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The Best Way to Save GIFs and Videos from Gfycat
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Four Simple Methods for Gfycat Download – Save Gfycat GIFs with Simple Clicks

Author by Vita

Updated on Jan 29, 2024

You might have found some good videos on GFYcat and want to convert Gfycat to GIF, MP4, WebM or other formats. Just follow this article and learn about how to make Gfycat download in four easy methods. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful downloader to download videos from the internet in any format you like, Free HD Video Converter Factory will be your best choice:

You Can Not Only Stream Gfycat Videos but Also Download Them as GIFs

Gfycat is a brilliant GIF hosting platform that allows users to create, discover, and share animated GIFs and even GIFs with sound. Although Gfycat supports sharing and embedding GIFs and videos to plenty of social media platforms, many people still like to collect favorite Gfycat GIFs on devices and share them to more places handily. Thus, this article introduces 4 simple and effective methods for Gfycat download.

WonderFox does not advocate downloading copyright content from the Internet for commercial purpose and other illegal intentions.

Method 1: Download from Gfycat with Free Desktop Gfycat Downloader

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a good free video downloader that bears the palm of all the popular downloaders and owns a large number of users. You can use WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory to download videos and GIFs from Gfycat, download videos from YouTube, download videos from BBC and other 500+ sites, which is only a few clicks away. Also, the software can be used as a free video converter to convert video and audio files to all kinds of formats, codecs, and devices. Now let’s return to the topic and learn about the steps for Gfycat download.

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How to Convert Gfycat to GIF, MP4, and WebM

Download GIF from Gfycat

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the tool on your PC.

Step 1. Copy the Link of the Gfycat Video

Go to, find and copy the URL of the Gfycat video you want to download.

Step 2. Open the Gfycat downloader and Select “+ New Download”

Launch Free HD Video Converter Factory, navigate to Downloader, click + New Download and a new download window will appear.

Step 3. Paste the Video URL and Analyze It  

Paste the URL into the Paste URL box and click on Analyze. The software will quickly detect the video and list the formats you can download. Usually, it will display GIF, MP4, and Webm options for Gfycat download.

Step 4. Download the Gfycat GIF or Video

Choose the needed format. Here we choose to download Gfycat to GIF. Then click on OK, and Download All to initiate the process.

Method 2: How to Download from Gfycat Directly

You probably have not noticed that Ggycat offers a direct download option. This method for Gfycat download is a little different from the method above, as follows:

How to Save Gfycat VideoHow to Save Gfycat Video

Optional 1: Download videos from Gfycat.

Open the Gfycat GIF or sound GIF you need to download. Right-click on the GIF, and select “Save Video as”. In this way, you can download the video in WebM format.

If you want to convert Gfycat to MP4, or other video formats, you can use the Free HD Video Converter Factory in method 1.

Save Gfycat as GIFSave Gfycat as GIF

Optional 2:  Convert Gfycat to GIF

If you want to download Gfycat as GIF version, open the video, select the “More share options” button on the right side, then click on the Download GIFs button and copy the URL of Small GIF or Large GIF. After that, open the URL in a new tab, right-click on the GIF and select “Save image as” to download the GIF to your local location.

Method 3: Gfycat Download with Browser Extension/Addon 

There are various video downloader extensions for different browsers, which can also help you get Gfycat GIFs and videos. Video Downloadhelper is such a popular video download extension for Firefox, and it also works on Google Chrome.

How to Download GIFs from GfycatHow to Download GIFs from Gfycat

Download Video DownloadHelper for Firefox:

Download Video DownloadHelper for Google Chrome:

After you install the extension on your browser, there will be a three-dots button on the toolbar. Open the Gfycat GIF you want to download, and the three-dots button will get colored. Click on the button, choose the format you need and hit the download icon to save the GIF to your device. Video DownloadHelper allows you to convert Gfycat to GIF and WebM.

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Method 4: How to Download Gfycat GIF or Video Using a Website

Download Gfycat Videos and GIFs Online Download Gfycat Videos and GIFs Online

You can use a free online downloader service to grab Gfycat. In this way, you don’t need to install an additional program or plug-in. we recommend for Gfycat download:

Step 1. Copy and paste a Gfycat GIF link into the box.

Step 2. Hit the Download video button.

Step 3. You can choose from GIF, WebM, and MP4. Navigate to the needed format, hit the green Download video button, and it will direct you to a new page. Right-click on the GIF or video, select “Save image as” or “Save video as” to download it.

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In Summary:

There are four common methods for Gfycat download as the article has given. Choose the best one based on your preferences. Nevertheless, you're recommended to download and try Free HD Video Converter Factory if you have other video conversion, editing, compressing, etc. needs than just downloading online videos. If you still have any questions, welcome to contact us.

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