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How to Make Video Memes with Three Effective Ways
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How to Make Video Memes with Three Effective Ways

Author by Rocabella

Oct 15, 2019

Memes are wonderful ways to make people laugh, create community, and connect with audiences. But not everyone knows how to make video memes by themselves, right? Don't worry, the below article will show you how to make meme videos on your computer and mobile phone for easy uploading and sharing to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more platforms. Now, free download recommended meme video maker to start our guide:

How to Make Video Memes for Facebook, YouTube and More?

You may often find some short-form videos on social platforms, with a few subtle, even intentional misspellings words or some sentences to achieve the purpose of entertainment or hilarious. So how do these meme videos come from? You don't need professional image and video editing skills. With the three meme video editors described below, you can easily make your own video meme, let's get started!

Part 1 – How to Make Video Memes with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

When it comes to how to make a meme video, a good video meme maker is indispensable. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good choice because it can create images, GIFs and video memes with the simplest operation. With this program, you can easily add text to the video or add a logo to the video. The output formats are flexible and you can convert video to GIF, images to GIF, etc. More importantly, the program allows users to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, etc. and import them into the program for direct editing. And now, you can free downloadfree download this software to start to make video memes.

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How to Make Video Memes on Computer Step by Step

Load Source File into Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to your Windows computer.

Step 1: Load Source File into Meme Video Editor

Launch the program after the installation, then click on "Converter" on the main interface. Click on “Add Files” or “Add Video Folder” to upload videos that you intend to use for creating meme. Then, press “Watermark” icon.

Add Text or Image into Video

Step 2: Add Text or Image into Video

Option 1 - Click the gear-like Setting button and select the text type of the video. Then type the text you want to add in the Preview window and move the text to the desired location.

Option 2 - Click on the folder button to upload images, you can choose local image or preset image. Move the image to the position as you like.

Drag Opacity and Rotate bars to adjust the transparency and angle of text and images.

Export Video Memes

Step 3: Export Video Memes

Click on OK to save changes. Now, click on the right side of the interface and find the output format you want under the Video tab. You can keep the original format or change video format. Finally, set the output path for meme video and click the Run button to output video.

Part 2 - How to Make a Meme Video Online

Of course, you can also try some online meme video makers like or Kapwing is a free online image, GIF, and video meme maker. And next, let's take Kapwing as an example to explain how to create video memes online.

How to Make Meme Videos OnlineHow to Make Meme Videos Online

Step 1: Visit and click Get Started. Upload your video into the website.

Step 2: Navigate to the meme editor page once you have selected the video. From the top panel, customize your video meme. You can use this video trimmer for cutting the video to fit your needs. Add text, image, shape, subtitles and other elements to the video.

Step 3: Once you've finished editing, click the Publish button and wait for the changes to be applied to your video meme. Then click "Download" and share your video meme on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Tips: The advantage of these online video meme makers is that there are a large number of built-in templates, but it takes a long time for users to upload and download video, and it may be exported with watermarks.

Part 3 - How to Create Video Memes on Mobile Phone

How to Make a Video Meme on Mobile PhoneHow to Make a Video Meme on Mobile Phone

For mobile users, two apps are recommended: Id = net. Trilliarden. Mematic&hl = en_US

The operation of mobile App is quite simple, so this article will not elaborate too much.

At last...

These are the three most effective ways to solve the issue of how to make video memes, you can choose anyone according to your needs! Finally, I hope you can share this article with more people if it helps you.

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How to Edit Your DVD Video

How to Edit Your DVD Video

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Can DVD videos be edited as well? Of course, you can do that as long as you use the right tool. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is an easy-to-use DVD ripping tool and editor that allows users to cut DVD video clips, add subtitles to DVD videos, add special visual effects, and more. In addition, it supports ripping any DVD to almost all popular audio and video formats as well as devices. A versatile software worth your try!

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