How to Add Library to Plex?

Plex is currently the most popular home media software to manage your personal media collections and stream the media content to all your client devices. If you just started to use Plex, the first important step for you is to add library to Plex so your local media files can get organized. And this article is to show you how to add media to Plex in detail. Please read on to know more!

Michelle | Dec 1, 2020

Plex allows you to add media to the Plex Media Server both during and after the setup. If you missed the chance to add library to Plex during the setup or want to create new libraries, you can realize this in the Plex settings. And the following article will demonstrate to you how to add files to Plex Media Server through the settings in detailed steps.

If you haven’t finished the Plex setup, you can refer to this article: How to Use Plex .

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Preparations Before Adding Libraries to Plex

To help Plex scan all your local media files and scrape the correct meta information for your media content, it is suggested that you make the following optimizations to your media folders and media files.

Systematize Media Folders

Make sure your major types of media content, like movies and TV shows, are separated from each other. The recommended folder system should be like this:

Standardize Media Files’ Names

Make sure your media files do not use the same name, otherwise the Plex metadata agents won’t be able to tell which is which, and hence won’t get the correct information for your media content. It is advised that you name your movies and TV shows in the following order:

*.ext means container format, like .mp4, .mkv...

Tips: For more specific information, you can look to Plex support article: Naming and Organizing Your TV Show Files

Convert Unsupported File Formats

Make sure all your media files can be recognized by the Plex scanner. Disk image formats like ISO, IMG, and VIDEO_TS folder are not supported by Plex and should be converted to compatible formats beforehand.

Check: ISO to MP4, ISO to MKV, IMG to MP4, Video_TS to MKV, VIDEO_TS to MP4

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How to Add Library to Plex?

>> Launch the Plex Web App and click the settings icon on the top-right corner of the web interface to open the settings menu.

>> On the left sidebar, scroll down the menu to select Libraries under the MANAGE section.

>> Click Add Library and select your library type. Then name the library and choose a language that controls the information gathered from the internet. Click NEXT.

Note: The picture show how to add movies to Plex. You can create other libraries for your other types of content.

>> Click BROWSE FOR MEDIA FOLDER to choose the folder that contain your media files and click ADD. If you selected the wrong folder, click the cross mark to remove the folder. Then click ADD LIBRARY.

Note: You can add multiple folders to a single library.

>> The Plex will automatically scan and organize your media libraries.

Final Words

That’s all for how to add library to Plex. If you are adding libraries to an existing server, remember to restart your client app to pick up the new media content. Thanks for reading!

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