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5 General Websites to Free Download Music
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5 Most Popular Music Download Websites Free

Author by Hales

Updated on Mar 22, 2024

As the Internet grows rapidly, most people have access to know and understand the world from the Internet. More people are likely to free download music online. For those who are eager to download music free, this article provides 5 quite popular and very useful music download websites. Meanwhile, please download the free music downloader to make it easy to enjoy music.

In our daily life, there are many different kinds of music surrounding us. Different styles of music will bring us different experiences. But there is a question about where to download free music? Of course, we can get favorite music from a variety of channels, not just listening online, and we can download music online using URL from music download websites to play on PC and other devices in a wide range of fields. Also you can free download full albums from the Top 7 Sites to Download Full Albums Free. This article recommends 5 free download music websites to get music up to yourself.

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WonderFox never advocates any illegal downloads, please make sure your actions are legal in your country. All downloaded music and videos cannot be used for any commercial activities.

The List of 5 Music Download Websites Freely

1. SoundClick : Free download music in MP3 format.

2. NoiseTrade : Download the originally-created music.

3. CCTrax : A free music sharing library with a large number of music albums.

4. Jamendo : An open source free online music player and downloader.

5. Spinrilla : Offers free download hip-hop sharing music.

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5 Beneficial & Popular Free Music Download Websites

SoundClick – Free Download MusicSoundClick – Free Download Music

1. SoundClick ---

SoundClick is a large music community founded in 1997. There are several artists on the platform offering their music for free. It now includes 530,000 bands and artists and nearly 4.5 million songs. The music from SoundClick support MP3 format downloads. The main interface of SoundClick is very clear, the layout is novel and unique, and contains a variety of song categories, such as pop music, hip hop, electronic music, country music and so on. A search box in the middle of the page is obvious, you can search for something you need freely, and users can also share and comment on the music. In addition, SoundClick also provides unlimited music uploads and free online downloads. Maybe you can download Juice Wrld Album from SoundClick. Some music content is not available for free online download. So users have to pay more special attention.

Download Music from NoiseTradeDownload Music from NoiseTrade

2. NoiseTrade (No working) ---

NoiseTrade is an online music sharing platform and the music on NoiseTrade can be downloaded free of charge. Users can share free music and be allowed to download the original music freely, just like Audiomack Free Music Download. The main interface of NoiseTrade is very abundant, and very beautiful in design. The homepage has recommended the new trend content. It also has many music categories, such as blues, classical, comedy and many other different sections. Several steps for downloading music on NoiseTrade: First you need to register an account, press the "download" button. Then fill in your email address and select the address. Finally, get download code to download. At this time, NoiseTrade will send the password to your mailbox, and then return to the original page to fill in the password, you can download it.

CCTeax Music DownloadCCTeax Music Download

3. CCTrax ---

Cctrax is a free music directory site where a large number of music albums can be free downloaded. Users can search for the music based on genre, tags and artists and download music free online. Cctrax’s main interface is very distinctive in design with many different columns. But it offers lower music types, which mainly are electronic music, dubbing, jazz, classical music and other resources, such as Ambient, Electronica. Cctrax download is also very convenient, you only select the content you like and click on the download in the lower left corner, if you want to download a part of the music, you can also download it directly.

Free Music of JamendoFree Music of Jamendo

4. Jamendo ---

Jamendo is a music platform and social networking site. All music on Jamendo is licensed under Creative Commons and users can enjoy and download music in MP3 format online. And over 25,000 pieces of music on and Jamendo to free download. The main interface is simple and clear and includes a variety of music types, such as dance, electrical, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, romantic songs and more music forms.  In addition, the website is available in English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. The download method is simple, you just click and download to get it. However, please note that if you want to search for mainstream tracks, you may need to pay for it.

Download Hip-Hop Music from SpinrillaDownload Hip-Hop Music from Spinrilla

5. Spinrilla (Shutdown)---

Spinrilla, also an app, is a free website for sharing and downloading hip hop music, which provides hip hop music albums, free downloads and more services. Users can download all music resources include download music from WorldStarHipHop Videos  without registering and installing any plugins. Spinrilla's main interface is relatively simple, you can choose the columns that you are interested in. But the ads on the page content is a lot, so pay attention to the distinguish them when you are downloading music. You can choose the music you like and click on the download to get the music.

At last

The above 5 free music download sites are recommended to you. You want to download music from other websites, such as download Myspace to MP3, you will learn more to get more methods. I hope that you can choose one that is the best website to download free music depending on your own need.

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