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Why Buying Fully Loaded Boxes or Fire Sticks Could be a Really Bad Idea

Author by Oswald

Updated on July 11, 2023

Since you're here looking for more insights on whether to buy a fully loaded Kodi box, I guess you are either completely new to TV boxes, or to Kodi media player, or both. There are some things you need to know prior to forking out.

Should I buy a fully loaded Kodi box

What is a Fully Loaded Kodi Box?

A fully loaded Kodi box usually refers to a TV box that has pre-installed with Kodi media player and some popular Kodi add-ons. Among them, fully loaded Firestick is a recurring name as Firestick being a top device choice for Kodi.  

Retailers usually describe them as a one-stop solution to your household streaming, sometimes even bundled with a cost-effective pass for enjoying subscription only services, which undoubtedly sound perfect for anyone new to all of these.

But when you actually buy one and get acquainted with Kodi, you'll find these boxes are a far cry from what the vendor claimed them to be.

Should I Opt Fully Loaded Kodi boxes/Fire Stick for Kodi?

- No

1. There's no such thing as “fully loaded Kodi boxes/Firestick”. And as a matter of fact, even “fully loaded Android boxes” has always been a controversial topic.

Simply put, if a retailer claims that their boxes are cut out for Kodi, specially designed and best fit for installing Kodi, and has already integrated with some exclusive addons, it just doesn't make any sense since:

- Kodi is a completely free and open-source multiplatform media player program that, though excluded from mainstream app stores due to potential security risks, can be easily installed on to TV boxes from using APK download.

- Kodi is perfectly compatible with most TV boxes these days, there's no Kodi-exclusive device, and the experience for Kodi streaming is depended on the hardware performance and your network condition at large.

- Kodi addons are ALL free to install. Any Kodi user has clear access to ANY official Kodi addons from official Kodi addon repository, and ANY third-party addons can be effortlessly installed as long as you've acquired its media source URL.

2. As aforementioned, about potential security risks. First things first, Kodi itself is safe to use, what have potential risks are the addons or repos that you use and how you use them.

On the other hand, the loaded addons and apps are not even close to something called “addons selection” but just some random stuff tossed into.

For instance, a security breach can result from a repository with addons/repos from an untrusted source. Main piece of advice: Stick to official Kodi addon repository, and be careful with what you're about to install, if getting greedy.

Check our trusted: Best Kodi addons | Best Kodi repositories

3. They say their boxes grant you the privilege to access all/most/many premium services on Kodi?  Don't you find it too good to be true? Premium services like Netflix on Kodi and USTVNow on Kodi run separately and charge separately from standalone addons, while most of them require an exclusive premium account to work. Not to mention watching content exclusive for premium account bypassing copyright protection is absolutely illegal, experiences of those who'd buy the retailers' bullshit have all turned out to be food for thought.

- Let alone the fact that these boxes are questionable in safety and legality.

4. Most fully loaded Kodi boxes or Firestick are jailbroken devices. For those who are insensitive with the word jailbreak, let me remind you here that to jailbreak a device is to gain access to private file system while overriding device's restrictions.

Jailbreaking a TV boxes following online guide on your own? Sure, don't leave the backdoor open, you'll be alright.

But buying a device that is jailbroke by another person, that's another story – god knows what time bomb he may have planted. Fancy paying for a chance to get stolen or watched upon viewing history, be my guest.


The answer to what are the best fully loaded Kodi boxes is NONE. Even “the best Kodi boxes” is a meaningless topic. Sure there're some great TV boxes out there like Amazon Firestick 4K, Nvidia Sheild TV, Mi Box S, etc. and were put on some “the best Kodi boxes” lists due to its “terrific performance in working with Kodi”, but these candidates are best TV boxes already, how they perform with Kodi is irrelevant. The metrics of these lists for assessing whether these boxes fit Kodi is fairly vague.

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