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Kodil Repository Down – Best Kodil Alternative Repositories to Install Addons

Author by Oswald

Updated on July 13, 2023

Want to find a solution for Kodil repo not working? You're now in the right place. On this page, you'll find some great repositories similar to Kodil repository that lately passed away. Recommended repositories in the following are best Kodi repositories, what you're looking for from Kodil can also be found in them. Take a look and give it a go.

Kodil Repo is Actually Down

Recently at their last safe house: , Kodil put up a notification letter saying:

Hello, we regret to inform that kodil repo has closed .
as github closed our project and we cannot maintain the sheer traffic of ~50 million users uniq per day .
kodil repo started as a personel project for my family and friends and has since grown .
we will post our python code for people who want to learn and start a repo by themself .
Thanks for all the support goodbye  and have a good life ...

Kodil repository not working again? This time we're probably really out of luck on fixing it.

Kodil repo shut downKodil repo shut down

It doesn't snap back, it's not customary fixable issues like “Couldn't Retrieve Directory Information” or repository network connection issue as some other repos. Everyone can still install Kodil with an active repo source URL, but we just can't seem to install anything from Kodil repo anymore.

Not out of second-guessing. This time, it is what it is, Kodil is down. Farewell to Kodil.

For average Kodi users like us, a crowdsourced python code doesn't help much with easing the pain. Perhaps it's about time to turn to other outlets. The good news is, there happen to be a wealth of great repositories these days that serve just as nice as Kodil. Movies, TV shows, playlists, IPTV, live channels, sports, etc. - what we want for a repository is nothing more than some decent addons for these. Now, introducing…

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only and should only be used to stream movies or TV shows under the public domain. WonderFox is in no way collaborated, affiliated with or hosting any Kodi add-ons, repositories or builds. We do not endorse or advocate copyright infringement, the end-user should be responsible for any content accessed via the services or apps referenced on this post.

1. Diamond Wizard Repo

Diamond Wizard RepoDiamond Wizard Repo (Currently unavailable)

Diamond Wizard Repo, from the top of my list, is probably the best replacement repository for Kodil. More than just a repository for storing Diamond builds, the newly developed Diamond Wizard Repository can also serve as a perfect place for installing addons for movie, TV shows, IPTV, sports and live channels. Here you can find sensational addons like The Magic Dragon, 7 of 9 (AIO), Delta Quadrant, Beta Quadrant, Alpha Quadrant, USS Defiant and many more.

Diamond Wizard Repo Installation Guide

2. Ghost Repo (Not working)

Ghost RepoGhost Repo

Given Kodil repo shutting down and Elysium addon going offline, Kodil users may have a lack of solutions in streaming live content. And Ghost Repository come to the rescue. Ghost repository, one of the best repositories for practically everything, has the most available addons stored within among all, it includes a variety of practical addons including Ghost IPTV, TVONE+, Robin Hood TV, FlixNet, 3.Liga, Laola1 TV, Sky Go, The Loop and dozens of more for streaming live channels, sports, IPTVs and other live content to your tastes.

Ghost Repo Installation Guide

3. Cy4root Repo (Not working)

Cy4root RepoCy4root Repo

Cy4root repository may be known for housing Covenant addon, most prevalent fork of Exodus addon, but that of course isn't the best part about it. That's the repository you want to install for a capital of greatest movie addons including Clown's Replica, Uranus (Neptune Rising fork), Laplaza, MirRoR V2 Video, Chucky Video, Descents, that makes Cy4root arguably the best Kodi repository for movies.

Cy4root Repo Installation Guide

4. EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

EzzerMacs Wizard RepositoryEzzerMacs Wizard Repository

Similar to Diamond Wizard Repository, EzzerMacs Wizard Repository was first developed as a container for their exclusive builds and other essential program addons, and has since become a best Kodi repository to download video addons. In EzzerMac Wizard Repo, you can see a long list of addons that serve for different purposes we desperately needed. Here's medusa, TubiTV addon, Kratos Reborn and Athena for movies & TV shows; Allvue TV, Beam IPTV and Arconai TV for IPTV and VOD; and Luxray Prime & Luxray Video for all-in-one streams. 

EzzerMacs Wizard Repository Installation Guide

5. Kodi Bae Repository (Not working)

Kodi Bae RepositoryKodi Bae Repository

Developed by Kodibae, Kodi Bae was a fairly popular addon back and well enjoyed by an ocean of users until it got many featured addons removed due to legal pressures. Though left only 14 addons, Kodi Bae Repository is still a go-to repo for Kodi users since it provides a selection of must-have addons: cCloud TV, Hummingbird, Release BB, Seren, Sportowa TV, WatchNixtoons 2, etc. Kodi Bae Repo doesn't have many addons for major categories, but it does offer the bests of each kind.

Repo URL:


The aforementioned repositories are all working, well-tested and trusted by the community, I hope this post can help you in making repo installation decisions after Kodil shutting down. Looking for more repo options? Check out our Best Kodi Repositories List to explore 20+ worthy repositories.

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