What Are MOI Files? How to Open This File Type?

Have you run into a problem that a "MOI video" cannot be recognized no matter whether you open it with frequently-used media players or import it to editing programs? So let's abstract the whole problem, the core question is, what are MOI files? In the next paragraph, I'll explain the primary cause of the issue and provide the correct method to deal with it.

MOI File Is Not a Real Video File

MOI file, short for Movie Information File, is an index file produced by some models of JVC, Canon, Panasonic digital camcorders, alone with a MOD or TOD file. The difference is that, the MOD or TOD file is the exact video file, while the MOI file only records the information data, such as shooting time, duration, codec, bitrate, aspect ratio, etc. It won't play, and only be useful in the camcorder. You can leave it alone when you copy MOD or TOD video to a computer. So when it comes to converting MOI to MP4, it actually means the MOD/TOD file to MP4 conversion. After clarifying the correct direction, 3 practical solutions have been provided below, free of charge.

Solution 1 - Using Free HD Video Converter Factory

As mentioned above, .moi file is not a video file, so there is no so-called MOI file converter, that's the reason why you failed to convert or edit it. To convert MOD or TOD video file to MP4 or other your desired formats, some free video conversion programs are qualified enough for this job. First, I'll recommend Free HD Video Converter Factory due to its top rated GUI, more intuitive than other programs of this kind. In addition, the conversion quality and speed will not let you down either. Before start, please free download free download the software and install it on PC.

Step 1. Run Free HD Video Converter Factory, you'll see two self-explanatory modules "Converter" and "Downloader" on the main interface. Go to "Converter" and click on "Add Files" in the top left corner of the converter interface to import your MOD or TOD file. Drag-and-drop operation is also allowed.

Step 2. When the video file is listed in the workplace, click on the format profile image and expand the output format list on the right side. Navigate to "Video" category to select your desired video format, you can also select any preset device profile as you wish without extra settings.

Step 3. Set an output folder to save your converted video file on the bottom. Finally, hit Run button to start the conversion process.

Solution 2 - Using HandBrake

The big name "HandBrake" may come to most people's mind on the subject of video conversion. Indeed, people get used to this as it has been deeply ingrained into inertial thinking. Compared with Free HD Video Converter Factory, to tell the truth, HandBrake takes pride in the powerful all-sided features, though, it's a bit complicated for entry-level users. But if you only request the basic video format conversion, here are the simple steps.

Step 1. Update or install the latest version of HandBrake via https://handbrake.fr/. Launch it and import the TOD or MOD file to get ready.

Step 2. If you cannot see the Handbrake preset sidebar on the right, click on "Presets" button on top menu bar. Then select your preferred option. Under "Summary" tab, choose MP4, MKV or WebM as the output format. If you want to upload the video to some websites, it's recommended to select MP4 and enable "Web Optimized" option for MP4 fast start. For experienced users, switch to other tabs for making further settings.

Step 3. Specify a destination directory on the bottom, and then hit the conspicuous green "Start Encode" button.

Solution 3 - Using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player can not only play MOD or TOD file, but also serve as a VLC video converter. However, compared with the two solutions above, the conversion speed may not be that prominent, it's not its major after all. You can give it a try if don't want to install redundant programs on your computer.

Step 1. Open VLC Media Player. Go to "Media" > "Convert / Save". Under File tab, click on Add button to import your MOD or TOD video file. Then press "Convert / Save" button to proceed.

Step 2. Select MP4 or other popular format in the drop-down list of "Profile" section. Click on Browse button to choose your destination folder and rename the converted video. Lastly, hit Start button to activate the VLC MP4 conversion.

Wrap Up...

Now you've figured out what the MOI files are and 3 methods to convert the paired MOD and TOD file to MP4 or other format. Hope this post has settled your issue. If there is still any problem or query, feel free to contact me, I'm right here for you.

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