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The Best Twitter Video Compressor: Four Practicable Ways to Compress Video for Twitter

Author by Blues

Updated on Sep 19, 2022

Now, more and more people like to share their daily lives or happenings around the globe on social platforms like Twitter. However, such a platform usually has limitations on file size and length, which leads to failure when uploading long videos. So, based on this limit and to help you upload long videos to Twitter successfully, I recommend you compress video for Twitter. This post is here to share a powerful Twitter video compression program and list four correspondingly easier and workable ways to help you. Just get this video compression tool and follow the guide below.

The Best Specs for Twitter Videos

Videos are booming on Twitter now, and many videographers and vloggers often post their videos on Twitter. However, such a social platform usually sets limitations and restrictions on video specifications, such as the best video format, the maximal video size, resolution, aspect ratio, bit rate limits, and so on. Hence, to make the uploaded videos achieve your desired visual effects, you must be aware of the video limitations and restrictions stipulated by Twitter before posting a video on Twitter:

1. The best video format for Twitter: MP4 (H.264/AAC).

2. The maximum of video size: 512 MB.

3. The maximum of video length: 140 seconds.

4. The scope of resolution: From 32 x 32 to 1920 x1200.

5. Frame rate and bit rate: 40fps; 25Mbps

Use the Multifunctional Twitter Video Compression Software to Post a Video on Twitter

Before this, you have learned about the Twitter video limitations and restrictions. Now, the most important thing you need to do is learn how to make the videos meet those requirements. First of all, you need to download and install a desktop Twitter video compressor - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Compared with most of other video compressors on the market, this tool is equipped with simple features and is suitable for novices. Additionally, it supports 500+ video/audio formats and device profiles for conversion, basic editing functions, such as cropping videos, adding watermark, compressing video size, etc. Free download and install it on your Windows-based PC and I will show you 4 efficient ways to finish the Twitter video compression task in the following section.

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Four Practicable Methods to Compress Video for Twitter

Method 1 - Change the Video Encoder

Change the Video EncoderChange the Video Encoder

Although MP4 is the best video format for Twitter, H.264 video encoder is an advanced video compression standard which can achieve smaller video size with the same video quality if you choose this encoder.

Step 1. Run the video compressor, and import a video file.

Step 2. Choose the H.264 video format under the Video tab by hitting the Output Format option on the right side of the conversion window.

Step 3. Lastly, determine the save path and press the Run button.

Method 2 - Downscale the Video Resolution to Reduce the Video

Change the Video ResolutionChange the Video Resolution

Generally speaking, the fewer pixels a video has, the smaller file size a video will be. Therefore, you can make a choice to change the video resolution, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will help you make it.

Step 1. Run the video compressor, and import the video file. Then, choose output format.

Step 2. Hit the Parameter Settings button below the Output Format button to open the pop-up dialog, and choose the optimum video resolution.

Step 3. Press the Ok button to save the change, then click on the Run button to start to compress video for Twitter.

Method 3 - Drag the Compress Slider to Compress the Video

Drag the Compress Slider to Compress the VideoDrag the Compress Slider to Compress the Video

Actually, the video file size and quality depend on the value of the bit rate in a certain duration. So, many people often take measures to change the video bit rate so as to compress video for Twitter. The detailed steps are here:

Step 1. The first action is the same as the previous situation. You need to input the video into the compressor.

Step 2. Drag the compression slider below the conversion window to compress the video. However, please note that if you compress the video excessively, the video quality will be damaged.

Step 3. Press the Run button to start the Twitter video compression process.

Method 4 - Cut off Unwanted Video Part

Cut off Unwanted Video PartCut off Unwanted Video Part

If the previous methods can't satisfy you, you may as well try to remove the unnecessary video part to compress video for Twitter. This is a good idea, too.

Step 1. Launch the video compression software and import your video. Next, choose the H.264 as the output format.

Step 2. Click the scissors-shaped button below the imported video. Then, drag the sliders or input the start time and end time below the playback window for fine-tuning to cut the video. Click Trim button. If you want to make a diverse video for Twitter, you can even merge several video clips into one.

Step 3. Specify the destination folder and press the Run button to start to compress video for Twitter.

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All in All

OK, you can reduce video size for Twitter by taking advantage of this multifunctional video compressor. As you can see, each way of compressing video is based on three steps at most. I believe you have mastered these steps deftly. Take a try to compress video for Twitter. Similarly, you can take the same actions to compress video for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

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