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How to Rip/Convert/Upload DVD to Cloud for DVD Movie Playback
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How to Rip/Convert/Upload DVD to Cloud for DVD Movie Playback

Author by Rocabella

Oct 24, 2018

With the appearance of Cloud server, we are used to uploading files to the Cloud for backup. But not everyone knows how to save a DVD to Cloud. If you are one of them, follow this tutorial to get the easiest way to upload DVDs to Cloud. First, let's download the essential DVD ripper to get started.

How Can I Upload DVDs to Cloud?

I've been told that DVD can be uploaded to Cloud but I don't know how to do it. I really want to release my DVD library storage. Any simple way will be appreciated.

Storing DVDs in the CloudStoring DVDs in the Cloud

With the rapid development of the Internet, people are getting used to the shift from local hard disk storage to Cloud storage. Indeed, by storing files in the Cloud, you can truly access your data anytime and anywhere, whether you're at work or on the road. In addition to being able to store files and applications for backup, storage, and sharing, many Cloud providers also provide Cloud based video streaming functions that enable you to play stored video files directly online. Based on this, it's available to upload DVD to Cloud to achieve online DVD storage and streaming. Read below to learn more.

Part 1: How to Transform a Physical DVD Disc to Digital Video File

In order to upload DVD to Cloud, firstly, we need to convert DVD to a video file. While an easy-to-use yet powerful DVD ripper is a must in the process of converting DVD disc to digital video file. Based on both my firsthand experience and extensive research, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro should be the first choice because it can convert and copy protected DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. video formats in the shortest time. Compared to other so-called NO.1 DVD rippers, this software can actually crack DVD encryption technologies including region code, CSS encryption, etc. Next, let’s free downloadfree download this software to prepare for DVD Cloud storage.

Free Download Free Download

Tutorial on How to Convert DVD to Digital Video

Load DVD into Program

Step 1: Load DVD Disc into Program

Put your DVD into DVD-ROM drive. Free downloadFree download and install the cloud DVD ripper on your computer. Launch the DVD ripping software, click “DVD Disc” on the interface to load your DVD content. This software will automatically analyze, decrypt and tick the main title of the movie for you.

More surprisingly, you are allowed to directly rip ISO image files or DVD folders from your hard drive to the Cloud supported format.

Convert DVD to MP4 Video Format

Step 2: Convert DVD to MP4 Video Format

Now, you need to choose a proper output format for Cloud storage. The MP4 format is widely supported by all major platforms, so we will convert the DVD to MP4 here. Click on the Output Format section on the right side of the interface. Select MP4 icon under Video tab.

Convert DVD to Cloud Supported Video

Step 3: Ready for DVD to Cloud Storage Ripping

Click the "Three Points" button at the bottom of the interface and you can browse to select any location on your computer's disk as the destination for saving your output files.

Finally, click "RUN" button to start ripping the DVD movie to the digital file accepted by your cloud storage device.

WonderFox does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

Part 2: How to Put Your DVD Library in the Cloud

Upload DVD to DropboxUpload DVD to Dropbox

Now, you have the ripped MP4 video file on your hard drive. Next, choose your favorite Cloud provider for ripping DVD file to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon cloud, Box, pCloud, etc. Sign up and log in to your Cloud, then select the converted MP4 video file for uploading. When the uploading process is done, you can have access to the DVD files.

It should be noted that not all Cloud providers have the function of online video streaming, and if the uploaded video does not meet the format requirements, then the video will not be recognized or the playback will fail, such as Google Drive videos not playing, Dropbox videos won' t play and so on. The MP4 format is compatible with all major platforms, which is why we need to select MP4 as the output format when ripping a DVD.

At last...

After reading this tutorial, you no longer need to pay attention to how to rip DVD to Cloud. In the first part, you need to save DVD to your computer, after that, you should upload the file to any Cloud server you are using. Is this really easy? Finally, enjoy your movie anytime, anywhere. If this tutorial does help you, please share it with more people.

Free Download Free Download

More Features on WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

More Features on WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

1. The software can compress a DVD with a 7.5 GB requirement into a digital copy that takes only 1.2 GB of storage space.

2. Make sure your digital copy/backup provides crisp videos and images and clear audio.

3. You can add subtitles to the DVD movie, or you can delete the subtitles contained in the DVD itself.

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