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How to Edit a YouTube Video That Is Not Yours

Author by Jane

Updated on Feb 15, 2023

Nowadays, a number of excellent video editors are emerging on the market to help edit your videos. But do you know how to edit someone else’s video on YouTube? Considering that people now partly like watching videos on YouTube, this article aims to show you how to edit a YouTube video that is not yours in detail.

YouTube has a built-in editor that allows users to make basic editing to videos they upload to YouTube. But what if you have the idea of making any editing changes of someone else’s videos?

How to edit a YouTube video that is not yours? You need a third-party tool for help and first of all, you need to download the YouTube video on your computer, then you can add your editing changes to the video. Therefore, our article today is divided into 2 parts. The first part focuses on how to download the YouTube video to your computer for preparation, and the other elaborates on how to edit someone else’s YouTube video with a fabulous YouTube editor.

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You are only allowed to reedit someone else’s YouTube video for personal fair purposes. For commercial use, you ought to get the permission of the original author.

Part-1-How to Download the YouTube Video for Editing Preparation

In order to edit a YouTube video of others, you have to download it firstly. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro not only offers YouTube video download function, but also allows saving videos from Dailymotion, Facebook and other popular websites. Without a complicated operation, even beginners can expertly handle it to download videos from YouTube. Let us start downloading YouTube videos step by step.

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3 Steps to Download YouTube Video in a Simple Way

Download YouTube Video

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Copy and Paste the Video’s URL to the Software

Select and press Ctrl + C to copy the playing YouTube video’s URL.
Run the software and go to the “Downloader” section, head to “New Download”. A new downloading window will pop up, in which you need to press Ctrl + V to paste the URL in the URL box and click “Analyze” or directly click the “Paste and Analyze” button to head to the next step.

Step 2. Analyze and Choose the Downloaded Format

After the analysis is completed, you can choose the format you want under the “Download Video” tab. Then, click “OK” to add the download task.

Step 3. Customize the Directory and Begin Downloading

You can select the output folder to save the YouTube video, then click “Download All” to start the downloading process.

Part-2-How to Edit a YouTube Video That Is Not Yours with the Practical Desktop Helper

Here we come to the key section. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro enables you to trim the YouTube video into several clips, combine different ones to one collection, add subtitles for the video, and add special effects to videos. Have annoying black borders on the video? You are also allowed to crop the unwanted parts to remain the needed portion. Here, I will take how to cut YouTube videos as an example to lay out the steps minutely.

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How to Cut a YouTube Video That's Not Yours with the Best YouTube Editor

Add the YouTube Video to the Program

Step 1. Add the YouTube Video to the Program

Close the “Downloader” window, and enter the “Converter” segment. Add the downloaded YouTube video by clicking the “Add Files” on the top left corner or directly drag and drop it to the “Converter” window. A scissor icon will appear below the added video. Click it to go into the video-cutting window.

Cut the YouTube Video in Details

Step 2. Cut the YouTube Video in Details

Click the leftmost play/pause button to play the YouTube video. Then, you can start to move the sliders below the video to frame the clip you want. Subsequently, you can fill the accurate time in the start and end time box to fine tune the detailed section. Is the adjusted clipped video the one you want? Just click the triangle icon in the parentheses to preview the result. Suppose that you have revised the part you want to cut off, press the “Trim” button on the right side to complete the clip 1. You can continue to cut the clip 2, clip 3… as simply as you operate the clip 1. Finally, click “OK” to return to the Converter window.

Choose the Output Path and Start Cutting Process

Step 3. Choose the Output Path and Start Cutting Process

Optional: You can click “Output format” on the right side to convert the YouTube video to other video formats such as WebM to WMV, and the software also offers a wide selection of profiles for devices.

The number of clips you have cut will be in the marked area. Head to the bottom of the window to click the inverted triangle icon to customize the directory and lastly, press “Run” button to start the YouTube video-cutting process.

At last...

We have shown you how to cut YouTube videos with detailed steps. And other video editing tasks can also be finished easily with HD Video Converter Factory Pro. If you are also interested in other editing functions, you can free download this utility to handle and explore the related features further.

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Rip Your Homemade DVD Content for YouTube Uploading

Rip Your Homemade DVD Content for YouTube Uploading

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

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