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How to Convert Video to iPad

Convert Video to iPad

Base on a survey on the internet, "how to convert video to iPad" is not a single question. It is also accompanied with some other issues such as "which format to convert", "how to select conversion software" and "how to use the selected software". Then let us learn them one by one.

Which Format to Convert

We all know that iPad is kind of tablet, it's more powerful than some normal portable multimedia devices; it contains some more supported video formats. But which one is better or the best for iPad video playing to convert to?
iPad supports MP4, MOV, AVI, 3GP and M4V, but which one is better to choose for iPad?

Most answer about "how to convert video to iPad" is to convert video to MP4. AVI video is easy to get, but it contains big files but just a well quality; MOV video contains the best quality, but it also have the biggest video files. So, MP4 video which holds better quality than AVI even less than MOV but the smallest video files is the most proper for iPad.

How to Select Conversion Software

If just for video converting work, google some keywords, we can get lots of different freeware.

But for converting video with some advanced setting/functions, we need some professional software. For "how to convert video to iPad", we must know the way to select related software: 1. Supported Format. The software should support the majority of the popular formats even all the popular formats. 2. Speed and Quality. The software should serve a fast conversion speed and high image quality; the least loss of video is the best. 3. Advanced Function. The software should serve some professional editing (such as merge, clip, crop and effect or more). 4. Except the main points, some others still should be considered about such as easy to use, converting in batches, run under background, updating and extracting/converting audio files.

How to Convert Videos to iPad with the Apple Video Converter

Indeed, it's easy to get "how to convert video to iPad" like converting FLV to iPad by following the user guide of one converter. Here, Apple Video Converter Factory Pro is available. The software is easy to use and supports to convert the popular video formats. It serves fast converting speed and high quality in comparison; and the advanced editing are also available. But all advantages just need $29.95. What a worthy deal.

Steps: 1. Download and install the software > 2. Click "Add" to import videos > 3. Select output format in "Profile" setting > 4. Select the editing you want to edit video with some special effects as you want > 5. Click "Start" to begin converting process > 6. Open output profile to get the output video


Then, under the assistance with a professional video converter, all things get easy and "how to convert video to iPad" is clear.

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How to Convert Video to Other Apple Devices

If you have several different Apple devices and also want to enjoy videos on them without video and audio format limitation, the below tips or guides may be helpful to you.

If you want to convert iPod music to MP3 so that you can play your iPod music resources on your other MP3 players, it is necessary for you to know how to convert iPod music to MP3. Also, if you want to enjoy MKV videos on yur iPod, Apple Video Converter Factory Pro can help you easily convert MKV to iPod . This powerful video converter can easily help you convert video to iPod Touch 4, convert video to iPod Classic, convert AVI to iPod compatible videos, convert video to iPod Nano and so on. In a word, it can convert nearly all popular videos and audios to iPod series compatible videos and audios.

I hope the above tips and guides will be useful to you, and if you have any problems on using Apple Video Converter Factory Pro, please see the User Guide of this software for more details.

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