for the service.

As for method four, make sure you have cut off the right part of the video URL.

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