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3 Methods to Burn WMV to DVD in Windows 11/10/8/7...

Author by Vita

Updated on Sep 1, 2023

Follow this article to learn three good methods on how to burn WMV to DVD on your Windows computer so that you are able to play WMV movie files on your DVD player and make a full backup of your WMV files. Meanwhile, if needed, you can easily convert a DVD movie to WMV with the help of the useful DVD ripper:

Q: I want to burn some self-made .wmv movies on to a DVD disk so that I can play it on my TV via a DVD player. It seems I need a DVD burner with no watermark. Any advice?

A: WMV, namely Window Media Video, is a common video format used to store videos on Windows. To burn WMV files to DVD on Windows, there are various options you can choose from. For example, you can make use of the Windows built-in DVD authoring feature, or install a good third-party DVD burning program. We have selected several good methods for you to convert WMV to DVD free easily. Read on! 

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Method 1 – Burn WMV to Video DVD with Windows DVD Maker in Windows 7/Vista

If you use the version of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, your computer might have a built-in free DVD maker – Windows DVD Maker. With it, you can convert WMV to DVD format that can be played on a DVD player.

Burn Windows Movie to DVDBurn Windows Movie to DVD

Step 1. Insert a blank DVD disc into the optical disc drive of your computer.

Step 2. Run Windows DVD Maker, go to the upper right corner of the window, and choose the target DVD burner. Hit Add items to import WMV videos. Please note that if the import fails, likely that the WMV file is with an unsupported video codec. You can use a free video converter to convert the file to WMV again.

Step 3. At the bottom of the window, you can view the total length of files you can burn, and rename the DVD title.

Step 4. Click on the Options button on the lower right corner, and then customize DVD-Video properties including playback settings, aspect ratio, NTSC/PAL, burning speed, etc. Then hit OK to save the changes.

Burn WMV File to DVDBurn WMV File to DVD

Step 5. Select Next and set the Menu style.

Step 6. Click on Burn to start burning WMV to DVD.

Method 2- Burn WMV to DVD Windows 10

Microsoft has discontinued Windows DVD Maker since Windows 8. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can use a free third-party DVD burner to burn DVDs. DVDStyler is completely free and cross-platform DVD burning software, which will help you to convert WMV to DVD on any Windows computer without a hitch. Let’s see how to burn DVD in Windows 10.

Create A New Project Create A New Project

Install DVDStyler:

Step 1. Pop a blank disc into your computer.

Step 2. Startup DVDStyler, create a new project, enter the Disc label, choose DVD capacity, video format, aspect ratio, etc. Then select OK.  

Step 3. Enter a title for the DVD menu and select a template

WMV to DVD BurnerWMV to DVD Burner

Step 4. Go to the File Browser tab on the left side of the window, and drag and drop the WMV files you want to burn into the Titleset Manager. Available space on DVD is displayed on the bottom of the window.

Step 5. Optionally, you can design a DVD menu. Just hit the Backgrounds tab and Buttons tab on the left side of the window to design a menu.

Step 6. Go to the top toolbar, select the red disc button to burn WMV videos to DVD at one go.

Method 3 – How to Burn WMV to Data DVD with Windows Media Player

The Windows default media player - Windows Media Player also supports Data DVD burning. A data DVD is similar to a USB flash disk, aiming to store data files. Data DVD is readable by a computer yet isn’t supported by DVD players. If you want to burn WMV to DVD for backup. Window Media Player is capable enough. The operation is quite simple.

Windows Movie to DVD ConverterWindows Movie to DVD Converter

Step 1. Insert a blank disc.

Step 2. Open Windows Media Player. Select the Burn tab on the top right corner of the window.

Step 3. Open the Burn Options drop-down list, and select Data CD or DVD.

Step 4. Select WMV files from Library, and drag them into the Burn list section.

Step 5. Click on Start burn to initialize the process.

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