How to Create ISO Files from CDs on Windows?

Different from creating ISO images from CDs on Mac or Linux, which can be carried out with proper preloaded applications, the task requires third-party tools when you’re using a Windows computer, so today we will show you how to make an ISO from a CD in three ways on Windows.

Vita Vita | Updated on Jul 20, 2023

Part 1. Convert CD to ISO with ImgBurn

Part 2. Create ISO from CD with AnyDVD

Part 3. Make ISO from CD with CDBurnerXP

Windows Cannot Create ISO

Many people are used to making ISO files from music CD collections. Characterized as 1:1 copies of discs, ISO files are one of the best approaches to create disc backups. What’s more, it is more convenient to distribute large files in the form of ISO files. You can also mount ISO files with a virtual drive to play content from discs without inserting the disc and connecting to DVD or CD player each time.
If you’re using Mac or Linux OS, there are the Disk Utility for Mac and Brasero for Linux pre-installed, which are capable of dealing with kinds of disc tasks including creating ISOs. However, Windows doesn’t include the ISO creation capability. The good side is there are many simple and useful third-party applications available for this assignment. ImgBurn, AnyDVD, and CDBurnerXP are all good options. The following gives separate tutorials on how to create ISO from CDs using the three tools on Windows.  

Disclaimer: These tutorials are for personal fair use only. Generally, you can backup homemade CDs and materials you have purchased and use them for handy playback or store on your devices.

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Part 1. Convert CD to ISO with ImgBurn

ImgBurn is the most popular and standard free disc burning software for Windows. It also lets users create ISO from CD. Install the software:

Step 1. Open ImgBurn, select Create image file from disc on the main menu.

Select to convert disc to image

Step 2. Select the drive that contains the CD you want to create an ISO file from as the source.

Step 3. Set up the destination where you want to save the ISO image in. You can also save the file type as BIN besides ISO if you want.

Step 4. Click the disc to image file Read icon to begin creating ISO file.

Select the CD disc

Step 5. A new progress indicator window appears. When the process is finished, you will see a dialog that says operation successfully completed. New you can close ImgBurn and check the ISO image file.

Finish the CD ISO conversion

Part 2. Create ISO from CD with AnyDVD

AnyBurn is an all-round solution to deal with disc burning and imaging. It is a lightweight application yet offers full features. Install the software:

Step 1. Open AnyBurn. Select Copy disc to iso image on the main window.

Copy disc to ISO image

Step 2. Select the drive source of the CD.

Step 3. Head to the Destination image file section, and specify the file name and path. Typically, it selects standard ISO images as the output format by default. You can also choose to convert the CD to BIN/CUE if you have the demands.

Step 4. Click Create Now.

Convert CD to ISO free on Anyburn

Step 5. You will see a notification when the whole process is complete.

Create an ISO from a CD

Part 3. Make ISO from CD with CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP is a Windows disc authoring software that can create and burn ISO images in a few simple clicks away.
Install the software:

Step 1. Open CDBurnerXP, select the top Data disc option on the main window, select OK.

Create image file

Step 2. Select the source drive on the upper left panel.

Step 3. Then drag all files on the disc into the lower right compilation section.

Step 4. Right click on the disc icon on the lower left panel and rename the output file.

Step 5. Head to the top toolbar, select File > Save compilation as ISO file.

How to make ISO file from CD

Step 6. Set the output path. When the process finishes, check the ISO image on the specified destination.

Bottom line:

Physical storage methods have been gradually replaced by digital forms. After converting CD to ISO, you can not only more handily access the content, but also burn the ISO to a new blank disc later to create an exact disc backup. It is never difficult to create ISO from CD now. The three methods above will certainly help you complete the task without a hitch.

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