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How to Fix DVD Shrink Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

Author by Vita

Update on May 29, 2020

DVD Shrink is an easy and free DVD backup program for Windows. It will help users to make a digital copy of a DVD with the minimum quality loss. However, during use, some people have encountered DVD Shrink Cyclic Redundancy Check error yet can’t find a way out. Don't worry! In this article, we show you effective solutions. You can also use this DVD Shrink alternative to rip DVD. It’s powerful and effective:

What is Cyclic Redundancy Check

Cyclic Redundancy Check is a data verification technique that a computer uses to detect the error in data, namely, accidental changes to the raw data. And it’s commonly used in digital telecommunications networks and storage devices like hard disk drives, CDs and DVDs. Hard drive corruption, unsuccessful program installation, and misconfiguration files can all contribute to a Cyclic Redundancy Check error. Specifically, why do we meet the “DVDShrink encountered an error and cannot continue - Data error (cyclic redundancy check)” message when ripping a DVD? Let’s go deeply into the details and know about the factors of DVD Shrink Cyclic Redundancy Check error.

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WonderFox doesn’t advocate any illegal duplication and distribution. Please refer to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before ripping a copy-protected DVD.

What Causes Cyclic Redundancy Check DVD Shrink and How to Fix the DVD Shrink Data Error

Cause 1: The Optical Drive Can’t Work Properly

When the DVD drive on your computer is not able to work normally, it would cause the DVD Shrink CRC error. To check whether it’s the root of the problem, insert other DVD discs into the DVD drive and play them on your computer. If these discs can be read correctly, move to the next cause. Or you may need to repair the optical drive.

Cause 2: Internal File Data in the DVD is Intact

Due to improper preservation, some old DVDs might be scratched. Besides, the DVD might have been burned in an incorrect way or with an unreliable tool. To check the DVD disc for damage, play or read it using other tools.    

Cause 3: Dust, Dirt, and Smudges on the DVD

If there is dust, fingerprints, residue and other contamination on the DVD, the DVD may not be read normally and would finally cause DVD Shrink Cyclic Redundancy Check error. You can use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to clean the DVD.

Cause 4: DVD Shrink Can't Handle the Copy Protection

DVD Shrink doesn’t get updated for years yet new DVD copy protections emerge ceaselessly. Certainly, there are many copy-protected DVDs DVD Shrink can’t deal with. When you import such a DVD, the data error Cyclic Redundancy Check DVD Shrink will pop up.  It’s the most common cause for the error and a more powerful DVD Shrink alternative is the best solution.

A Good DVD Shrink Alternative – WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a professional DVD ripper featuring with powerful copy protection removal capability, easy-to-use operation, a wide range of output formats options, and timely updates. It can easily remove kinds of latest copy protections and export DVDs to MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, 3GP, and so forth. Free Download it and follow the instruction below to copy DVDs.

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How to Copy a DVD with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Import a DVD Source

Step 1. Import DVD Source into the DVD Ripper 

Insert a DVD disc into the optical disc drive of your computer. Launch DVD Ripper Pro, click on DVD Disc, select the needed DVD drive letter, and select OK. The software will decrypt the DVD and select the main title.

In many cases, DVD Shrink can’t handle modern copy protections so you meet Cyclic Redundancy Check DVD Shrink error. But now you can use DVD Ripper Pro to avoid this issue forever.

Choose an Output Format

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

Click on the Output Format button on the right side of the main interface, and choose an output format. For example, you can convert DVD to a digital video format like MP4, create ISO image from DVD, or directly choose your device model. It offers the profiles for plenty of devices like iPhone, Huawei phone, Samsung TV, LG TV, Xbox One, PS4, etc.

Initialize the Process

Step 3. Start Copying the DVD

Hit the three-dots icon on the bottom to specify the output path. After that, click on Run to export the video. Soon it will finish the conversion and prompt you to open the output folder and view your converted video.

At Last

Hope the methods above can help you solve DVD Shrink Cyclic Redundancy Check error. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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