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ISO to EXE Converter – How to Convert ISO to EXE or ZIP
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ISO to EXE Converter – How to Convert ISO to EXE or ZIP with 3 Practical Programs

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Apr 28, 2023

I have an ISO image file and I am trying to convert it to an executable EXE file onto a DVD for installation to target computers. How do I do this? For solving this issue, firstly, you need a right ISO to EXE Converter, and then follow this tutorial to get specific steps.
By the way, here is a wonderful DVD ISO Image Converter for you to get movie easily:

Why Do We Need an ISO to EXE Converter?

Sometimes, applications, game installations, or other programs that you might download from the Internet are ISO format files, not the executable files that we know suffixed with .exe. So, how do you run the ISO file in this case, is there a way to convert ISO file to exe? Definitely, converting ISO to exe is not a simple change of the suffix name from .iso to .exe. Hence, there are 3 free methods for ISO exe conversion for you.

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Method 1 - How to Convert ISO to EXE via Burn ISO File to A Blank DVD

How to Burn ISO to DVDHow to Burn ISO to DVD

How to convert ISO file to exe or zip? A traditional approach is to burn the ISO file to a blank DVD and then read the DVD for running and installing. Therefore, a free DVD burning software is essential. Free tools such as AnyBurn, ImgBurn, and Burn4Free are recommended. The following is an example of AnyBurn to burn a DVD. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Anyburn is not a precise ISO to EXE Converter, but firstly, you need to download and install AnyBurn from Http:// for preparing to burn a DVD.

Step 2. Insert a blank disk into the DVD burner drive.

Step 3. Run AnyBurn and click Burn image file to disk.

Step 4. Import the ISO file and select burning drive.

Step 5. Finally, click on the Burn now button.

Method 2 - Convert ISO to EXE by means of a Virtual CD/DVD drive

How to Convert Disc Image File to EXEHow to Convert Disc Image File to EXE

Obviously, the above method is more troublesome. In fact, you can use a virtual CD/DVD drive to convert ISO to EXE without burning a DVD. Apps such as DAEMON Tools Lite, MagicDisc, and Virtual CloneDrive are perfect for this job. Previously, we used these tools to mount ISO, and next, we’d like to use DAEMON Tools Lite as an example to explain how to convert ISO to EXE.

Step 1. Download and install DAEMON Tools Lite - free license from

Step 2. Run DAEMON Tools Lite, click on the Quick Mount in the lower left corner to import the ISO file.

Step 3. Then the AutoPlay window will pop up automatically, you can run .exe directly here.

Step 4. If AutoPlay does not pop up, open "Computer" or "My Computer", you will find that the ISO file has been mounted as a new drive, double-click to run directly or right click, select Open, and find the .exe file inside.

Method 3 - Extract EXE File from ISO Image

How to Convert ISO to EXEHow to Convert ISO to EXE

How to convert ISO to EXE? There is a simple way to solve this problem. If WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip and other archiver software are installed on the computer, you can use them to open and export all ISO files containing .exe.

Step 1. Run WinRAR.

Step 2. Click File, Open Archive to open the ISO file.

Step 3. Click the Extract to button on the menu bar, select the output path, and start exporting.

Note: Be sure to export all the files inside. Only exporting .exe files cannot be run separately.

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The above are the details about the 3 valid ISO to EXE Converters and corresponding guide on how to convert iso to exe. Sincerely hope this post would be helpful. In addition, if you have better suggestions, please contact us and we will keep updating to present the best content.

Recommended DVD ISO Image File Converter for Windows

Recommended DVD ISO Image File Converter for You

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Creating an ISO file from any disc is pretty easy with the right tool and is a fantastic way to back up important DVDs to your hard drive. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro allows you to quickly convert any DVD to ISO file and you can also convert ISO image file to other video formats to match your devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone and more. Download it to have a try!

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