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How to Remove Subtitles From MKV, MP4, AVI and So On

Here are so many factors that affect our experience of enjoying a perfect movie at home, such as subtitles. I hate the subtitles on my TV screen. But sometimes you know, getting a clean movie is so hard. So to remove subtitles from MKV, AVI or any other video formats or something, is necessary and all-important for me. If you would also like to do the same thing or have similar problem, keep reading.
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Why We Need to Remove Subtitles from MKV Video?

Nowadays, some movies and video clips are with built-in subtitles, in whatever subtitle formats. Despite the convenience and advantages in many aspects of subtitles, it makes me feel bored when I have the needs of secondary video clipping or video splitting and video editing just for my personal collection. The main reason we want to remove subtitles is that we don’t have the habit of watching movie with them due to covered scene caused by built-in subtitles and the disturbance of enjoyment. We hope there is some kind of subtitle remover or simple method to remove subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI,WMV, M2TS, MPG, MOV, M4V, any kinds of video file formats. Also, if we got a DVD movie with built-in subtitles, we need to convert the DVD to MKV for further use, no need for subtitles too.

Types of Subtitles and Instructions of Common Ways to Remove Subtitles

Normal subtitles, shown in MKV, MP4, AVI and other video file formats, actually exist in different types, thus different methods should be used. There are two kinds of subtitles currently, one is soft subtitle, also called external subtitles; and the other is hard subtitle, embedded in the video as a part of video images.

Here is a list of subtitles supported by common video types.


Soft Subtitle

Hard Subtitle




So how to remove hard subtitles or soft subtitles from MKV/MP4/AVI/… video? Yes, we can download some video processing software which looks professional but complicated to operate, it requires time and energy to learn. Let alone some software claim to remove subtitles but by actions they don’t. Or we can put mosaics into the video where subtitles are shown, which will definitely influence the picture effects and maybe affect our understanding of the movie at last. So we can see that the above ways are not so good. Today, I will show you the simplest way to remove subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV and so on.

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How to Remove Subtitles From MKV, MP4, AVI and Other Video Formats

HD Video Converter Factory Pro, an MKV, AVI or MP4 subtitle remover, is easy to handle. There is the detailed guide on how to use the all-powerful subtitle remover to remove soft or hard subtitles.

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1. How to Distinguish Between Soft Subtitles and Hard Subtitles?

You can directly download the software here. After opening a video, as shown in the picture below, choose the “T” mark and click the triangle on the right. We can see the multiple subtitle options are listed in the drop-down window, then the subtitle of this video is soft subtitle type.

 Soft subtitles identification

If we open an AVI, MP4, WMV or MOV video, when there appears the embedded subtitle in the original video, but only “Disabled” and “Add subtitles” options are shown, then we can say this subtitle is a hard one.

Hard subtitles identification

As long as the subtitle type has been identified, we only need a few steps to remove subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI and other formats of video, and then we can enjoy the movie perfectly.

2. Remove The Subtitles Now!

About the soft subtitles (MKV only)

1) Import videos by pressing "Add Files" or drag the video into software, then choose the “T” mark.

 Choose the subtitle options

2) Choose the “Disabled” option in the drop-down window to hide the subtitle.

Hide the subtitles

And open the output format drop-down list on the right of UI to set an output video file format. If you want to play it on the go, you are able to select a portable device.

Tips: The HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports various video formats and pre-set device compatible formats as well as support custom-settings based on our personal requirement and different conditions. Say, you can also convert video to 4K TV, iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry and other devices. From now on, enjoy a subtitle-free movie any time any where!

Choose the formats

3) Click “Run” button, we will get a movie without quality loss and totally subtitle-free a couple of minutes later. The HD Video Converter Factory Pro, in short, is such a great MKV subtitle remover, AVI/MP4/MOV…remover.

Convert the video without subtitles

About the Hard Subtitles

As the hard subtitles are embedded in the video, so there are no subtitles shown when we click the “T” mark. That’s why another method to remove embedded subtitles should be taken.

1) We need to use the “Crop” function to crop video as the picture shown below.

Choose the crop function

Then a temporary window will show up.

Preview of hard subtitle removing

2) Simply adjust the dotted box on the left screen to crop the part containing hard subtitles. Meanwhile, you can preview the changes on the right side. Just like the interface shown below.

Drag the dotted box into a proper size

3) Then click the “OK” button and back to the main interface, click the blue “Run” button to start to remove subtitles from MP4, or remove subtitles to AVI, or to MKV, WMV, MP4, and any more.

Tips: This software can be also used as a HD video editing software for video making lovers. Adding effects to video and splitting videos are available as well as converting video between SD and HD (SD to HD/HD to SD smoothly).

Of course, this software is suitable for removing subtitles from AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV and other formats supporting the hard subtitles. It’s an AVI subtitle remover and powerful software in meeting our needs.

However, everything is relative, sometimes we do need the subtitles, and what should we do now? You can also add subtitle to MP4 or other video formats with HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Moreover, it enables you to download YouTube hot/HD video, flexibly merge several video files into a single file, merge audio files, compress 4K/8K videos remaining 99% original high quality, etc. Just give a shot on this powerful software and explore more unexpected features that will surprise you.

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