If your Android video plays on your phone but not on your computer, it could be that the Android video format is not supported, a required codec is missing, the media player is not compatible, the file got corrupted during transfer, or something else. Read this article to know more about this issue and five working ways to fix Android videos not playing on Windows. Continue reading!
Michelle Michelle | Jul 12, 2023

Why My Android Video Plays on Phone but Not Computer?

There are many reasons why Android videos play on your phone but not on your computer. These are

Improper file transfer – If the power is turned off or the connection is lost during video transfer, the video file will be corrupted or corrupted. Therefore, it cannot be played on your computer.

Incompatible media player – The media player you are using may not be compatible with your Android videos. Therefore, it won’t play your Android videos.

Unsupported video format – The media player you are using may not support the format of your Android video.

Missing codecs – The media player you are using may be missing the codecs required to successfully decode and play Android videos.

Outdated video drivers – Your computer's video drivers may be outdated and cannot play Android videos created with advanced settings.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to fix Android videos not playing on Windows. Without further ado, let’s see more details below.

Quick Fix to Android Video Won’t Play on Windows

If some of your Android videos won’t play on Windows, try converting these unplayable video files to a format compatible with your media player and this will fix the problem in no time.

Download the handy Android video converter for PC - WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory to convert your Android video to play on Windows in just a couple of clicks!

How to Fix Android Videos Not Playing on Windows?

Method 1. Retransfer the Android video file

If there is an interruption during video transfer, it is likely that the file got corrupted in some way. You can retransfer videos from your Android phone to your Windows computer if the original video files are still available. Otherwise, you may need to use professional video repair software to fix corrupted Android videos.

Method 2. Use another media player

When a media player fails to play your Android videos, it may be that the player is incompatible with your videos. The easiest solution is to try another media player, such as VLC media player, and see if the new player plays your Android videos.

In addition to VLC, other excellent Android video players include PotPlayer, Media Player Classic, GOMPlayer, KMPlayer, MPV, and so on.

Method 3. Convert Android video

You can also convert your Android video to a Windows-supported video format for smooth playback. For this, a simple video converter like WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is all you need. Free download Free download this software and follow the steps below to convert your Android videos to play on Windows.

Tips. When some of your Android videos only play audio with black screen or have no sound, it is mainly due to the unsupported video or audio codec format. With the video converter here, you can easily convert your Android video format as well as the codecs to be accepted by Windows with just a few clicks.

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Step 1. Launch the video software on your PC and enter the Converter module.

Step 2. Click Add Files to import the unplayable Android videos into the program.

Step 3. Expand the output format list on the right side of the program. Then click the Video tab and select WMV or H264 (MP4 – H.264/AAC) as the output format.

Tips. WMV and H264 are natively supported by Windows.

Step 4. Click the ▼ button to set an output folder and press Run to start the video conversion.

After the conversion, try playing the converted video in your Windows media player and see if the error disappears.

Convert Android Video to Play on Windows

Method 4. Download missing codecs for Windows

Media players need codecs to decode and play video files. The built-in media player on Windows only supports a limited library of codecs, and may be missing codecs needed to play Android videos.

You can check the codec of your video and download the exact missing video codec from Microsoft Store or other reliable third-party sources. Alternatively, you can download a codec pack containing comprehensive codecs to fix any current and future codec incompatibilities.

Recommended codec packs are K-Lite Codec Pack, Media Player Codec Pack, and Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP).

Method 5. Update video drivers

There is a small chance that the video drivers on your Windows computer are outdated, so it can cause crashes and bad performance when playing videos. Here is how to update your video drivers to the latest version.

Step 1. Search “Device Manager” in your Windows search bar and open it.

Step 2. Expand Display adapters.

Step 3. Right-click on your graphics card and select Update driver.

Step 4. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

Step 5. Wait for the installation to complete.

Now, try to play your Android videos and see if plays smoothly.


That’s pretty much everything I want to share about how to fix Android videos not playing on Windows computer. Hope these methods could be helpful to you. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a wonderful day!

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