Best Video Cutters to Cut Large Video Files for Free

You may want to cut out the unwanted parts from your video. But if the video is too large, you need to use a free video cutter for large files. In this article, I will share some excellent video cutters to help you cut large video files for free. Both offline and online large video cutters are covered. Just read on and learn the details below.

Tips. To cut videos without size limit, you can try the best free large video trimmer offline that would cut your videos with no limit (and no watermark) at all:

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Free Large Video Cutter for PC without Size Limit

Two Large Video Trimmers to Trim Large Video Online Free


Free Large Video Cutter for PC without Size Limit

If you edit videos on a PC a lot, you will find the desktop video cutter most helpful. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a top-rated video cutter on PC Windows that can trim large video files for free. In fact, it has no size or length limit, and it supports all videos, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, HEVC, HD video, 4K video, and more. It can help you trim video to shorten the length, create multiple parts, or slip video in half. It is also a free video cutter without watermark, and besides video cutting, it can join videos, crop movies, rotate footage, and apply effects to videos.

WonderFox Large Video Cutter is easy to use, and it can process video editing at a pretty fast speed and with high-quality output. You can free download free download the software to trim a large-size video with the instructions below.

Free Download

Compatible with Windows

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Free Download

Step 1. Open Free HD Video Converter and enter the “Converter” module. Drag your large video file into the blank interface.

Step 2. Click the scissor-shaped button below the video to bring up the Trim window. Drag the two sliders on the timeline to select the part you want to keep and click “Trim” to create a new clip. For a more accurate cut, you can input the Start and the End time. Repeat this step and you can create multiple clips. Click “Ok” when you finish the video cutting.

Free Video Cutter for Large Files

Step 3. Now, go to the right-side output format section and select one video format.

Step 4. Finally, hit “Run” to finish the whole process.

More than a Large Video Cutter

1. An all-format video/audio converter.
2. An HD/4K/8K video downloader.
3. A large video compressor.
4. A quick video merger.

Two Large Video Trimmers to Trim Large Video Online Free

Online video cutters are perfect choices for people who use phones and don’t want any software installation. Yet, it’s hard to find a qualified online large video cutter as most web-based services have a strict size limit, such as 100MB, 200MB, and 500MB. However, I still discovered two large-size video cutters that can trim large GB videos online for free. Check out these two free online video cutters for large files below.

1. FreeConvert – Online Video Cutter for Large Files Free (1GB)


FreeConvert is a web-based service that offers an online video cutter for big files to trim video files up to 1GB for free. Though it is not a very big-size video cutter, it is enough to cut most mid-length videos. And you can use it to cut all the mainstream video files, such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and WebM. It’s got a very simplified process to cut a video, and you will know how to trim your large video without any learning. Lastly, FreeConvert can work on any browser, so you can find it most convenient to use.

Visit FreeConvert

2. Online Video Cutter – Cut Large Video Online Free up to 4GB

Online Video Cutter

If you want to trim large video files over 1GB, Online Video Cutter is the only choice for you. It can trim large-size videos up to 4GB, and it can be used to shorten lengthy video files effectively. Meanwhile, it provides other useful editing tools like crop, rotate, flip, and so on that you can use to further spice up your videos. Like FreeConvert, Online Video Cutter can cut all mainstream videos without issue. And it works in most browsers. But keep in mind that using this tool to trim large video files online could be slow as the service is fully network-dependent.

Visit Online Video Cutter

Note. The steps to use the two online large video trimmers are similar and simple. All you need to do is upload your large video to the website, select a trim for a cut, start trimming and download the trimmed file.


These are all the free video cutters for large files I want to share with you. Personally, I would choose the offline program over the large video trimmers online as it performs more stable and faster, and it has no limit on size or other stuff. It also helps me deal with other multimedia tasks, such as video conversion, compression, downloading, and more completely for free. [Download Free HD Video Converter Download Free HD Video Converter] Online large video cutters are great only when I can’t get to my computer. And considering the upload process, I feel it a waste of time to wait for the uploading.

Anyway, make your decision based on your own needs. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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